Best Bloom Booster for Cannabis: Tips for Using Top 7 fertilizers

Medical cannabis helps to reduce pain, stabilize panic attacks, and keep your mind relaxed without hard chemical drugs that influence the liver, heart, and other inner organs. This is the best organic painkiller and companion during extreme medical treatment. Thus its value is undeniable.

Meanwhile, growing marijuana takes a lot of effort. If you worry about the plant’s health, its ability to give more flowers and harvest, pay attention to the bloom boosters. The bloom boosters activate proper microelements and increase the number of buds.

They increase not only the number of flowers but also the plant quality. Some boosters turn the cannabis seed into a huge bush, so it’s up to you to decide what fertilizer to choose and how much mixture to pour into your plants.

In this article, I have chosen the best bloom booster for cannabis. In the second part, you will find information about fertilizers, their composition, and usage. Hope it will be useful for you.

For multiplying your cannabis plants, you need cloning gel.

7 Bloom Booster Reviews For Marijuana


The most popular way of growing marijuana is in a hydroponic system. That makes plants grow faster, with stronger yields, and be of higher quality. Such systems don’t need much space and could be built in any room with the proper amount of light.

As every plant is separated and kept in a small pot, the root system needs extra nutrition for proper development and higher blooming. The below-chosen fertilizers for blooming suit cannabis for better productions.

1. FoxFarm Liquid Nutrient Trio – Best Bloom Fertilizer for Pot Plants

Fox Farm FX14049 Liquid Nutrient

The FoxFarm is a family-owned and operated agriculture company that has focused on the production of soil mixes, fertilizers, liquid plant foods since 1984. The company cares about customers, so they respond to the request of the growers and put their best products in one set. The Trio consists of the 32-ounce bottles of Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom, and Grow Big.

Fox Farm FX14049 – Best Organic Nutrient Line for Cannabis Growth

When you plant the seeds, I recommend adding the Grow Big. It will speed up the growth and improve the stalk. When the first best bud enhancer appears on the bush, pour it with Tiger Bloom. This fast-acting fertilizer is rich in phosphorus. Use Big Bloom during the all-growing period. It focuses on the root system and nutrient cycling.

  • Complete set of fertilizers for different stages;
  • Treatment on all growing stages.
  • Packaging not suitable for transportation.

2. Osmocote Flower & Vegetable – Best Cannabis Bloom Booster

Osmocote 277960 Smart-Release

Osmocote company is a trusted brand of plant food that has won the American and European markets with its high quality.

This bloom booster cannabis is a smart-release, which means that it has a combination of the ingredients that will be absorbed by the plant through the soil in different growing stages. So at first, sprinkle a scoopful of nutrient granules per 4 square feet.

The granules are covered with resin, so, when you water the plants, they will dissolve little by little. The nutrients start to release in the active growth period. Thus it strengthens the root system and harvesting ability. This bloom booster for weed is ideal for vegetable gardens, but it is also perfect for cannabis planted in greenhouses.

  • Short-released formula;
  • Absorption through the soil.
  • The small plastic balls that contain plant food stay thereafter it dissolves.

3. BioThrive Plant Food – Best Bloom Booster for Marijuana

General Hydroponics GH5132

The BioThrive Plant Food is the best bloom booster that suits most plants in pots and is especially good for such hydroponic cultures as cannabis. Its manufacturer is General Hydroponics. It is an eco-friendly enterprise that follows a zero-waste policy. They use alternative energy technologies to save power and water.

The 2.46 lbs bottle is enough to cover a small home plantation for personal use in the blooming period. The vegan formula consists of plant and mineral extracts. The BioThrive Plant Food is tested on the different plant varieties to discover the perfect combination for proper nutrition. Its composition makes the root system stronger and wider, thus the plant receives more useful microelements.

If you want to have a stronger blossoming, you can add CaMg+ to the mix of water and fertilizer. Pour it during every nutrient change.

  • Organic formula;
  • Economic usage;
  • Guaranteed effect on different kinds of soil.
  • Forbidden to use in an organic crop in California;
  • Not sold in Florida, Oregon, and Illinois.

