How to Make Weed Smell Stronger?

Regrettably, many weed-growers, both novice, and expert growers, inadvertently make the mistake of not perceiving their best. They either do not let the buds reach their potential or, by care routine, unintentionally provide them with an obnoxious or undesired flavor/smell.

Do you want to improve the smell of cannabis? If so, then you are in luck. In this article, I have collected the essential points and tips on improving your crop quality. When it comes to home-grown cannabis, the smell of your weed strongly affects the overall perception of quality.

In the same way that food gets better when it smells good, producing well-smelling weed can greatly improve the experience and perceived efficiency. How to make weed smell stronger? I will tell you everything about it here.

Here’s a guide on how to enhance the flavor of your buds. You will also find several products to help you with this. Moreover, you will learn not only what needs to be done to achieve aroma enhancement, but what not to do for making weed smell stronger.

Buyer’s Guide and Products


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Initially, it should be noted that there are no unique or artificial ways to give cones a particular taste or aroma. Everything is decided by genetics and those properties that are inherent in the cannabis grower. The weed is not processed in any way. But why does one kind of weed smells so wonderful and delicious to the taste, with other buds not smelling or having an entirely different taste?

Why Smell Is Important?

If you want to find out what makes marijuana smell, here’s the answer. Besides tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol, the buds contain many other components. The ones that are responsible for the plant’s smell and taste are called terpenes. The set and quantity of these terpenes in different varieties are very different. That is why weed has such other smoking properties and odors. By the way, in the community of growers, there is still a dispute that the current varieties have a lower content of terpenes than that of older genetics – 70 years, for example. Allegedly seeking to keep increasing THC levels, breeders have supplanted a fair amount of terpenes. Whether this is true or not, it is an open question.

How to make weed smell good?

There are main factors that influence the taste and smell of your harvest. Consider them, and you will have the opportunity to improve the flavor and get the product.

Super soil

If you plan to grow marijuana outdoors, you will naturally use soil or a combination of soil and compost. But if you plan to grow marijuana indoors, then the soil is not the best option, as it will be difficult for you to control the pH level, root ventilation, moisture, and more. There are many excellent soil substitutes today, covering a range of varied needs and conditions. Such as, for example, coconut extract or hydroponic method.

Super Soil Organic Concentrate — The Best Soil for Weed Growing

Super Soil Organic Concentrate creates a completely organic cannabis-growing environment. After composting, it works in such a way that the plant gets root conditions for growth. It allows buds to thrive in a natural organic environment. You don’t have to look for complex nutrients, treat plants with chemicals, or adjust the pH yourself. With the concentrate, you can not only grow a healthy crop with a good smell, but you can also do it effortlessly. You don’t need to go through complicated procedures as the soil is ready for use.

  • Easy-to-use;
  • Adjusts the pH level;
  • Organic.
  • Relatively expensive.


When a plant is in the flowering stage, it is vital to make sure you give it the right base nutrients. Essential nutrients in the flowering phase:

  • Nitrogen (N) – Give your plant relatively low nitrogen levels, especially in the latter half of the flowering stage. The plant needs a lot of nitrogen in the veg, but nitrogen will be required in minimal amounts during the flowering stage. Overdoing it with nitrogen can damage your crop.
  • Phosphorus (P) – on the other hand, feeding with phosphorus can be increased by almost two times compared to the vegetative stage. This element is incredibly crucial at the flowering stage and contributes to an increase in the total number of inflorescences.
  • Potassium (K) – Often overlooked much more often than phosphorus, which directly affects the amount harvested.

But in fact, potassium is maybe even more important! By providing a good source of potassium, you increase the size and density of your buds. But it is also not worth overdoing it. It is crucial to calculate the correct dose of fertilizers given to the plant, no more and no less. Nutrients are essential for bud growth and development, but excess nutrients can result in a chemical aftertaste.

Fox Farm Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula — Super Nutrients for Strong Plants

Fox Farm Liquid Nutrient is an improved nutritional foundation that helps plants absorb nutrients. The unique formula of the solution is prepared in a micro-cooker. This organic product is suitable for both garden and hydroponic cultivation. It contains guano, earthworm waste, Norwegian algae, and rock phosphate.

Guano and castings are essential for accelerated vegetative growth. Norwegian algae provide plants with the absorption of nutrients. Phosphate is needed to improve the weed’s ability to carry nutrients and energy, which is beneficial for flowering.

  • Suits for hydroponic and garden;
  • Beneficial for flowering;
  • Helps to absorb nutrients.
  • You need to use 3 different products.


Growing marijuana indoors, you will need artificial lighting. You should note that different types of lamps should ideally be used to varying stages of growth.

