Best 1000 Watt LED Grow Light for Growing Cannabis: In-Depth Review

As LED technology continues to increase, more cannabis cultivators continue to switch to LED for indoor cultivation. LEDs have a reputation for performing well and have also become cost-effective. LEDs have numerous benefits, including less energy consumption and lengthy lifespans. Therefore, they have become a great choice for indoor cultivation, especially for cannabis growers.

When cultivating cannabis, the objective is to obtain the best yields. The characteristics of the LED light used has a bearing on the yields obtained. When you buy one without assessing it, you are likely to end up with something lacking the characteristics you need.

Many people have bad experiences with these products because they lack appropriate info on the brands they should purchase. In other cases, they follow the misleading information they find online.

In need of 1000 watt LED lights for growing cannabis, but you don’t trust the product details available? I am here to assist. I have extensive familiarity with these items, and thus, I share reliable info. The info you obtain here will guide you when shopping for a good item that will not only get the job done but assist you in getting an excellent experience and easy time when cultivating cannabis.

Evaluating the Best 1000 Watt LED Grow Lights


Want to purchase a reliable light but lack information on existing items? Below is a description of the best brands, their benefits, and drawbacks:

King Plus: Best 1000 Watt LED Lights for Growing Cannabis Overall

This item is appreciated by those who‘ve purchased it because it’s inexpensive. You are guaranteed to attain value for the bucks paid for it.

Many lighting arrangements produce much heat, which negatively affects the quality of cannabis you grow. This problem, however, never occurs when dealing with this brand. First, the product is made with two inbuilt system fans. Since these fans operate at high speed, it drives the hot air generated from the product at a high rate. Therefore, the item is used for a long without affecting cannabis. Additionally, the low dB output of the fans ensures that you enjoy a quiet operation indoors. You can comfortably stay with the item indoors without feeling disturbed.

The manufacturers have made the item with the knowledge that airflow is vital. The outer frame has holes that facilitate airflow. The aluminum frameworks as a heat controllers. This is enhanced by the availability of glass, which also conducts heat properly.

The apparatus has 100 LEDs of 10 Watts each. All these LEDs merely consume 185 watts of power. This implies that the apparatus is energy-efficient as compared to other available brands. Besides, it’s still brighter.

The light from this apparatus covers a zone of 3.4 x 3.8 feet. That is a broad space, and it gives you the freedom to grow numerous plants. Hence you obtain the surety of more yields.

Furthermore, you obtain full-spectrum light. The implication is that the plants grow healthily in all phases. Consequently, the growth process is speedy, which leads to more plant yields.
Also, the item is purchased from a corporation that trusts what it makes. The maker gives a 3-year warranty.

  • affordable;
  • 3-year warranty when purchased;
  • durable;
  • the cooling system is superb;
  • energy efficient.
  • you cannot adjust light levels.

Kind LED K5 XL750: 1000 Watt LED Grow Light That Delivers Best Light

When matched to HID light, K5 XL750 is more efficient because it uses only 430 watts as compared to 750 watts used by HID. Nonetheless, you still get the same level of brightness. That means the item helps you save in the long run.

You control the light spectrum you want the plant to get. Hence you can maintain healthy plants in all phases. Apart from cannabis, you can utilize the product for a variety of cultivations. You can increase your yields by a high margin by using this apparatus when compared to other models.

Suitable lighting is among the vital secrets for obtaining high yields when farming cannabis. Besides, being an indoor cannabis farmer, an essential thing to do is to select a lighting device that mimics the spectrum of natural light. This is what this Kind LED K5 offers.

With a 12-band spectrum, the equipment can emit red, blue, and white colors. These are what plants like. Moreover, they get IR and UV. The health of the plants is guaranteed. All the aspects of the plants are catered for. The light needs of the plants vary with the growth cycle. Thus you are in control of the light you want the crop to receive since you can regulate the lights. The product comes with a remote for that.

Furthermore, another critical secret of obtaining good yields is a well-lit canopy. The apparatus comes with excellent diodes that have been enhanced with innovative secondary optical lenses that have been spread over an outsize casing. Thus there is increased canopy penetration of light.

Its lifespan is 50,000+ hours, and thus you do not need to waste time or money searching for another product. Besides, if you want to have a timetable as to regulate when to turn on the lights or change the intensity, it is possible. With the timer, you can mimic the natural seasons and provide a correct light spectrum.

When you buy the product, there is a 3-year warranty. Therefore, you can contact the company in case of occurrences of malfunctions. They always respond.

  • the product is customizable depending on the light needs;
  • gives the best light to the plants;
  • durable.
  • a bit expensive.

BESTVA Full Spectrum Dual-Chip Growing Lamp: 1000w LED Grow Light with Impeccable Cooling Mechanism

If you mention the name BESTVA, any indoor plant growing enthusiast will automatically know what you are referring to. The company has a reputation for making the best apparatus. The device has been developed by indoor cultivators over numerous years of thorough testing and experimentation.

Are you a starter or a pro in the trade of indoor cannabis growing? With this item, you shouldn’t be worried about your proficiency. This is a brand that you can use at whichever skill level you are.
While most companies prefer to make LEDs that are either 5 watt or 3 watts, the chips that are used in this product are 10 watts. The plus of this is that the cannabis receives quality light. Moreover, its level of energy efficiency is improved.