4. Jack’s Classic Blossom Booster – Best Bloom Booster for Weed

J R Peters Inc 51024 Jacks Classic

In 1947 the Horticultural Services Co. was testing soil and giving advice on better crop productions. Now the company has been transformed into JR Peters Inc. which continues to provide analytics for the horticulture industry and examine the ground.

Owing to the laboratory investigations, JR Peters is known as a manufacturer of the finest fertilizers for more than 65 years. Moreover, Jack’s Classic has been considered the most productive plant food by farmers since 1997.

Jack’s Classic Blossom Booster is made to increase the number of flowers. Its microelements are absorbed through leaves and roots. The booster may be also used for flowers and vegetables. So you may grow a kitchen garden along with the cannabis.

  • Guaranteed quality from the respectful manufacturer;
  • Greater absorption of the nutrition;
  • May be used for indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Better to use during the buds set.

5. Maxicrop Soluble Powder – Good Marijuana Booster

Maxicrop MCSP10.7OZ 1025

This small pack of 8.2 inches is enough for 84 gallons of water mixed with fertilizer. Thus it is a great solution for a seasonal enrichment of the soil and plants. The Maxicrop company is known for making liquid and powder fertilizers from special seaweed.

The company has chosen deliberately the finest seaweed that has absorbed the freezing Arctic waters, the hot Golf stream water, and rich in microelements mountain water. This unique environment produces the Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed on the 12 500 Norwegian coastlines that are used as the main ingredient for all Maxicrop productions.

Maxicrop Soluble Powder is the best organic fertilizer that stimulates cell growth. The feeding results in noticeable root and stem growth. The pure seaweed extract activates the enzyme systems that boost the blooming. Thanks to the powder structure this plant food consists exclusively of reinforcing elements that dissolve completely.

  • Organic seaweed extract;
  • One pack is enough for frequent usage.
  • Recheck before mixing with additional fertilizers.

6. Element Flower Fuel: Bloom Booster for Cannabis

Flower Fuel 1-34-32

Element Nutrients was founded in 2015. Their prominent difference is in excellent customer service, as they focus on direct communication with growers and can help with any question at any time.

The Flower Fuel by Element Nutrients is a bloom booster powder that’s crafted to be used along with a base nutrient. It contains approximately 40 ingredients such as amino acids, hormones, vitamins, nutrients, micro, and trace elements. Of course, the fuel is made from organic elements.

The Flower Fuel includes cannabis bloom nutrients that increase the number of buds. The powder ingredients make the plant absorb all the useful compounds, so it has better harvests.

As an experiment, we tested the Flower Fuel and the Foxfarm trio set. Both fertilizers show splendid results. The plants grow with identical numbers of flowers side by side. The only difference is the price.

  • 8.7 oz suits for 200 gallons of water;
  • Fast and noticeable result;
  • Excellent customer service;
  • Affordable.
  • May increase the pH level of the soil.

7. Grow More Hawaiian Bud – Marijuana Bloom Booster

Grow More 7508 Hawaiian

The Grow More company developed from the supplier of photographic chemicals for the Hollywood industry to the worldwide distributor and expert in plant growing. There is no doubt in the company’s expertise because it unites the network of more than 3 500 prominent field technicians, agronomists, engineers, and chemists.

The Hawaiian is perfect for hydroponic production due to its impressive formula 5-50-17. It is an ideal fertilizer for the final flowering stage. Even when you are sure that plan has reached its maximum length, add this booster and you will see the improvement.

Sometimes the result is pretty impressive when the bush doubles in growth and in buds. I also like the jar style that reminds Hawaii island sculptures.

  • Specially tested for hydro use;
  • Fast result;
  • Сonvenient jar.
  • Buyers report occasional delivery problems.

Buyer’s Guide and FAQ

Bud booster for weed is not a basic fertilizer, more like an addiction that is focused on the development of sustained and healthy flowering. They contain phosphorus and potassium as the core ingredients.
There are 3 different forms of bloom boosters.

