Best Nutrient Line for Cannabis – Choosing a High-Quality Product

There is no doubt that cannabis is a unique plant. It can be used in the production of eco-friendly clothes, and some chefs add it to their tasty meals. Furthermore, don’t forget that there are a lot of drugs that include this plant. It’s well-known that cannabis has various health benefits. For example, it can help a person lose weight, relieve chronic pain, prevent diabetes, and treat inflammatory bowel diseases. What is more, the plant can be used to overcome alcoholism.

Being a professional cannabis gardener, I know everything about this wonderful plant, including the process of its handling. That’s why today, I’d like to share my knowledge and experience in the subject of the nutrition of cannabis with you.

For multiplying your cannabis plants, you need cloning gel.

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Fox Farm FX14049 Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula: Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom (Pack of 3 - 32 oz. bottles)
General Hydroponics GH5100 General Organics Go Box GH,Black
Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro & Grow, Pack of 3, 1 L Each
Fox Farm FX14049 Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula: Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom (Pack of 3 - 32 oz. bottles)
General Hydroponics GH5100 General Organics Go Box GH,Black
Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro & Grow, Pack of 3, 1 L Each
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Amazon Prime
It guarantees riotous growth, extended flowering, and 100% protection
The products include only top-quality minerals, vitamins, and humates
Quickly conducts useful elements
Top Pick
Fox Farm FX14049 Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula: Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom (Pack of 3 - 32 oz. bottles)
Fox Farm FX14049 Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula: Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom (Pack of 3 - 32 oz. bottles)
Amazon Prime
It guarantees riotous growth, extended flowering, and 100% protection
General Hydroponics GH5100 General Organics Go Box GH,Black
General Hydroponics GH5100 General Organics Go Box GH,Black
Price not available
The products include only top-quality minerals, vitamins, and humates
Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro & Grow, Pack of 3, 1 L Each
Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro & Grow, Pack of 3, 1 L Each
Amazon Prime
Quickly conducts useful elements

Take into consideration that it’s very important to select the right nutrients. They’ll provide your plant with the necessary minerals and vitamins to ensure fast growth. However, there are so many products that you may come to a full stop and still don’t know which one to choose. Fortunately, I have prepared this detailed review of the 10 best organic nutrients for cannabis to help you make the right purchase.

Top 10 Nutrient Line for Cannabis for Growing Weed in 2023


There are many ways to purchase top-quality nutrients for your plants, and the Internet is one of them. Each nutrient from the list has high ratings and tons of positive reviews written by satisfied customers. But the best nutrient brands for weed on the list come in first positions. What is more, you can purchase them at an affordable price.

1. Fox Farm FX14049 – Best Cannabis Nutrients 2023

High times voted best nutrients is another pack of 3 that will solve all your gardening problems. The Fox Farm company knows how to satisfy its clients and help them overcome any problems. Its products are known for their high quality and efficiency.

Fox Farm FX14049 – Best Organic Nutrient Line for Cannabis Growth

The pack includes 3 wonderful nutrients that will exceed your expectations. All that you’ll need to do is to prepare the feeding program to get incredible results. Also, you should take into consideration that you’ll need to follow a strict process consequence if you want to use the nutrients appropriately.

Grow Big

First of all, you should start with “Grow Big”. This is a liquid plant food that guarantees riotous cannabis growth. Bear in mind that it’s recommended to provide the new plants with some days to settle in. After this period, you can start adding this nutrient every time you water your plants. The optimal rate is two spoons per gallon of water.

Tiger Bloom

“Tiger Bloom” is an extra-strong best cannabis fertilizer that you should use just right at the first sign of flowering. This amazing product is formulated with a low pH. Due to this feature, “Tiger Bloom” will extend fruiting and flowering.

Big Bloom

The third necessary product is “Big Bloom” that can be used throughout all growing cycle. It will heal your plants’ root systems as well as increase their nutrient cycling. Besides, the product has a natural biologically alive formula that guarantees 100% protection of your plants.

Fox Farm is a reliable company that produces only high-quality nutrients. If you choose its products, you can be sure that you’ll get the desired result. There are no doubts that the company managed to develop a great example of the best nutrient line for cannabis, and you shouldn’t miss your chance to use it.