45W LED Grow Light for Indoor

So, plants need more light from the blue spectrum for cloning and vegetation since, with the blue range, photosynthesis is best, and therefore, it means active growth. Energy-saving lamps and LEDs with an increased blue spectrum are perfect. Usually, a power of about 600 W per 1 sq. m. of usable area, but with more power, you can achieve quite stunning results.

At the flowering stage, it is advisable to use red lamps. You will find them among the energy-saving pads. Other types of lights often lack the red spectrum, which is necessary during this period of the plant to form potent and fragrant buds, so you need to be very careful when choosing them. It is also important not to forget that the lamp should not be too close or too far from the plant, which should receive enough light, but not overheat.

45W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants Growing Lamp — The Greatest Option for Indoors

45W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants Growing Lamp is suitable for any kind of indoor growing. You can use it in a grow box, indoor, vertical farm, and other growing options. Thanks to its convenient square shape, the lamp can be adapted to suit any lighting condition. It offers the entire spectrum of lighting you need, which you can adjust as you wish at different stages of weed growth.

The lamp is easy to use, just fix it correctly. The construction is made of reliable, durable materials that ensure the durability of the product. Furthermore, you have guaranteed service for 1 year.

  • Full-spectrum;
  • Suits for different indoor conditions;
  • One-year guarantee.
  • A poor angle can be a problem.

Is the marijuana strain important?

The strain and genetics are quite essential factors in the taste and smell of the future harvest. Some types are specially oriented towards taste, such as the legendary Blueberry, which smells and tastes like blueberries.

Flavored strains usually have a word in the name that indicates this — it can be the name of a fruit, berry, confectionery, or something sweet: Super Lemon Haze, Strawberry Haze, Chocolate Skunk, Cream Caramel, Cheesecake, and so on.

Tropical and exotic varieties of marijuana often have a relaxed and unusual taste. By the way, the prominent specialists in breeding such varieties are Green House Seeds and many others. Almost every grower has delicious types in its line. As a rule, such combinations are not particularly fastidious in cultivation, with rare exceptions. Therefore, every grower can choose a strain to their liking. However, specific rules will help you grow the bud correctly and reveal its entire bouquet laid by the creators. Choosing a variety that suggests a distinctive scent is the most obvious answer to the question of how to flavor your weed.

How do dry and cure marijuana buds to get a good smell?

One of the most overlooked phases of cannabis farming is that it is essential to dry and cure it properly. Many home marijuana growers go to great lengths to find the best seeds, LED lights, and the most suitable feeding regime. And then everything goes down the drain due to low drying and treatment. Because of this, smoking or vaping can be frustrating.

Fox Farm Liquid Nutrient

Drying usually takes about a week, but sometimes longer. However, it’s the best way to flavor weed. You can separate the branches’ buds and place them in wrapping paper bags for a few days. It will help you to delay the drying process. Wrapping paper is used because it is unbleached but leaky enough to slow down moisture evaporation. When the small branches are dry enough to break off, many growers decide there is so little moisture left that it’s time to start treating the buds. During this phase, the outer surface of the plants will feel slightly brittle to the touch.

The cure serves to remove the last residual moisture. It is crucial to prevent buds from becoming moldy if they are to be stored for several months or even a couple of years. The scent and flavor of the buds are fully revealed during processing.

So, the time to cure marijuana buds is approaching. Most of the moisture has already evaporated. It is the last and perhaps the most crucial phase of preparing marijuana for use. In this case, you have to use glass jars. It is better not to use plastic because the sticky resin on the buds can soften or discolor this material. Well-cut buds should be folded into glass containers, leaving a gap of 1-2 centimeters on top.

Close the jars and leave them in a dark place, but remember to open them once or twice a day to allow moisture to escape. Some growers call this procedure venting from the cans. It is believed that the cure period should be at least 2-3 weeks. Many experts believe that bumps are completely healed in 1-2 months. During the treated buds’ soaring, a clean smell appears, and the taste does not give off chlorophyll. After completing the procedure, the buds should be stored in the refrigerator so that the impact strength remains the same, and the quality does not deteriorate. A cool, dry place is ideal for storing. Due to these two procedures, you can get the smelliest plant’s marijuana.

Follow Tips for a Flavored Harvest

Now you have all my recommendations on how to make weed smell better. Indeed, you will have to take care of the crop differently at various stages of its growth. Soil, nutrients, and proper lighting are the most critical factors that are the basis for growing aromatic weeds.

Super Soil Organic Concentrate will help create a nurturing environment for your cannabis to grow. When combined with Fox Farm Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula, your plants will also receive all the nutrients they need. As for the light, with a 45W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants Growing Lamp, you will forget about changing the lamps during different growing stages.

Drying and curing take a different places in the list of necessary actions.

Please, share your thoughts on what makes weed smell. Tell me about your growing experience in the comments.

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