Best Stealth Grow Boxes – Achieve Maximum Privacy with Your Indoor Planting

So, the idea of indoor plant growth has crept up on your mind, and you are uncertain about how to go about it. Or, perhaps, you have some experience in the field, and your nosy neighbors want to dictate you how to live. Or, maybe, you want to grow a plant like marijuana. Even if you live in a state where marijuana has been legalized, you can not expect that everyone agrees with it. Besides, there may be strict regulations about growing the weed.

In any of these cases, you require stealth grow box that will not publicize your indoor planting activities. Also, you will use this box not only for specific plants but for any plant that can be grown indoors. In this post, I will provide you with reliable reviews of five of the best stealth grow boxes that are currently on the market.

You can rely on these reviews as I have based them on my personal experience and recommendations of other users, including some master planters. Moreover, I will explain in detail the specifications of each type of these boxes for you to decide on a particular item effortlessly.

Top 5 Stealth Grow Boxes That Will Keep Your Growing Plants Under Radar

Due to the ever-increasing number of stealth grow boxes to choose from, here are the best-rated stealth grow boxes that you can find online on Amazon. You may find the product that perfectly suits your budget and requirements on this list. Besides, your selection should become easy because there is a brief description of each item alongside its pros and cons.

SuperCloset Grow Box LED Trinity – One of the Highest Rated Stealth Grow Boxes with a Hydroponic System

If you have been searching tirelessly online for super stealth grow boxes, you might have probably come across this one by SuperCloset. This top model is sizeable and equipped with two 16-gauge steel chambers. This kind of steel is thick and heavy, which means it is highly durable and strong.

  • Physical characteristics

This particular system features a combination of deep water and top feed drip culture. This results in an increased growth rate of anything that you wish to plant there. Also, the system is capable of boosting your plants’ maturity rate, meaning that you can gather a harvest sooner than you anticipated. Since hydroponic systems do not require soil, you will not have to worry about some dirt in your stealth grow box. This is an advantage to those users who dislike handling things like soil.

Furthermore, this stealth grow box will ensure the fast growth of your plants once you put them inside as it comes with all the components for your plants to thrive. For example, it is well-known that plants require nutrients to grow. SuperCloset has coped with this issue. Also, plants will thrive only when the right pH levels are provided, and this box offers essential measures for that.
Being uncertain about pH inside this grow box, you can easily test it as the item comes with a pH kit. Besides, you can test the concentration of minerals and nutrients reaching your plants if a need arises, using the TDS meter, which is a part of the package. In other words, you are ready to start growing your plants within 90 minutes after receiving and unpacking this box.

Whether you have had a gardening experience before or not, you should be aware that plants need plenty of air supply to stay alive. Plants consume air to make starches and sugars that become essential food for them. Their roots also require air to gather nutrients and stay healthy. This is something you ought to look out for in grow boxes.

  • Airflow and lighting

This item by SuperCloset guarantees that your plants will always have access to adequate airflow. For this purpose, the box is fitted with an adjustable internal fan that regulates airflow inside the chambers. Also, some plants can get quite pungent, especially when at the flowering stage. However, with this stealth grow box, the issue will not be a cause for your concern. Its exhaust fan and carbon filters will eliminate all unwanted odors.

Another impressive feature of this grow box is the LED lighting, which is part of the kit. The lighting will provide an attractive glow every time you open the box. Also, the KIND K3 L600 LED light that powers this box is of high quality. This way, your plants will always have sufficient lighting, which they need to remain healthy and grow faster. If you are a novice at indoor plant growing, undoubtedly, you will enjoy these features of the SuperCloset grow box.

  • Durability

Therefore, you can be sure that your stealth grow box will last for a long time. Besides, this grow box provides you with all the privacy you need while growing your plants. You can lock it and do not worry about your plants. The item is highly secure so your plants will experience stunt growth.

Due to the size of this grow box, it is possible to take care of 32 plants at the same time. Growing plants has never been easier as the product under review is fitted with a hydroponic system.

SuperCloset Grow Box LED Trinity
SuperCloset Grow Box LED Trinity
All fans, filters, nutrients, TDS meter, Rockwool cubes, hydroton rocks included so that you are up and growing within 90 minutes of receiving the product.

  • fitted with a hydroponic system;
  • it can accommodate up to 32 plants;
  • excellent LED lighting.
  • it is relatively costly.

Hellogrower 30″ Stealth 150 Watt LED Grow Box – a Representative of the Best Stealth Grow Boxes on a Budget with Minimal Power Consumption

With all the number of smart and power-intensive gadgets in most of our homes today, it is extremely necessary to consider how much power a device consumes before purchasing it. The issue remains the same for the buyers in pursuit of secret stealth grow boxes.