With dimensions of 12.2” x 8.26” x 2.36, the light covers a wide area. That means that the amount of plants to cultivate is increased. It creates perfect light conditions for cannabis because it produces light of the full spectrum. In the end, you obtain plants that are healthy and more yields. Investing in this item is a good idea.

The device emanates extremely less heat. Heat can harm cannabis and shorten the lifespan of the LED panel. For this reason, an efficient heat dissipation mechanism is vital. Therefore, there are cooling fans within the apparatus that work efficiently. This cooling system is quiet and ensures that you achieve optimum results. The aluminum sink also increases the rate at which hot air is removed from the LED light.

Aside from the wonderful specs and the features of this equipment, another reason that would drive you to purchase it is that the maker offers you a 3-year warranty. Also, you get a one-month refund guarantee.

  • it has a perfect cooling arrangement;
  • the high light quality ensures you get good yields
  • light can be controlled to suit the growth cycle
  • it has a beautiful design
  • if you do not adjust the height right, you can burn the crops.

Roleadro Brand: Best Light for Growing Cannabis for Various Growth Phases

When you first look at this apparatus, you may not have the impression that it is as powerful as it resembles. The brand design is simple. Rectangular in shape, its white color is pleasant and attractive to the eyes. Two fans perform cooling functions behind it.

What are the accessories you receive when you purchase this brand? There are hanging kits, an excellent power code, and a pamphlet with guidelines on how you should set it up. That means you do not encounter any challenges when you need to use it. Roleadro is one of the models that people love today.

Before you decide on the purchase of this device, you should be comprehensively informed about its features. That way, you can make a decision based on the characteristics you know, and that suits you.

If you want a durable apparatus, this is the one to buy. No client who purchases the products from this manufacturer has ever raised the issues of durability. This model is not any different as it is made to last for a long time. The Zener protection of the chips enhances longevity. All the bulbs work independently, and one malfunction doesn’t affect other bulbs. Although it is rare for any of the bulbs to malfunction, you only replace the ones that don’t work and continue using the item as usual. It can be used for 50,000 hours.

Cannabis should receive particular frequencies of light during different growth phases. Any changes may affect the nourishment of the plants. With this brand, the blend of the spectrum is immaculate. The crops get both UV and IR. With such a spectrum, you may be sure that your plants are supported throughout growth.

Its cooling system is made up of two fans. Although there are brands produced with more fans, you should not worry as the ones present in this product are effective. Their perfection in reducing the heat is unquestionable. There are also heat sinks made of aluminum to support the fans. The cooling system releases minimum heat.

The makers of this apparatus are confident in their abilities. That is why they give the buyers a 30-month warranty. The firm is ready to provide professional support in case there is an issue with the LED grow light you buy.

  • the item is durable;
  • it has an effective cooling system;
  • produces perfect light spectrum;
  • comes with a 30-month warranty.
  • light may not cover a wide area.

Dimgogo Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants: Energy Efficient 1000 Watt LED Light

The makers of this equipment, DIMGOGO, have been in business for 6+ years. Their experience in designing the 1000 watt LED light is unmatched. They always do a 48-hour test for all their lights. Therefore, you may be sure that you are dealing with a high-quality product.

Its light production is comparable to the previous lighting systems. However, it only takes up 185, a level lower than what the traditional lights use. That is a low power consumption. You pay less in terms of the power bill in the long run. Hence you shouldn’t fear acquiring this apparatus.

The product comprises 100 LEDs. Each of them is 10 Watts. Consequently, it delivers full-spectrum light. You are sure that cannabis can comfortably survive in this surrounding. The health of the plants is enhanced by the IR and UV lights this item produces. Within no time, you can get good yields from the plants grown.

Similar to other LED lights, this apparatus also emits heat while in operation. However, the heat doesn’t reach the plants because the equipment has two fans to cool it. More airflow is facilitated by an aluminum frame which has vents.

It spreads light within an area of 10.5 sq. feet. That means that you can grow more plants. Consequently, the yields increase.

When you purchase the commodity, you have a 3-year warranty. You should not worry if anything goes wrong. The customer care is available to assist. What’s more, you obtain a 30-day money-back period. Nevertheless, be assured that the equipment provided is used properly, it can never fail. The 1000W LED grow light comes with a power code and a free hood for hanging it.

  • excellent cooling fan;
  • energy efficient;
  • plants get full-spectrum light.
  • it has a slightly shorter lifespan.

Be Informed Before You Make That Purchasing Decision

There exist many grow lights on the market. However, not all of them are good. Some can even disappoint you. For this reason, be careful about the brand you opt for. Otherwise, you may end up wasting your time and money. The 1000 watt LED grow light bulb review above gives you an idea about the features of the best brands.

There are many features of a high-quality product to consider. Assess the features of the LED grow lights before you settle on one. The features that are important include:

  • The material used to make an item
  • Makers’ reputation
  • Apparatus’ power consumption
  • The efficiency of the cooling system
  • Ability to make adjustments when needed
  • Warranty

All these issues are handled for the brands you find above. Although the manufacturers are all good, you’re the one to decide on the item that suits your needs. You should never make the purchasing choice in a hurry.

With my familiarity, I have provided reliable information on these attractive brands. Among the products above, which one suits you? Or maybe you have used some different products before? What was your experience? Share your experience by leaving a comment.

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