  • it includes 3 wonderful nutrients;
  • it guarantees riotous growth, extended flowering, and 100% protection;
  • amazing opportunity to provide your cannabis plants with the required food;
  • see the results just right after the first usage.
  • the price is higher as compared with other products.

2. General Hydroponics Go Box – From the Producer of the Best Organic Nutrients for Cannabis

General Hydroponics has more than 40 years of experience in the production of top-quality nutrients. Its engineers, scientists, and technicians aim to provide their clients with the best agricultural solutions as well as improve key manufacturing processes.

You can be sure that you will get the best experience with General Hydroponics Go Box. It includes 8 premium natural nutrients and supplements. The manufacturer combined the time-tested top-quality ingredients with modern efficient methods of cultivation. Furthermore, even beginners can provide their plants with professional care and maintenance due to this awesome Go Box Starter Kit.

General Hydroponics Go Box – From the Producer of the Best Organic Nutrients for Cannabis

Inside best cannabis nutrient line amazing package, you’ll find such products as “Bio Bud”, “Bio Thrive: Grow”, “Bio Thrive: Bloom”, “CaMg+”, “Bio Root”, “Bio Weed”, “Diamond Black”, and “Bio Marine”. Although each of the nutrients can help you reach the desired results, don’t forget to make sure that you follow all the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Bio Bud

“Bio Bud” is an awesome bloom booster that includes tons of minerals and amino acids. The product improves flowering and guarantees a bountiful harvest.

Bio Thrive: Grow

In case you are going to provide your plants with nutrients for roots, you should use “Bio Thrive: Grow”. First of all, it’s a perfect choice for all types of cannabis. Also, you can use this product in combination with special garden soils or potting mixture for better results.

Bio Thrive: Bloom

The “Bio Thrive: Bloom” formula is a mix of natural extracts and minerals that will promote microbial activity in the root zones of the plants. The nutrient is environmentally safe, and it’s better to use it during the flowering period.


It’s a no-brainer that your plants need calcium and magnesium for fast growth. And due to “CaMg+”, they’ll get them. What is more, the nutrient will optimize plants’ nutrition.

Bio Root

Root development is extremely important for any plant. It’s necessary to provide the root zones with bio acids and humates. And due to “Bio Root”, any cannabis gardener can cope with this task.

Bio Weed

“Bio Weed” is a top-quality vitality booster that includes processed seaweed. This nutrient will promote the growth of your plants’ roots and stems. Besides, take into consideration that it’s better to use it together with “Bio Thrive: Grow”.

Diamond Black

Made of 100% Leonardite, “Diamond Black” is necessary for your cannabis if you want your plants to get improved nutrient absorption and better soil structure. Plus, take into account that the product’s formula includes tons of plant-active humates.

Bio Marine

This great nutrient is made from digested fish protein that fertilizes the soil and boosts the growth of the plants. It is suitable for all types of cannabis and can be used from the seeding up to the harvest.

General Hydroponics provides its customers with the best nutrients for cannabis available at affordable prices. The company’s products are well-known for their sustainability and unsurpassed quality. Choose this Go Box to enrich your plants without causing an environmental impact.

  • amazing pack includes 8 efficient nutrients;
  • it ensures abundant growth of your plants;
  • the nutrients are eco-friendly;
  • the products include only top-quality minerals, vitamins, and humates.
  • the bottles are made of low-quality materials.

3. Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect — Complex Nutrients for Weed From a Leading Manufacturer

In the Advanced Nutrients product line, you can find fertilizers for any purpose. Products from the pH Perfect line serve as excellent base nutrition for plants and regulate the acidity level. It contains fulvic acid and a strong non-ionic surfactant that guarantees the plants’ complete absorption of nutrients.

The best marijuana nutrients includes Bloom, Micro, and Grow bottles. It is not a multi-stage system where you use each product one by one depending on the growth stage. You simply mix all liquids with water in the proportion you need to achieve the ideal pH level. This approach allows you to get the most effective tool, as the amount of each product directly depends on your soil’s state. These nutrients don’t come ready-made, as trace elements oxidize when released into the water and become useless for plants.

  • Specifically produced for high-value plants;
  • Quickly conducts useful elements;
  • Individual mix.
  • It’s advisable to test it on clones to find the correct formula.

