Potassium nitrate | What it is and benefits of using it

The potassium nitrate is a product used in plants to provide a sufficient amount of potassium that needs to develop. It is very efficient, easy to apply, and at the same time has a minimal environmental impact.

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What exactly potassium nitrate?


The potassium nitrate ( KNO3 ), is a product that consists of 100% plant macronutrients. Chemically comprises a cation of potassium [K +] in conjunction with a nitrate anion [NO3-]. Its chemical formula is N-P205-K2O 9, one that can vary depending on whether the manufacturer has decided to add other elements (e.g., phosphorus, sulfur or zinc). However, this is the formula that we most commonly found on the market.

Although there are indeed many fertilizers on the market, this is the only one capable of supplying the plant macronutrients in a more concentrated form.

Advantages of using potassium nitrate in our plantation

Rate of absorption

It is a product that the plant will be able to absorb quickly. This is because of the affinity which occurs between nitrate (which is negatively charged) and potassium (having a positive charge). Soil particles, due to this formula, the product can absorb without a problem. Not only that, but it may provide potassium for a reasonably long time.

All this will make the gardener does not have to be an outstanding crop (at least in terms of nutrients aggregation is concerned) time.

Crucial to the development of the plant.

Potassium helps the plant to handle the electrical balance thanks to the contribution of mineral and organic anions (carboxylates). Experts say that potassium is an essential component for the plant can eventually develop besides that for their tissues to evolve correctly.

Specifically, the [K +] act in many catabolic process plant, also acting as a regulator and osmotic involved in different processes that deal with the regulation of the plant.

Nitrogen input

Of all the products on the market that provide nitrogen, potassium nitrate is the most effective.

It reduces the effect of salinity

Although an amount of salt is vital for the development of the plant, if the values rise too much, it could die. The potassium nitrate helps minimize the plant absorption chloride [Cl-] when this element is in high concentrations in the groundwater or watering.

It is strongly recommended to use this product when you are working with very sensitive, or those in which it is watered with water of poor quality crops recommended.

It helps the roots grow strong

Contrary to what we can come to think, nitrate is not a toxic product, so it will not negatively affect the plant. Unlike armonico, although temperatures rise in excess, potassium nitrate not damage the roots.

Increases tolerance of plants

The potassium nitrate increases the endurance of plants against frost, diseases, even drought.

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