Best 2000 Watt LED Grow Light for Growing Cannabis Indoors

Growing cannabis in a house is something you should take seriously. If you plan on going this route, then you need to prepare adequately. You have to make a list of all the things that you require to make your dream come true. You cannot ignore the fact that you need LED lights to provide essential light to your plants if you want them to grow as naturally as possible.

There are a lot of various lights on the market. However, you need to ensure that you get only the ones of great quality. It would be frustrating to buy a new product and then find out it breaks down within a few days. Therefore, it is important that you look at the material used to make the lights before getting them.

Another factor you must consider is the usage of electricity. No one wants to pay exaggerated electricity bills. And there is no money for that anyway. Having experience in using LED lights, I have learned that the watts of the gadget is a crucial factor to consider. Otherwise, you may buy lights and then pack them in a box after a few days because you cannot be able to bear their consumption.

Even if you have an idea of what to look for, you need to read at least one decent 2000-watt LED grow light bulb review to understand everything better. And as an expert in this area, I have compiled and written reviews of the best lights below.

LED Grow Light Reviews of the Best Products

I will discuss the features of some of the best grow lights that you can get on Amazon. These are products that I have found to have superior features. I will also highlight their benefits and limitations so that you may have a complete picture of what to expect.

1. Bestva DC Series – Best 2000w Led Grow Light from a World-Known Manufacturer

When you have indoor plants, you definitely want enough lighting to help you view every corner in the room. Undoubtedly, Bestva will not disappoint you when it comes to lighting your space. It has nine categories of LED lights, hence giving you the full illumination that you require in the room.

These lights provide sufficient illumination that helps your indoor plants to obtain nutrients for efficient and fast growth. They are no different from the direct sunlight that is providing nutrients to your outdoor plants. Therefore, at least you will not worry at all about your indoor plants not growing as healthy as the ones that are outside.

The lights have an efficient cooling system to help the temperature in the room remain normal. Obviously, you don’t want lights that will heat the room and burn your plants as this will lead to loss of your investment. The lights are made of aluminum plate with holes that provide a cooling effect.

I like the fact that these lights cover a wide area. They are efficient for a room with a height of 24 inches, and each covers an area measuring 7.8 by 7.5 inches. Therefore, you do not need to buy very heavy lighting machinery because, with Bestva, your problems will be sorted perfectly.

The lights are durable as they are made of heavy aluminum, which is capable of lasting for years without wearing out. The manufacturer has also made them in a way to light a room efficiently for more than five years without going dark. According to the producer of this 2000 watt led grow light power consumption, they have a lifespan of at least a hundred thousand hours. This translates to five seven years of indoor lighting. Hence, it is value for money. I consider this product to be the best item overall.

  • they are light (10.36 pounds);
  • the lights are made of durable aluminum;
  • each light stands at an angle of 120 degrees, which enhances their illumination.
  • if you are not sure about how to use the product, you may make mistakes leading to wastage of resources.

2. Dimgogo 2000w LED Grow Light – with Double Chips 10w LEDs

If you are used to the traditional three and five watts lights, then these Dimgogo LED lights will amaze you in every way. Each light has 10 watts, which means that it is twice or thrice more powerful than regular lights. I am personally fascinated by 2000w led grow light yield capability because when using these lights, I no longer scratch my eyes because of poor illumination.

The lights glow in various colors such as white, blue, and red. The item has 152 red pieces, which are more than the blue ones that are only 28, and the white ones that are only 16. In addition, the lights also have 4 IR red LEDs that are not as bright as the others. Therefore, if you are into colors, you will enjoy using these lights in your indoor garden.

Now, you may have used some lights in the past, and all you ended up with was their ability to function only in some cases, while the lights disappointed you in others. This is an issue of the past with this Dimgogo’s product because it may be used in sowing, breeding, exhibition, and even house gardening. You will not need a different product for each of these uses.

It is essential to follow the directions of usage so you may get the best results with these lights. For example, if your plants are in the flowering stage, you need to place these lights at fifteen to twenty inches above the plants. During germination, the required height is twenty-six to thirty inches above the plant. These directions ensure that you get the best results when using this product no matter the stage of your plants.

I also love the fact that the lights come with a hanging cord in addition to a user manual. I always store my manuals for when the time comes and I need to consult. So, I believe this will also be very helpful to you as well.

  • the lights are very bright;
  • they come with a power cord for recharging;
  • great for all stages of plant growth.
  • the red lights may be bothersome to the eyes.

3. King Plus 2000 Watt LED Light Perfect for Flowering Stage

King Plus is another great alternative for homeowners looking to buy affordable LED lights for their indoor flowers and other plants. It is special as it has two switches. One is the veg switch that has blue and red lights. The switch is necessary only when your seedling is in the growth stage.

It also has a red bloom switch that you should use during the flowering stage. I like the distinction of the switches by color because it means that you cannot confuse one for the other. Even if you do, it will be easy to spot the mistake and reverse it. When your marijuana plants are flowering, you should use both lights at the same time.

I am a big fan of saving energy because I am conscious of the environment. Hence, I like this gadget because it saves a lot of energy, unlike some regular lamps that I have used before. When using these lights, you will definitely not feel guilty because you are sure that you will not be harming the environment.

The lights have a hundred pieces of the 10 watts bulbs. Combined, they have the capability of lighting up even the darkest corner in the room. Therefore, you will not worry about dark spots within the indoor garden. The lights weigh only 9.7 pounds meaning they are very light and most people can handle them.