They may be liquid, powdered, or granulated. The granular plant food is added in the first stages of growth, so the plant receives needed nutrition in the process. The advantage of such fertilizers is that you sprinkle it just once in 3-4 months or even once during seeding.

The usage of liquid and powdered boosters is different. You need to mix a certain amount of chemicals with water and pour it according to instructions or desired effect. I mean that you may add the mixture every other day and stop nurturing when the leaves start to change color to the darker shade.

3 types of booster exist — pre-flowering, flowering, and final-flowering stages of
weed booster.

  • The first type is for usage when the first bugs are just growing. You may use the Jack’s Classic Blossom Booster or the Maxicrop Soluble Powder.
  • The second stage requires frequent watering during the growing period. Pour plants with the BioThrive Plant Food or the Element Flower Fuel.
  • At the final stage, you can double the number of flowers with the Grow More Hawaiian Bud or Tiger Bloom from the FoxFarm Liquid Nutrient Trio.

Also, you should distinguish between organic and chemical nutrients. The organic nutrients come from vegetable and animal waste such as seaweed extract, glacial rock dust, feather flour, etc. The prominent feature of such natural fertilizer is that it keeps soil healthy and can be used repeatedly for decades on the same ground.
Other benefits:

  • the balanced nurturing;
  • protection from burning as a result of overfeeding;
  • improvements in the quality of soil;
  • prevention from the nutrient run-off.

Meanwhile, the insects and even bigger pests love to eat plant food. Besides attracting unwanted animals, there is a list of organic fertilizer related problems:

  • slow absorption;
  • dependent on the temperatures;
  • costly.

On the contrary, the chemical nutrients are laboratory-created. As a rule, the nitrogen produced by Haber-Bosch. Potassium and phosphate come from minerals. Together they form a defined NPK formula.
The benefits of chemical fertilizer are:

  • the strict formula gets the target;
  • fast result;
  • widespread usage;
  • affordability.

Despite the effectiveness of the chemicals, such plant food may ruin the soil and make it unusable for the next season. Alongside exhaustion of the ground there are such disadvantages:

  • can burn the plant if you overfeed it;
  • not friendly to the environment.

If you ask me, the best bloom booster for cannabis should be chosen with consideration of the soil composition, amount of light, humidity measures, sort of the plant, and all other external factors. Before choosing the plant food, try to predict how much time you will spend on fertilizing and what results you want to achieve. It will help you to make the right decision.


How to use a bloom booster for cannabis?

First of all, check the instructions because different fertilizers use different formulae. Thus the proportion of the amount of the chemicals to the water, soil, or plant is completely individual. Meanwhile the most often the algorithm of usage is following for liquid or powered plant foot:

  1. Add a few teaspoons of the fertilizer to water;
  2. Mix until dissolved;
  3. Pour it closer to the root;
  4. Repeat the procedure every other day or even once in 3 days;
  5. If leaves start to change color, make a pause in nurturing.

If you have chosen the granular plant food the instruction is simpler:

  1. Sprinkle the granules closer to the root;
  2. Water it according to the growth plan.

How often do you feed jacks bloom booster to cannabis?

It depends on the proportion of chemicals in the water. You may add half of a teaspoon per 1 gallon of water once in 2 weeks or a quarter of a teaspoon per 1 gallon every time you water the plants.

How long is the flowering stage?

The flowering stage depends on the sort of weed. It takes 4 or more weeks for a bud to get ready for harvesting.

How do I know that buds are ready to harvest?

When you notice that the buds’ hair has turned dark and curled, it is time to harvest. Don’t worry if you have noticed the yellow or brown leaves on the bush, it is a natural process when the plant gives all the power to the flowers.

Bloom Booster is Always A Good Idea

Now you know some tips for using the bloom booster. I just want to remind you to pay attention to your soil type and marijuana sort before choosing the fertilizer. If you really want to increase your harvest, think about mixing the plant food according to the growing stage, as FoxFarm advises with their set of three weed boosters.
Have you already found your best bloom booster for cannabis? Do you prefer organic or chemical nutrient fertilizers? If you still have any questions about bloom boosters, don’t be shy to ask them in the comments.

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