Best Grow Lights for Marijuana – Evaluating Top Brands

Undoubtedly, the marijuana business is gaining relevance in this modern age. The rate at which it is becoming a highly profitable industry is alarming. It is destined to achieve a great feat, an element that has compelled both the state and federal governments to rethink its illegalization. Many farmers are shifting to cannabis agriculture for commercial purposes. But do they know what they need to boost the harvest?

Now, if opting out of farming is not a part of your plan, how else can you ensure that your cannabis plants are healthy and give high yields? Getting the best grow lights for marijuana is the answer to your needs. However, you require to have a perfect idea of the best selection of these products on the market.

Like in any other market, a viable product attracts the most buyers, and the marijuana business is not exceptional. If you have strong, healthy, and feasible-looking plants, you will undoubtedly win a more significant segment of the competitive market.

However, to achieve such a feat, you need to have a variety of inputs, and quality led light is one of the products. Some people claim that all these appliances serve the same purpose, but it isn’t the case. They are similar in terms of physical appearance; however, these items are very distinct in service delivery. Here is a review to enlighten you on the qualities of a superb grow light.

1. Phlizon Newest 600W LED – Best Led Grow Lights for Marijuana



Looking for reliable grow lights for farming marijuana? Phlizon’s newest 600w model will serve your purpose appropriately. It operates with a two-in-one button to boost your harvest. This button is effective for producing efficient red light which is essential in marijuana’s blooming stage. The white light is also controlled via the latter switch for white light essential in the cannabis growing phase. Below are other vital properties of the brand.

No Reflectors

The device does not incorporate reflectors since they are only beautifications that may keep the user at risk in case of a short circuit. Reflectors are not resistant to heat, and thus they are more susceptible to fire or melting if submitted to heat above 80 degrees and short circuit. The manufacturers of this device are functionality-oriented, so they give beautifications little or no preference at all. The features that provide a cannabis plant with a vigorous and healthy look are more important to the manufacturers than beautification.

Energy Efficient

If you wish to save a substantial power bill while using the lights, Phlizon will be useful for your farm. It emits less heat in comparison with other grow lights with MH and HPS bulbs. The item delivers a light spectrum that is more intense than other reflector-equipped devices, hence providing a broader coverage to the plants underneath. Moreover, it has dual fans that give the appliance a longer lifespan. For instance, an excellent cooler system prevents the device from the implications of overheating that may result in fire or even destruction of the system’s workability. Therefore, with a growing field of average size, 24fts high, and 3x3ft, Phlizon will serve you the right way.

Adjustable to Suit All Growth Phases

The product has a switch for adjusting bloom and VEG to suit the diverse growth phases. For example, during the preliminary phase, the sprouting of marijuana, the VEG switch will be essential. At the flowering period, the bloom switch option will be crucial to provide the growing plant with red wavelengths which are necessary for this phase. You can use the two switches to regulate the type of the required wavelength for the cannabis plant to undergo photosynthesis. What’s more, the device incorporates the use of UV and IR LEDs that are an essential defense mechanism that ensures the cannabis plant is safe throughout all the plant’s growth phases. Therefore, the cannabis plant safety is ensured right from the germination to the harvesting phase.

  • Energy-saving
  • Double switch options
  • Daisy-chain functions
  • Not resistant to water

2. King Plus 1000w – Best Energy Saving Grow Lights for Indoor Marijuana


If you are looking for a grow light to boost your marijuana harvest, King Plus 1000w will be a crucial necessity for your garden. It is equipped with wavelengths that provide the plants all the nutrients they may require or get under the sunlight. Here are the key features of the product of this brand.

Various Lightings

It incorporates diverse lightings with different purposes during the entire cannabis crop life. The VEG button is designed to enhance the harvest. The blue LED is explicitly used in the seeding phase of cannabis. Conversely, the Bloom button is designed to provide marijuana with a red and white LED, which are essential when the marijuana plant is flowering.

A precise red wavelength plays a critical role in the production of specific hormones responsible for the prevention of the breakdown of green coloring matter of the plant during the vegetative phase of its growth. However, the two buttons can be used together while monitoring the wavelengths closely at diverse growth phases of a marijuana plant.


It is a lighting device with a full spectrum that ensures the plant gets the wavelength appropriately like it is under the sun. The item also provides the UR and IR that are an essential defense mechanism that ensures the safety of the plant from external factors that may interfere with its growth.