4. Advanced Nutrients 5450-14 — Cannabis Fertilizer to Increase Root Mass

The cannabis nutrients kit of any plant directly depends on the root system size. Precisely to get excellent flowering plants and a great harvest, you should use Advanced Nutrients 5450-14. It contains eight varieties of beneficial microbial strains whose effective work leads to an increase in root mass. To guarantee a long shelf life and excellent vitality, the bacteria are placed in a special complex. It keeps them inactive until the agent is mixed with water: then the complex dissolves and the microbes get their job done.

The product comes ready-made in a 33 fluid ounces plastic bottle. Half a teaspoon in 33 ounces of pure water is enough to see impressive results. Since the tool affects the development of the roots, and accordingly, the whole plant, it is recommended to use it in the first two weeks of the season.

  • Gives excellent results;
  • Compatible with other Advanced Nutrients products;
  • Large volume.
  • A bit pricey.

5. FoxFarm Dirty Dozen Starter Kit — Best Weed Nutrients

The FoxFarm nutrient kit for cannabis contains three 6-ounce solubles and nine 1-pint fertilizers.

Open Sesame
It is recommended to apply the mixture at an early stage of flowering to form large and weighty buds.
Cha Ching and Beastie Bloomz
The products are specially designed for late flowering. They give excellent texture and flavor.
Kangaroots and Microbe Brew
They are used to increase the root mass, speed up its growth, and help to absorb nutrients better.
Bembe is an excellent food for your plants. It contains sugars and beneficial elements.
Flowers Kiss
It is recommended to spray the product on leaves, as it serves as a supplement to root fertilizers.
Boomerang is an “anti-stress” nutrient that helps minimize the harmful effects of temperature extremes or improper fertilization.
Tiger Bloom, Big Bloom, and Grow Big
The products support plants during their growth period, making them healthier and more resilient.
This product acts as a “rinse aid” that cleans roots from excess mineral salts, improving the absorption of nutrients.

  • Great option to try the best products;
  • Not only the basic items;
  • Reasonable price.
  • Some tools perform the same function.

6. Humboldts Secret Starter Kit Pack — Best Soil Nutrients 2023 for Cannabis

This is another fertilizer set that consists of six small bottles for multiple uses.
Base A & B
This 2-part tool is a basic ground bait. It contains essential nutrients: magnesium, nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, Fulvic acid, and calcium.

Golden Tree
This supplement activates life processes. Amino acids, algae, minerals, and carbohydrates in the composition increase the crop quality. You can even save a dying plant with it.

Flower Stacker
It’s used exclusively during the flowering period to promote bud formation and fruit set. According to the manufacturer, the use of this tool can increase the yield by 30%.

CalMag & Iron
If your plants are deficient in magnesium, calcium, and iron, this remedy is their excellent source. It improves the absorption of nutrients, supporting plant growth.

Plant Enzymes
The enzymes it includes contribute to soil health, break down rotten roots, and fight plant infections.

  • Gives big buds;
  • Can be used for hydroponic setups;
  • Includes a feeding chat.
  • No pest control agents.

7. Advanced Nutrients Tarantula, Nirvana, Sensizym — Organic Cannabis Nutrients

Another weed nutrients kit from Advanced Nutrients is a bundle of three nutrients. This set contains only the basic tools that will definitely come in handy for any cannabis grower.

It’s one of the most powerful stimulators of the growth and development of the root system. It contains a huge number of microorganisms that improve the absorption of nutrients, increase phosphorus availability, and the conversion of nitrogen.

Nirvana is one of the brand’s most impressive products. Its diverse and unique composition influences the metabolism and enhances plants’ immunity. The product is quickly absorbed by roots thanks to the content of Fulvic acid, Chilean Soap Bark, and Yucca extract.

This agent promotes the decomposition of dead plant cells, converts them into nutrients, and helps renew roots. The digestive enzymes in this product are beneficial if you plan to reuse the soil for new plants.

  • Only the necessary tools;
  • Scientific approach to product development;
  • Increases yield by more than 30%.
  • Small volume.

8. Dyna-Gro Set – Best Organic Nutrient Line

This set includes marijuana nutes that will certainly satisfy even a professional cannabis gardener. Inside the box, you’ll find 2 nutrients that will be supporting your plants during all stages of growth.

Dyna-Gro Liquid: Grow

“Dyna-Gro Liquid: Grow” will robust the vegetative growth of your plants. Its formula includes 16 essential vitamins and minerals. Besides, the nutrient is low in the level of soluble salts, and you won’t face any problems while using it.

