150 Watt LED Grow Light to Grow Your Plants Faster

Hello to all gardeners! Today we intend to find the best 150 Watts LED grow light. I hope you know how important it is to provide enough light for indoor plants. It doesn’t only increase photosynthesis but also the growth rate, seedling, and flowering.

The one bulb can give all of this. But only if you choose it carefully – I have tried many devices, and only a few are worth your attention. I know that it is challenging to buy anything online. That’s why I have prepared the list of top 8 LED bulbs. Also, I will give you some tips for their usage.

Top 8 150 Watt LED Grow Lights

If you choose a reliable to grow light and apply it, you will see the result in a week. So, here is the UFO LED grow light review to help you choose it.

1. Koopower LED Grow Light – LED Lights 150 Watts Top Pick

Led Grow Light300W 98 Led Growing Lamp Light

Not all bulbs are suitable for all growing stages. Koopower has solved this issue and offered a light with three modes: veg, bloom, and full. The first one is perfect for germination or the beginning of the leaf growth while the second one is for flowering and fruiting stages. Full mode is great for other stages.

These LED lights can be used indoors and outdoors for gardens, grow tents, greenhouses, and so on. You may apply the item for vegetable growth with no worries. The classical full spectrum puts out the light that won’t damage plants but will gently give them what they need. The device includes 98 bulbs that are ideal for seeds growing and flowering.

Some led warehouse lighting requires continuous supervision and control. Koopower product allows you to adjust the settings you need and leave all other work to it. There are 20-time options you can choose from. That means you can set from 1 to 20 hours of working process depending on your plant type. Besides, the device remembers the last settings and will turn on at the same time the next day.


  • Has three modes;
  • Classical full spectrum;
  • Perfect for all plant types, including vegetables;
  • 20-time options.
  • It’s better not to use more than six panels.

2. Juhefa LED Grow Lights – Best Heatproof 150 Watt LED Grow Light

LED Grow Lights Full Spectrum Panel Grow

Every gardener faces the problem of installing the lights in the right way, and it can appear much harder than you may think. Juhefa grows lights have hanging kits that make this process a lot easier. The recommendation is to set them 8-30 inches above plants. If you install them too high, the device won’t work properly, and if you hang it too low, the plants may get damaged.

The material is heatproof, so it will serve you for a long time. In addition, it is waterproof and firm – Juhefa chooses only the best fabrics for their products. The light is highly efficient. Even if you use LEDs all day, it will take several dollars a month. If you have a small grow tent or a few plants, this device will be an excellent fit for you.

As these lights have the full spectrum, you can apply them for hydroponics as well as for indoor plants. Most people use the item for micro-green weeds. It is also a suitable additional side panel during the flowering. The device size doesn’t provide any flash or radiation, so it is absolutely safe for you and your plants.


  • Easy-to-install;
  • Durable and long-lasting;
  • Efficient.
  • Not so powerful as other models on the list.

3. CANAGROW 150W LED Grow Light Bulb – Efficient 150W LED Light

150W LED Grow Light Bulb Full Spectrum

The device from CANAGROW can replace the standard 150 Watts grow light but consume much less energy. It saves your money but provides the needed temperature for photosynthesis. The panel doesn’t heat too much. It’s because of the heat sink and cooling fan that works quietly.

Most grow lights are big and can take up a lot of space. Innovative LED chips allow creating a small size bulb that has a 120-degree angle that covers up to 14,3 sq ft. The device works for fifty thousand hours. There is no need for an extra LED driver. Also, you can place as many bulbs as you need in your grow tent. By regulating the height, you may use this grow light at any growing stage.


  • Consumes a little;
  • Has a cooling system;
  • Full-spectrum.
  • Expensive.

4. Osunby LED Grow Light – Lightweight Full Spectrum Grow Bulb

Osunby LED Grow Light

With Osunby grow light, you can regulate not only the height and timing but also the brightness level. You can adjust it from 0 to 100% for every growing stage. Besides, you may set different brightness during the day and night – this will help you to save the consumed energy. However, even without this, the bulb will save your money. It can replace the standard 150 Watts grow light, but it uses no more than 45 Watts.

The grow light consists of 289 small bulbs. Most of them are red LEDs, and the rest are blue LEDs – you get the full spectrum to provide the quality growing for your plants. You may use the Osunby device for all indoor plantations. It is suitable for flowers as well as for vegetables like lettuce, potatoes, tomatoes, etc.

The panel is made of aluminum that is several times stronger than plastic. Also, it has high heat dissipation, so, overall, this material is long-lasting. It is absolutely safe for your plants. You can easily install it thanks to the handling kit – the device is lightweight, so even a kid can assemble it. The aluminum panel resists water, fog, mist, drips.


  • You can regulate the brightness level;
  • Lightweight and durable panel;
  • Easy-to-install.
  • Only for indoor plants.

5. Growstar UFO LED Grow Light – 150W LED Bulb with a Cooling System

UFO Led Grow Light

Growstar bulbs are eco-friendly and help you to save your money and energy. You may regulate the lighting angle from 90 to 120. This feature makes the grow light efficient and increases output several times. The best way to use Growstar light is to turn it on for 12-18 hours. You may switch it for a day or night – it depends on plants’ type.

The full spectrum of this device includes red, blue, white, UV&IR LEDs. Such construction allows you to use it for every growth stage. It increases the Par Value and yield of plants – and all this in one small bulb. Growstar uses innovative chips that make a grow light highly durable and provide 50 thousand working hours.

Most of the lighting bulbs warm a lot. This grows light has a cooling fan that allows the heat to emit outsides quickly. But, it doesn’t decrease the temperature too much to keep your plants in perfect conditions. So, the aluminum panel will be a little hot during the working – it’s a normal process.