The device is made with a 10-watt double system, aimed at balancing the lumen and PAR output to save a substantial amount of energy, for instance, 235 watts of power. Thus, the high-tech chip 10-watt system provides brighter lights, hence resulting in a significant amount of power being saved, which relieves the user from unreasonable expenses.

Effective Cooling System

There’s an advanced cooling system inbuilt in the grow light. It works with the incorporation of quiet high-velocity fans and advanced radiators made of aluminum. The radiators keep the equipment in check by operating at 50°F to 60°F, which is somewhat lower than the other grow lamps on the market today. At relatively lower temperatures, marijuana plants cannot get burnt, so it helps in triggering remarkable growth.

Professional Service from the Seller

The company offers professional service to the user. You are also eligible for a 90 days free return period in case your device encountered a problem in the process of using. Therefore, if you want to purchase a reliable yet effective device that will provide viable plants throughout all the marijuana growing stages, King Plus will serve your purpose effectively.

  • Long lifespan
  • Operates silently
  • Durable lights
  • Saves energy
  • Not water-resistant

3. Vivosun Hydroponic 1000 Watt – Easy to Set Up Grow Lights for Marijuana


Are you contemplating setting up led grow lights for indoor marijuana for boosting the plant’s photosynthesis radiation? Vivosun Hydroponic 1000 watt will serve your purpose effectively. Additionally, one of the special aspects of grow lights is their efficiency, and Vivosun is not an exception. It produces an efficient light spectrum which is crucial for plant growth from the preliminary stage to maturity. Besides, the dimmable digital ballast is made with the incorporation of an 8ft 120v cord for the power supply that operates on 50/60HZ. It has a switch that helps you time the lighting required for a plant. The brand has some more outstanding features.

Cool Reflector Kits

The product is inbuilt with cool reflector kits that are easy to assemble and set up, thus providing the device with higher compatibility and stability. Since it has HP and MH bulbs that make the device produce a full light spectrum necessary for cannabis growth, I highly recommend it for a successful purchase.

Efficient Cooling System

The device’s digital ballast is dimmable and features an inbuilt cooling fan that ensures 25% heat reduction throughout its 15% operational service life. It has a 6-inch air opening, and you can adjust the timer to fit your demands in the comfort of your home. What’s more, the internal fan protects the device from overheating, short-circuit, and the end of bulb serving life.

Aluminum Hood

The equipment is built with a high reflective aluminum hood. The hood is made of VEGA aluminum imported from Italy, hence boosting the reflectivity ratio by 20%. This standard reflectivity ration amounts to 98% of what is required for the stability of a cannabis plant. It ensures that there are no dead and hot spots on the plant, hence contributing to its viable and strong growth.

HPS and MH Bulbs

The equipment is equipped with HPS and MH bulbs aimed to give off a natural light spectrum which is necessary in ensuring a higher photosynthesis active radiation value of up to 21000k. At the same time, the light spectrum plays a significant role in promoting an incredible flowering of the plant.

The use of metal halide lightings on the plant ensures the reflection of the light spectrum that is essential for the cannabis plants. Hence it results in triggering a structural plant development and intensifying the prosperity of the plant.

  • Reliable lighting
  • High-performance bulb
  • Energy-efficient
  • A bulb bursts after a certain period of continuous use

VIVOSUN Hydroponic 1000 Watt HPS MH Grow Light Air Cooled Reflector Kit - Easy to Set up, High Stability & Compatibility (Enhanced Version)
VIVOSUN Hydroponic 1000 Watt HPS MH Grow Light Air Cooled Reflector Kit - Easy to Set up, High Stability & Compatibility (Enhanced Version)
VIVOSUN air cooled reflector kit is easy to set up. It has high stability & compatibility. Its HPS and MH bulbs together form a full spectrum; this kit covers the whole process of plant growth. Its digital ballast is dimmable with enhanced internal fan cooled operation 25% less heat generated for 15% longer service life. And you can program the timer from the comfort of your chair.

4. DuroLux T5 – Best Grow Lights for Marijuana for Higher Light Output


Durolux T5 is made with 4 two feet 6500k fluorescent tubes, power chord, hanging hooks, and chains. It is fixed with an electronic outlet with the potential of powering up to 12 accessories using a single power source. Here are other major features of the brand.

High Light Output

The tool has an output of up to 10,000 lumens. Similar to this device’s predecessor, it comes incorporated with a German hammer reflector. The hammer reflector provides up to 95% reflection, hence counteracting the omnidirectional wavelengths of light effectively.

