Best 300 Watt Led Grow Light for Growing Cannabis

It does not matter if you are cultivating cannabis as a starter or maybe as a pro. You most likely are not sure which 300-watt led grow light to use. Getting a grow light that best fits your needs can be a tough task. The search can be a bit overwhelming, taking into consideration the fact that there is plenty of brands currently on the market.

My joy will be fulfilled if I narrow down your purchase list with the help of my article, as I will review the best 300-watt led light. Whether you are growing your marijuana in a small tent or in a greenhouse – do not be dismayed, I have it all covered.

7 Best 300W LED Grow Light for Easy Selection

I have selected the 7 best 300-watt led lights for growing cannabis to fit your preference below. With ample experience, I have written down a detailed description of each product’s features. I have also included a list of pros and cons to assist you while purchasing.

1. Advanced Platinum P300 – Best 300 watt Grow Light for Growing Cannabis

Among the characteristics that have earned this unit, the top 300 watt led lights for growing cannabis grow light is the actuality of saving energy. One of the top reasons is that it uses low energy and temperature with the help of a 12-band full spectrum. This feature has enabled improved platinum p300 to be the most influential led light for cultivating marijuana from the PlatinumLED brand.

With the help of the 12-band complete light spectrum, the cannabis will have enough growth light needed. It allows your cannabis to mature well and very nutritious, with all the required nutrients gained from the Led light.

One More brilliant feature this led grow light posses is that it has two light spectrums. While applying for cannabis, use the vegetable setting. It uses 93 watts in a 4.5*3.8 space.

It has 90 degrees focusing lenses. They direct light deeper to your cannabis and hence yielding to energetic growth. Improved platinum is very affordable, and it has highly competitive features on the market. It also has the highest PAR (Photosynthetic active radiation) per Watts, which measures the intensity of light being produced by the grow light. This is very useful as it cannot be found in any Led growth light sold so cheap. The unit is by far the best Led 300 Watts grow light available on the market. More so, it has a full 5-year assurance plus a special offer of a 90-day gratification or refund.

  • It saves you energy.
  • It contains a wide array of light for photosynthesis stimulation.
  • It has a 12-band LED growth light coverage.
  • 5 years guarantee.
  • 90-day return chance.
  • For the fact that it has the power to support the cannabis grow, it fails to imitate the sun fully.
  • The growth illumination is highly-priced.

2. MarsHydro – Best 300w Led Grow Light

Get more for less when you purchase my second best Led grow light, especially if you are a beginner. MarsHydro brand has the latest 300W light that uses a higher LED PAR per Watts compared to the old model. The upgraded LED is 3* brighter than the standard LED grow lights.

The MarsHydro LED grow light has a high power from the Epistar 5w LED chips, which are very strong for the PAR. It leads to healthy growth and an efficient yield for your plant. The chip is modified to help in producing full-spectrum illumination.

Because of the high level of PAR, there are evenly distributed 300 watts led lights for growing cannabis. That feature helps in protecting the plants from curbed growth and the scorching sun. This device is more useful when it comes to its cooling feature that is unparalleled. It has an inbuilt heat sink venting scheme that is highly influential with a fan that produces very low noise for the ideal growth of your cannabis.

  • Uniformly supplies the growth light, which prevents inhibited growth.
  • Delivers superior PAR from the high-power Epistar 5w LED chip.
  • It has a powerful venting scheme with low noise fun for optimal performance.
  • It saves energy, and it is very safe to use.
  • The device comes with a 3-year valid warranty.
  • The device can easily burn out.
  • May burn your plants if of unstable voltage.
  • The device is not waterproof and suitable for indoor use only.

3. MAXSISUN Dimmable 600W LED Grow Light: Best Light for Growing Cannabis

If you are looking for a grow light that has a timer option, then Maxsisun dimmable LED brand has modified their grow light specially for that use. The device also saves energy as it only uses 142 watts. The LED assures strong growth for your cannabis.

The device uses a full spectrum IR (infrared ultraviolet) for indoor greenhouse with a 60 pcs 10w LED chips. The 10w chips are brighter compared to the old 5w LED chip, hence suit the best hydroponics, greenhouse, and indoor plant growth. An extra feature that makes it even more suitable for a greenhouse is 3.5 square ft with a dimension of 16 inches* 8.4 inches*2.5 inches.