  • Physical characteristics

Due to some outstanding features of this Hellogrower grow box, there is no need to look further. It is fitted with a 150 Watt LED grow light panel that is an equivalent of a standard bulb with 200 watts. This means minimal power consumption and lower utility bills for you. Another thing that makes stealth grow boxes consume a lot of power is the amount of heat they produce. However, t should not become a reason for worries once you acquire this grow box. Its LED grow light panel is much cooler as compared to other ordinary grow lights.

The timer regulates the setting of light schedules for the growth of plants. There is no need to fret if you are a novice in the field and do not know how to set these schedules. The grow box under review will take care of this issue by itself, even without such kind of settings.

  • Airflow and lighting

When growing your plants inside both LED superstar LED stealth grow boxes, you need to be concerned about the amount of light they receive. The reason is this factor determines the length and period of activity of the plants. With this grow box, essential lighting is assured. Hellogrower`s product is produced using mylar, a type of thin plastic material.

This way, maximum light output is ensured. Nevertheless, it will be difficult for you and others to notice this light because the item`s design restricts excess light emission. The latter is guaranteed by a potted front door and dappled back side vents. It is a good thing to consider for those who prefer maximum privacy concerning the indoor growing of plants.

Besides, if you intend to keep your activity of growing plants in a stealth box under the radar, you should get the item that releases no odors. With a carbon filter fitted in this particular grow box, no pungent smells will catch you or your guests by surprise. Another impressive feature of this grow box is the timer that would come in handy, especially for more experienced users who have perfected the art of indoor plant growing.

  • Durability

I would highly suggest you get this stealth grow box in case convenience and minimum effort in your plants’ growing are on the top of your priority list. The reason is that this item uses the deep water culture method, which will not require your interference to water the plants constantly. With the deep culture technique, the roots of your plants will always remain submerged deep in a solution that is full of essential nutrients.

Therefore, you will not worry about checking on the water levels of your plants each half an hour. Besides, the grow box comes with every nutrient and apparatus possible that you may need to initiate the process of plant growth. All you have to do is to introduce the seeds, and the process will begin naturally. Indeed, it is ideal for those who do not prefer to inject much effort into this activity.

Hellogrower 30
Hellogrower 30
Stealth Hydroponic 30 150Watt LED Grow Box. Powerful fans for one for exhaust and one for fresh air intake.

  • it comes complete;
  • fitted with the timer;
  • minimal power utilization capacity.
  • not lockable.

SuperCloset Grow Box LED SuperFlower 3.0 – a Good Example of Stealth Grow Boxes with Full Automation

If you are still uncertain about which stealth grow box to get, you may opt for this SuperCloset product that is fully automated. In this case, it means that this grow box will not rely on your input continuously. Once you start the growing process, much of your effort will not be required until the harvest period.

  • Physical characteristics

The hydroponic system of this box combines different drip methods to keep your plants fully supplied with nutrients at all times. As has been mentioned, with the deepwater culture method, you will not have to check on the water levels of your plants regularly.

Similarly, with the top feed drip technique, your plants will have a constant supply of the solution containing nutrients. The solution will slowly drain back to the reservoir and get pumped back into the system. Therefore, whether you are a master or a novice planter, this grow box will be perfect if you are inclined to do the least when it comes to stealth plant growth.

Furthermore, this grow box is ideal for highly secretive individuals. For example, in the case of stealth cannabis grow boxes, many planters will prefer this issue to remain a secret affair. Even if you live in a state where cannabis has been legalized, there still can be some strict regulations related to its growth.

It is the reason why privacy is highly prioritized for this kind of stealth plant growth. The grow box will provide you with all the privateness that you require because of its lockable feature. Once you lock it, you do not need to fret about the security of your box.

SuperCloset has ensured this by providing a fireproof characteristic. Also, other features of this product like an attractive design are something that may lure you into purchasing the item. You will highly appreciate it if you are one of those people who are particular about aesthetics.

  • Airflow and lighting

Furthermore, the LED lighting is quite captivating. You will observe it once you open this grow box. The lighting design is also high-quality.

Thus, the system is not only manufactured to grasp your attention but also to ensure that you will not have to replace the lights for quite a long time. Although the LED light has a low voltage of 3 watts diodes, it features an 8 bandwidth full spectrum to guarantee maximum penetration into your plants. Therefore, your plants will always have sufficient light they need to thrive and grow while your electricity bills remain low.