Its lamps provide 30% more substantial light as compared to other devices of this level. The product features two housing switches.

However, unlike bloom and VEG switch, the two switches are used to adjust the dimness of the device’s fluorescent tubes. For example, if the plant is in a stage that requires a dim light, the switch will be used to control the dimness of light in a room where you maintain your marijuana.

Solid Safety Features

The brand meets the required safety measures as it incorporates a waterproof design. Therefore, it is effective in any environment, in humid or hot areas. What’s more, the device’s design will help in fire prevention in case the Durolux DL824 gets loose amid operation.

  • Waterproof
  • Fire prevention design
  • High light output
  • Bulky

5. Spider Farmer SF-1000 LED Grow Light – Noiseless Cannabis Grow Light


Determining one of the best grow lights is not hard; all you require to check is their quality components, spectrum, and coverage. Spider Farmer grow light uses remarkable yet dimmable quality Samsung chips and Meanwell drivers. Let’s have a look at the main features of this product.

High Efficiency

The combination of top-bin Samsung diodes with the best drivers brings about a higher efficiency of the device. For instance, the lights attain a 2.7 μmol/J, making it one of the notable appliances on the market today.

No Fan

It is built with no fan; however, the combination of Samsung diodes and Meanwell drivers ensures a meager heat output. It doesn’t mean the device produces no heat at all. It produces a little amount of heat that cannot interfere with its functionality even in the case of an absence of a cooling fan. Even though it is not crucial for effective operation, you are required to have an external fan in the room to catalyze its operations and dissipate the device.

Prominent Safety Features

This grow light has unique touches you can hardly find in other devices that operate similarly. For instance, its diodes have waterproof glue to preempt the corrosion and vulcanization of the device. What’s more, it has a protective cover-up for exposed wires that helps in the prevention of shocks and other potential accidents.


For years, it has been said that purple led light is great for plants, but it turned out differently. Most users have realized the importance of full-spectrum white light incorporation with red and blue light as the perfect solution for viable plants.

The Spider Farmer grow light comes with a fixture of mixed 500k and 3000k white diodes and additional deep red and IR diodes, each 660nm and 760nm, respectively. What’s more, these products are known for their form factor. They are inbuilt with a more extensive and flat quantum board with diodes across the entire surface of the device, an element that enables it to penetrate light more deeply into the cannabis plant’s canopy.

Plug and Play

You do not need to assemble the device, just plug and enjoy. Once it is out of the box, it is ready for use. Moreover, it has no fan, hence it makes no noise when operating. Once you grab it from the dealers, you are entitled to a 3-year warranty period.

  • 3-year warranty
  • Simple to use
  • Noiseless
  • No fans, thus the device runs fairly hot

6. Carambola LED Grow Light – Best Cannabis Grow Light for First-Time Growers


The carambola led grow light review is renowned for its 2-in-one design of grow lights. It is a 2000W grow lamp with two diverse constituents. One button is used to provide more red light which is necessary for marijuana’s blooming growth phase. In the later growth phase of the plant, substantially more white light is essential; hence the corresponding button is issued to ensure the plant gets what’s necessary for the growth stage. Here are other properties of the brand.

Covers a Wide Area

Its spectrum covers a wide grow room of approximately 4x4ft field at a 16ft high. Moreover, each lamp consumes as little as 200watts for an element that makes it more effective and prioritized to use. It is more reliable ahead of the other reflector-series devices.

Safe Power Supply

The product works with the incorporation of a safe power source supply. I mean that the device works with an isolated power supply that is resistant to higher temperatures and heat. Therefore, when using the equipment, you do not have to worry about overheating which may end up burning your plant or cause an accident. The device is safe and easy to operate.


It is a full-spectrum machine. This item is an upgrade of the generic spectrum from the series of other classic LED grow lights. It ensures a change of red and blue wavelengths in the ratio of 4:1 and 6:1 figures specifically put in place for medical purpose plants.

Customer Service

Whenever using this product, and you bump into a problem, you’ll encounter excellent support staff to assist. Irrespective of your hindrance, you will get friendly-toned customer care services to assist you effectively whenever you are stuck.

  • VEG/Bloom wavelengths
  • Safe power supply
  • Saves energy
  • Only suitable for 4×4 grow tents

7. Rope Ratchet – Heavy Duty Rope Clip Hanger

As a marijuana farmer working with the incorporation of grow lights to a bumper harvest, there are some instances you’ll need a rope ratchet for a tie-down reason. For example, the IPower Glrope features a pair of 1/8 heavy-duty hangers and a clip with a carrying capacity of up to 150 pounds. Likewise, the item has some fantastic features.