  • Eco-friendly;
  • You can regulate the angle;
  • Has a full spectrum;
  • Innovative cooling system.
  • Only for indoor usage;
  • Not waterproof.

6. Platinum 12-band LED Grow Light – Best Grow Light for Small Tents

Advanced Platinum Series P150

The more light you give your plants, the more they will grow. The Platinum bulb has one of the highest output per watt on the market. It has 2 or even 3 times better intensity than a standard model. Also, it has a full spectrum that starts with UV and ends with IR – in a short word, your plants will get all the light they need.

To avoid overheating, the panel has fans and heat sinks – such a cooling system is quiet. The device keeps the average temperature for the best growth. You may switch between two modes (veg and flower) depending on the plant’s stage. The Platinum bulb provides lighting on a 90 angle. It is perfect for the compact grow tents as well as for the greenhouses.


  • High intensity;
  • Quiet cooling system;
  • Has two modes.
  • Covers a small area.

7. Kolem Full Spectrum Plant Lights – Waterproof LED Lights 150 Watts

COB LED Grow Light 150w Grow Lights

Outdoor plants need light as well as indoor ones. That’s why Kolem produces these waterproof LED lights. You may use this device during rainy and snowy days – it has been tested not once and works perfectly even in the most challenging conditions. It doesn’t have fans, but it has a heat-dissipation coating design. The device is ideal for indoor usage because it works without noise.

Kolem grows bulbs increase plant yield for at least two times. However, they can replace the 200-Watt standard lights and consume only 50 Watts. Thanks to this, they don’t heat too much. Kolem offers the whole spectrum, so your plants will get everything they need for photosynthesis.

This grows light has a bracket and a hook. You can hang it in the air, fix it to a wall or a plant stand, or put it on the floor. Also, you can adjust the lighting angle. You may use it for every growth stage, from seedling to flowering regulating the device height.


  • Efficient;
  • Waterproof;
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors;
  • You may install it anywhere you need.
  • Too expensive.

8. Lvjing 150W LED Grow Light Bulb – Innovative 150 Watt LED Light Bulb

LVJING 150w LED Grow Light Bulb

When the light covers all plant’s leaves, the latter will grow faster for sure. This grow bulb has a large illumination area – the device is 180 degrees rotatable, and you can adjust the angle and height you need. The light doesn’t only increase the growth rate but also provides better photosynthesis, germination, seedling, and flowering.

As most innovative grow bulbs, this model has the full spectrum that is very close to the sunlight. The top-quality LED chips have higher lumen output. As a result, they work longer but consume less energy. The bulb is waterproof, and the aluminum panel with the fin design decreases the emitted heat. Overall, the device will serve you years with the right application.


  • Highly efficient;
  • 180 degrees rotatable;
  • Waterproof;
  • Expensive.

How to Pick 150 Watt LED Grow Light?

Your plants’ growth depends on the grow light you choose, so it should be top-quality. Here is a small guide on how to pick a reliable device.


I recommend you choose the bulb that will work at least 50 thousand hours. You will keep it turned on for 12 or even 18 hours a day, and you don’t need to change it too frequently, right? Also, the best material for the panel is aluminum. The plastic one is not durable and warms too much.

Coverage area

The coverage area depends on the lighting angle. If a grow light has a 120-degree angle, it’s enough for proper illumination. It usually covers from 13 to 20 sq ft, which also depends on the height you 150w grow light how high to hang the bulb.


Red and blue LEDs are not enough for the plants growing. The bulb should have a full spectrum that starts with the UV and ends with the IR. It is essential, so don’t neglect this feature.

Cooling system

The 150W LED grow light can get hot easily, and the temperature may increase too much. To avoid this, the grow bulb should have cooling fans. Usually, they consume little energy and are quiet. So, it’s better to choose a more innovative device and be calm that your plants are safe.

Grow Tents Lighting: Useful Tips

Provide the best lighting for your plants with these recommendations I have prepared for you in this 150 Watt LED grow light review.

How many plants can I grow with a 150W LED light?

Different plants may need less or more lightning. On average, you will grow up to 5 plants with one LED light. But it also depends on the moisture level and air ventilation. If all these conditions are at the highest level, you will grow healthy plants.

How many 150W grow lights do I need?

The grow lights amount depends on the tent area. Also, the more plants you have, the more bulbs you need. Usually, one plant needs from 20 to 30 Watts. So the 150-Watt lamp can cover 5-7 plants, but only if they are close to each other. If you have a large tent, you need to know its area. One grows light usually covering 14 sq ft.

How high should I hang my LED grow light?

If your plants are on the seedling stage, you should place the device 36-40 inches above. For the vegetative stage, the best height is 20-24 inches, and for flowering – 15-18 inches. But, if the grow light allows regulating brightness, you may set it 25 inches above, and it will be enough.

How often should I replace my LED grow light?

One 150 Watts growing light will work for 50 thousand hours. If you use it for 12 hours a day, it will work up to ten years. But if you use it for long, you should replace the bulb after 5-7 years. Usually, the manufacturer will mention the best replacement time for a particular model.

Let’s Grow Beautiful Plants!

The full spectrum grows light is the best choice for your plants. Such a device allows them to grow fast, and you will get beautiful plants as a result. However, it’s not always easy to find a reliable grow bulb. I think that one of the top 8 lights I have described will fit you. They have many good reviews, and I recommend them because you will get high quality at an affordable price.

Are you a professional gardener or you have just bought a small indoor tent? What recommendations about grow lights do you have? I’m waiting to see your answers in the comments below.

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