  • Durability

Worries about smells that sometimes occur in the process of growing plants will be a thing of the past with this stealth grow box. The major reason is that it has a good ventilation system that consists of a carbon filter for eliminating all unwanted smells. Also, the fans will ensure the flow of clean air that is good both for you and the plants. These tools enhance the durability of the grow box as well as take care of your plants inside.

What impresses me the most about this grow box is its complete package that allows you to start growing your plants at a glance. Thus, within an hour and a half of its delivery, you can already start germinating the seeds and wait for your yield. Also, SuperCloset sells a carbon dioxide package that is suitable for planters who would like to boost their yields by 30%. All you need is to contact the company and find out about different packages and their pricing.

SuperCloset Grow Box LED SuperFlower 3.0
SuperCloset Grow Box LED SuperFlower 3.0
Powered by KIND K3 L450 LED grow light - 3W diodes - 12 band Perfect Spectrum - powered by 700 MA - Secondary Optical Lense for perfect canopy penetration.

  • fully automated;
  • excellent airflow system;
  • Minimal effort required by the user.
  • it does not come with the Carbon dioxide package.

Hellogrower 20″ Stealth LED Grow Box – One of the Top Stealth Grow Boxes Ideal for Small Spaces

If you wish to start stealth plant growing but have no ability to do it because your space is too small, the solution may be this grow box by Hellogrower. With a height of only 20″ and a width of 15″, limited space will no longer be a concern for you. Therefore, the item is ideal for small growers since its space cannot accommodate many plants. I would also recommend it for first-time planters in an experimental phase or those who wish to grow only a few plants.

  • Physical characteristics

Additional features that distinguish this stealth grow box from the rest of the products include a replaceable carbon filter and two bubble stones. If your carbon filter becomes faulty or non-functional, all you have to do is remove and replace it, instead of buying a whole new grow box. You can easily notice that your carbon filter does not function properly if the box starts emitting some odors. The bubble stones are excellent for ensuring increased air distribution within the box. Airflow must be maximized for a small-sized box; otherwise, your plants may not feel well.

Another impressive characteristic of this grow box is the site bubble tub kit that contains all the things you may require to begin planting. It also operates on a hydroponic system, which means that much of the work is left to the box. The only thing I would like to warn you about when buying this grow box is that a lock has to be bought separately.

  • Airflow and lighting

The power of the LED lighting in this grow box is equivalent to that of a standard bulb with a voltage of 125 watts. The implication is extremely low power consumption. You will hardly notice a change in your electricity bills with this stealth grow box. Besides, the low voltage leads to a low operating temperature, which translates to lower chances of overheating or blowing up even when operating at maximum capacity.

Even when overheating occurs, your grow box will not experience any damages because it has a powerful fan that ensures the flow of clean and fresh air all the time. Furthermore, the low voltage of the LED light fitted in this stealth grow box, results in a decreased light emission. To stay healthy, your plants will require more powerful light.

  • Durability

The low light emission should not trouble you. The inside of this grow box is lined by the very thin Mylar material. It allows maximum light penetration to keep the plants fully nourished. If you are concerned about the amount of light your plants will be receiving, you can still use the box’s timer to adjust lighting schedules to your preference.

Thus, the box may not serve your purpose if your priority is extra security. Nevertheless, the shipping of this box is highly discrete, and you should not worry about people noticing its delivery to you. This kind of service is necessary for those customers who value privacy overall.

Hellogrower 20 Stealth LED Grow Box
Hellogrower 20 Stealth LED Grow Box
Stealth 20 6 Site Hydroponic LED Grow Box By Hellogrower. Powerful fan for exhaust and fresh air intake.

  • idyllic for small spaces;
  • extremely low power consumption;
  • its carbon filter is replaceable.
  • it is not ideal for planting many crops.

Cash Crop 6.0-2 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box – a Sample of Best Stealth Grow Boxes for a Reasonable Price with Unlimited Tech Support

Another grow box for planters with limited space is this cash crop box. It is a relatively short-sized model that will fit into the tiniest of spaces. The item comes wrapped in a plain carton, thereby making it impossible for anyone to recognize what is inside. It is a way to ensure that people who value maximum privacy will get it instantly when they receive this package.

  • Physical characteristics

The design of this box includes a doorknob that is disguised as a screw on the outside, which will help you to maintain some privacy further. Anyone who wishes to open it must first unlock the box from the side. The product under review is an ideal grow box for people who experience challenges when assembling new devices.

The reason is the item comes fully assembled. Besides, if you experience any kind of difficulties when handling it, you can contact the manufacturers who offer unlimited tech support via email or by phone. The package also comes with plenty of packing material, so your box will reach you in perfect condition.