Dyna-Gro Liquid: Bloom

The company used 6 various macronutrients to develop the high phosphorus formula for this wonderful nutrient. Due to this feature, the product is perfect for the development of vibrant blooms. Also, it’s recommended to apply it before the flower buds appear.

Dyna-Gro products are ideal for poor and rocky soils. They will fertilize the ground and provide the plants with the nutrients essential for their growth. Besides, this best organic nutrient line for cannabis will increase the size, quality, and number of blooms.

  • affordable price;
  • the set includes 2 top-quality cheap cannabis nutrients that will boost growth;
  • perfect choice for poor and rocky ground.
  • the bottles are too small for big hemp land.

9. Botanicare CNS17 – One of the Best Marijuana Plant Nutrients

There is no doubt that any cannabis gardener wants to protect their plants from illnesses and get a rich harvest. Fortunately, with the help of Botanicare, even a beginner can reach this goal.
The company launched its first products in 1996. Soon, its nutrients attracted a lot of clients. Today, Botanicare is constantly trying to provide its customers with better products and technologies. Its experts improve and develop formulas to make their nutrients 100% efficient and eco-friendly. And that’s the reason why the company is one of the top-sellers in the hydroponic gardening industry.

All that you have to do to get an abundant harvest is just to buy CNS17. This concentrated nutrient will ensure premium results. The product consists of 17 elements essential for the hasty growth and protection of your plants. CNS17 is a great food source for them. Besides, it’ll promote root development and reduce internode spacing.

If you want to get healthier and bigger plants, you certainly should buy this nutrient. What is more, the product is environmentally friendly, so you shouldn’t be afraid of causing damage to our planet while using it.

  • it ensures an abundant harvest, fast growth, and 100% protection of the plants;
  • the product is eco-friendly and safe for your health;
  • the nutrient is produced by one of the leaders in the hydroponic gardening industry.
  • high price.

10. Advanced Nutrients GL525401-12ABC – the Leader of Best Nutrients for Cannabis

Advanced Nutrients is a famous company that produces top-quality products for gardeners. Thousands of customers are satisfied with their services, and you can also check them out. GL525401-12ABC consists of 3 wonderful nutrients that will help you increase your marijuana yields by 33%. Due to the special combination of vitamins, bacteria, and carbohydrates, these products will provide you with amazing results. You can be sure that you’ll get bushier plants with bigger root systems.


The first nutrient is called “Tarantula”. It’s great for promoting various growth factors and increasing the mass of plants’ leaves and roots. The special formula will reduce the stress effect in a root zone and release all beneficial growth cofactors.


The second nutrient, “Nirvana”, can be used to stimulate a high metabolic rate to ensure faster growth. It’ll provide your plants with the necessary amino acids and vitamins.


“Sensizym” is a proven way to protect your plants from pathogens as well as improve their nutrient availability. This amazing product includes the mix of various digestive enzymes that will help you keep the membranes of your plants cleaner and free of debris.

It’s a no-brainer that these nutrients are necessary for any cannabis gardener who wants to get bigger yields. Your plants will be thankful for such support.

  • affordable price;
  • the set includes 3 top-quality nutrients;
  • it provides amazing nutrient availability improvement;
  • it ensures a 33% increase in the yields;
  • the product’s quality is acknowledged by thousands of positive reviews.
  • the size of the bottles is only 250 ml.

Make Your Best Decision on the Perfect Nutrient Line for Cannabis

It may be difficult to take care of cannabis, especially if you own a big hemp land. However, you can use marijuana plant nutrients that can simplify this task. Besides, don’t forget to consult with experts before choosing this or that product. It’ll also be a great idea to contact the manufacturer. You may ask the company support service about the nutrients suitable for your type of plants.

In addition, take into consideration that it’s necessary to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. You should use this or that nutrient during the set period of growth. In case you won’t do it, you may not get the desired results. Furthermore, it may happen so that the products won’t cause any effect.

If you have already bought or tried one of the products listed above, please, share your thoughts and experience. Besides, you may provide other readers and me with useful pieces of advice, gardening tips, etc. And if you have your top-list of the best organic nutrients for cannabis, please share it with me. Also, don’t forget to ask questions related to the information provided in the review if you have any.

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