It is an eight feet propylene braided rope, a pair of 4 carabiner clips that are strong. The braided propylene rope material makes it durable as it is resistant to water spoilage. What’s more, the clip is made of zinc-plated steel, and the internal gears are made of metal, an element that makes it very durable.

Supports Heavy Load

IPower rope ratchet will provide comprehensive yet dependable support to anything ranging from weighty devices to the most delicate tools in your growing area. Consequently, once you acquire such a rope ratchet clip, you do not have to worry about a fall or slip of the equipment hanged.

Easy to Use Suspension

It has a simple-to-use suspension only requiring you to clip, pull, and, most importantly, lock. Thus, use the suspension system to adjust the hanging equipment to the direction and length you need with only a simple movement. It works with a tension mechanism; therefore, once the user sets the desired direction or height, the hood will remain in the set place and cannot move back and forth.

Adjustable System

The rope’s adjustable system allows the user to pull the grow lights up when doing the daily garden routine to keep the cannabis plantation healthy and only drop them to their normal position when leaving the growing field. Moreover, the IPower rope ratchet complies with the requirement for adjusting the light to meet different wavelengths the marijuana plant needs in specific growth stages. Thus, you only have to lift the rope high and drop it somewhat lower to ensure the plant gets nutrients from light as they are necessary for proper growth.

  • Adjustable
  • Simple to use
  • Durable
  • Heavy duty – can carry up to 150 pounds
  • No warranty

8. Vivosun Indoor Hydroponics Led Grow Room Glasses – Glasses with Glasses Case


Using grow lights can be straining with naked eyes. Do you know what you can use to avoid switching off the grow lights when accessing the area? Grow room glasses will give you a spectacular service and alleviate your glare. The grow room glasses keep the user safe from UVB and UVA rays and prevent eye strain whenever accessing the actual marijuana plantation field. Here are the key features of this item.


The item is lightweight and provides 180-degree distortion-free, hence it gives the user a clear vision, making access and checking the plant’s daily growth more convenient.

What’s more, the glass has a round wrapped lens that gives the eyes higher protection while the user is working with cannabis plants. The lenses are secure and safe to use since they meet the ANSI Z87+ standard of safety required when working with LED lights.

High Protection Ability

Whenever you are using grow lights and looking for a device to provide reliable hydroponic and filter rays that can be harmful to your eyes, Vivosun Indoor glasses will give you a spectacular service. They bring clarity, safety, and comfort to your eyes while conducting daily routine in a cannabis grow room using LED lights.

  • Simple to use
  • Protect the eyes from harmful rays
  • Provide comfort to your eyes
  • Great for hydroponics
  • Lenses may get spoilt over time

Closing Remarks

When you need a bumper harvest for your cannabis farming, acquiring one of the excellent grow lights for marijuana will help you fulfill your dreams. With the placement of high-quality grow lights, your marijuana plantation will enjoy controlled light wavelengths. For instance, the UV, IR, bloom, and VEG rays are necessary for plants’ appropriate growth.

The concurrent trending technology advancement has resulted in the production of grow lights that come with a Veg and bloom switch. Thus, this item allows the user to ensure the controlled growth of cannabis by monitoring every stage of growth and the required wavelength for that particular phase. For example, the double switch’s VEG button ensures that the plant thrives well in the seeding and germination phase, while the bloom controls the vegetative phase of the cannabis plant. Therefore, if you are in pursuit of modern technology to revamp your cannabis harvest, the grow lights will do your cannabis grow room a fantastic job.

My top pick is the Phlizon Newest 600W LED. By using the device, you ensure stable and healthy plants surpassing the vegetation as it solely relies on sunlight for natural wavelengths. It enhances the intensity of chlorophyll that catalyzes the photosynthesis process which is necessary for making the plant’s food. The use of this device results in healthy and vigorous plants that maximize the output overwhelmingly.

If planting cannabis is your next goal overall, keeping a close watch and putting into use the incredible grow lights should be your main target. The right tools will ensure that cannabis plants are healthy and vigorous in every stage of their growth. Therefore, with all the conditions necessary for plant growth under control, what else can hinder you from maximizing your cannabis harvest?

Are you a cannabis grower, and is there a particular brand of grow lights that you prefer? Why do you like it? Does it boost your harvest? Share your views and experience by leaving a comment.

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