  • Airflow and lighting

This product has a special design to ensure that you reap healthy plants. It comes with a timer, which you can use to regulate the box’s lighting schedules. The package also includes some stones or pebbles that are useful in creating an ideal environment for plant growth. They also serve the purpose of stabilizing the organic starter plug.

Air and water pumps are also an important apparatus of this grow box. Ensure that the air pump is turned on all the time to control unwanted odors and also for your plants to receive sufficient air supply. Additionally, you will find some organic starter plugs in this grow box.

The plugins are beneficial bacteria that could kick-start the growth of your plants. Your package will also include the nutrients that plants require to thrive. Nevertheless, you should ensure that your plants are always supplied with an equal amount of each nutrient to maximize their efficiency. With these features, you can grow any kind of plants indoors and anticipate a great yield.

This cash crop stealth box also operates on LED grow lights. They are equivalent to 150 Watts. This low voltage will ensure extremely low electricity consumption. Additionally, sidelights included in the box ensure your plants will receive sufficient light from all sides. The use of LED lights on this grow box also means that the major causes of discomfort with such machines are eliminated.

These occurrences include visibility, safety, and heat emission. LED lights emit low heat, thereby making this grow box a safe option for indoor stealth plant growing.

  • Durability

High-quality wood is used in the production of this stealth grow box. One advantage of wood material is its environmental sustainability. Thus, with this grow box, you are certain of not causing any harm to the environment by the indoor plant growing activities. Besides, the wood material stores the carbon that the plants have emitted from the air. This way, your plants will have an adequate supply of carbon that is necessary for their growth.

Cash Crop 6.0-2 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box
Cash Crop 6.0-2 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box
The new handmade in the USA, innovative, 2 plant Cash Crop 6.0 has been re-engineered to create even better, healthier crops for indoor gardeners.

  • it comes with all necessary nutrients for plant growth;
  • fully assembled;
  • plain box shipping for maximum privacy.
  • not idyllic for many plants.

Common Questions Concerning Stealth Grow Boxes

When buying a stealth grow box, you need to be sure about the way the box works and its characteristics. Therefore, I have formulated a few common questions and provided the answers to them to clarify everything before you make your final decision.

  • Do grow boxes smell?

Yes, they do smell. But the best grow boxes are fitted with odor-eliminating features like carbon filters that will thwart the smell of plants that are growing in the box. This way, the smell will be nearly undetectable.

  • How does a hydroponic grow box work?

Hydroponics is a plant growth technique when the plants are placed in a nutrient-rich solution instead of the soil. A hydroponic box consists of two stacked containers. These containers are connected by a tube.

The top container of this box is a growing medium, while the lower one is a nutrient reservoir. Its lower container is raised to flood the top and enable the water to sip back into the bottom. The ability of water to sip back ensures that your plants will always have a supply of nutrients.

  • How big should a grow box be?

The medium grow box should be 3 feet deep, 3 feet wide, and 73 inches high. Such a box accommodates around 9 plants. However, as seen from my review, some boxes are as short as 20 inches high, although they will accommodate only a few plants. In general, the size of your ideal box will depend on the number of plants you wish to grow.

Have You Already Settled on a Particular Model?

Today, the number of stealth grow boxes on the market can easily overwhelm the demands for them. If you are looking for these boxes, you are not alone in your decision-making process. Firstly, you need to take some time when settling for a particular item because your choice determines how successful your indoor planting activity will be.

Secondly, whether you are looking for the best stealth grow boxes on a budget or the stealth grow boxes for marijuana, my recommendation is to consider the ones that are large enough to accommodate the number of plants you wish to raise. Besides, being a planter who is not into a handy work of watering or fertilizing the plants by yourself, you should save up for a grow fully automated box or the one with a hydroponics system.

Additionally, always keep in mind that stealth grow boxes rely on electricity for functioning. Therefore, you must consider how much electricity a certain box consumes before purchasing it. If you live with nosy neighbors, you should not overlook a grow box that is inconspicuous and the one that does not emit any odors.

Finally, keep in mind that none of the grow boxes I have already reviewed comes with the seeds that you will be growing. Therefore, you should purchase them separately so that you can start growing the plants right away when your package arrives. Regardless of your preferences for a grow box, you may feel safe by choosing one of the 5 products that I have reviewed in this post.

Also, bookmark this site and take advantage of the product listings that I post regularly if you still would like to get additional information on stealth grow boxes. So, which item from my list is your favorite? Have you used this kind of box before? Let me know in the comments section below.

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