  • very light;
  • efficient as natural light;
  • the lights are affordable.
  • they are made of glass, which is fragile.

4. Phlizon – Best Light for Growing Cannabis with Thermometer and Adjustable Light

I am sure that you love being on the safe side when using gadgets to perform various functions. No one appreciates a gadget that will blow up in case there is a short circuit or when anything else goes wrong. That is why I love this product. It does not have reflectors, which are prone to blowing up when there is a short circuit. Therefore, the manufacturer grants your safety, the security of the plants, and everything else in the surrounding.

The product can work within an area measuring 3.5ft by 3.5ft. The area the light covers makes it a superior item because it means you need fewer lights in a room. It also gives you the opportunity to save on electricity because you need only a few lamps to light up a room.

Another thing that will strike you about these lights is that they use only 308 watts of electricity. As opposed to some regular lights, this level of consumption is efficient and energy-saving. You will, therefore, stay comfortable growing your cannabis without worrying about very high electricity bills.

The lights are similar to King Plus because each bulb produces 10 watts. This amount of energy is so powerful that you will not need a backup source of light in the room. You can practically use only this light if you have two or three plants only.

Scientifically it is proven that plants do well in blue and red lights. Phlizon has a combination of LED lights with these colors. Hence, you should not stress about the health of your plants when using these lights. They will definitely ensure that your plants get all the nutrients they need. And you will have a bumper marijuana harvest.

  • affordable.
  • environmentally friendly.
  • has safety features.
  • it does not have reflectors.

5. Roleado 2000 Watt LED Lights for Growing Cannabis and Its Record Yields

Roleado’s lights are safe, efficient, and plant-friendly at the same time. First, the product is made up of two hundred pieces of diodes with each producing ten watts of electricity. 200 is such a big number meaning that when they work in unison, they make this Roleado be one of the brightest lights for growing plants in the house.

The lights are efficient for both growing and flowering plants. Therefore, you will not need a separate set of LED lights for different stages of plant growth. The lights will, therefore, help you to optimize your harvest because they will ensure that each plant gets the amount of lighting that it requires to produce more yields.

The heaters of the lights are made of aluminum. The material is durable and efficient at providing heat. In addition, the light has two fans that help in cooling the room. Therefore, you will not experience the issue of overheating as it is dangerous to the plants and even to you.

The product can last up to three years without a need to replace it. The lifespan of the lights is fifty thousand hours. Hence, once you buy the product, for the next few years, you will not worry about lighting your cannabis indoors. And this is just the minimum. It can last for a longer time, hence save you money for buying a new gadget.

  • can last for a minimum of three years.
  • made of durable material.
  • efficient for all stages of plant growth.
  • very bright.
  • they can break when handled carelessly.

6. Higrow Lights for Hydroponic Indoor Planting – Best 2000 Watt LED Lights for Growing Cannabis

Just because you are growing plants indoors does not mean that you have to break the bank to provide them with the light they need to grow efficiently. The reason why I love Higrow LED light is that it is affordable. And this does not mean that the quality of the product is questionable. It performs its work as efficiently as other LED lights.

These lights are unique as they are combined in a way that some are in a ninety degrees position while the others are at one hundred and twenty degrees. These alternating angles are very important as they help in lighting all corners equally. There is absolutely no spot that will be dark with the diodes placed in varying degrees.

The lights provide full spectrum of colors ranging from blue, white, red, yellow, and orange. These colors are important for plants in various stages of development. Hence, they provide an environment that is no different from direct sunlight.

As you may have already known, aluminum is a great material for both heating and cooling. Higrow has not been left behind by this technology. The product has 0603 aluminum, which is very efficient at both heating and cooling of the indoor garden. If you have been using regular LED lights that lack an efficient cooler, it will no longer be an issue when you get this light.

The product consumes only 400 watts of electricity. This means that the gadget is very efficient as it does not consume a lot of energy. Even if you have no idea about the energy-saving capability of gadgets, this one will surprise you because it will not increase your electricity bills to alarming levels. Since you have already decided to grow plants indoors, you will be completely satisfied with the product`s consumption.

The lights come with a hanging rope. I find it to be very convenient because not everyone will have a means of hanging it above the plants. Therefore, you will not need to go back to the store to get a rope. Hence, in addition to being affordable, the gadget saves you from spending more money on buying a hanging rope.

  • the product is affordable;
  • it consumes little energy;
  • the item under review has an efficient cooling system;
  • comes with a hanging rope.
  • it is a bit bulky as compared to other LED lights.

You Should Try One of the Above Lights in Your Cannabis Garden

It is necessary that you try these lights in practice. Note that all of the products above are 2000 watt lights, hence, they are similar in terms of how much light they produce. For the other characteristics, you need to find a product that suits your needs.

For example, if you don’t care about the price, then you should get any light that you feel has superior features. Maybe you are interested in the size of the gadget because of the place you are going to use it in. If you want a product of a moderate size, Higrow, which is 15.7 inches long, maybe the best gadget for you.

Note that all these lights illuminate over a different size of the surface. Some can shed light on a wider distance than the others. For example, Bestva is great for an area that is at least seven inches long. This means that you should check the measurements of your area and then determine the size of the surface that you want to light up so that you may get the best product.

Since all these items are the best 2000 watt LED lights for growing cannabis, they are all superior and have similar functionality with very slight differences. Have you used any of the lights so far? How long was your experience with a product, and would you consider another one from the list?

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