One can be able to adjust the brightness for different plant stages to ensure a perfect and healthy growth from the dimmable feature. Also, due to its added feature of the premium contact reflectors, the light can penetrate to the cannabis for strong and efficient growth.

The LED grow light has an upgraded aluminum, high-efficiency cooling scheme with a powerful high-speed fan. The device comes with a guaranteed two years warranty and a 60-days return period.

  • It is built with a dimming ability used to adjust brightness for plants in different phases.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty and a 60-days return chance guaranty.
  • High-efficient cooling system.
  • It uses a full spectrum with 10w LED chips that offer more brightness.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • It does not have a timer.
  • It is not waterproof and best used indoors.

4. iPower GLLEDXA300CNEW – Best 300 watt Led Grow Light

The one feature that has this iPower brand light stand out is the full spectrum from the 60 pcs high intensity. It also uses 5w Epileds, which radiates spectrum grow light right for growing your cannabis. From the heat canister refrigerating schemes and powerful fans, there is plenty of heat dissipation that improves the life duration of the LED grow bulbs.

The device uses 135w and hence saves power and is appropriate for enclosed and conservatory cannabis cultivators. The device delivers a perfect balance of light for several stages of the plants’ development. The brand made sure that it is one of the cheapest grow lights for the reason that you do not have to purchase expensive 300 watts led grow bulbs to change.

The maintenance is exceptionally low as for the product, which is among the best grow lights used by beginners. The iPower is fit for indoor plantation as it is not waterproof and can be damaged if exposed to water. iPower’s dimensions are 12.6 x 7.9 x 3 inches. The device uses 3w chips and a life span of 20,830 days. The producers offer a 2-year service contract.

  • Due to temperature overindulgence, there exist normal temperatures for plant growth.
  • Best power saver grow light.
  • Wide range growing functions.
  • It presents full spectrum light for the plants to confirm the highest yield.
  • It comes with a 2-year guarantee.
  • The installation features are of very low quality.

5. VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified 300W LED Grow Light

Are you searching for a grow light with a daisy chain? Then viparspectra UL brand with certified 300w LED grow light is best known for that. To fit the cannabis coverage, use the 2*2 feet settings, and your plants will mature to be very resilient. It uses the renovated full spectrum LED chip that will deliver strong and powerful illumination to any indoor plantation.

The lighting UL is very safe and highly efficient for the development of your beds. This light is controllably used in all cannabis stages. The range offers optimum growth for your cannabis and gives all that the plant needs compared to the sunlight.

The device uses an LED chip skill that multiplies the photosynthetic emission and improves in sustaining an equilibrium of the light exposure for the PAR output. The daisy chain lets you attach to numerous lights enhancing the cost-effective growth of your cannabis. The manufacturers offer a three year guaranteed warranty with 30 days return period.

  • It has an inbuilt daisy chain allowing you to connect to several lights.
  • It consumes less power with only 130 Watts, hence saving energy.
  • The device has an improved refrigerating system that maintains normal temperature for the growth of the plants.
  • The device has a superb PAR output, which enables efficient growth for the plants.
  • It cannot be used for large scale coverage.
  • The device lacks a long lifespan.

6. VIVOSUN 300W LED Grow Light

If you are looking for an LED light that penetrates through tents and greenhouses, the Vivosun 300W brand has it all covered and should be your first choice. The grow light covers a 2’ * 2’ and has a life span of 4,160 days. The device delivers more power for the growth of cannabis due to the PAR that offers various distance.

This unit has a reflector design with an unmatched LED chip technology for full-spectrum and highly efficient light coverage. Its cooling system has a large inbuilt cooling fan, which is quiet and efficient. It also has a large heat sink vent to regulate normal temperatures for your cannabis.

The light coverage has a dimension of 1.5 by 1.5 inches to cover your small area, but the light fitted with a daisy chain offers an outlet to multiple connections. Vivosun 300w comes with a 3-year warranty and 30 days return guarantee.

  • It has a long lifespan due to its exclusive design and composite-robust metal casing.
  • Due to the daisy chain, you can connect to multiple tents.
  • The device has an inbuilt reflector design that allows suitable light coverage for the plants.
  • It comes with a 3-year guaranteed warranty.
  • It has an intensity LED chip for use in full-spectrum.
  • Not suitable for large scale coverage.
  • It has a high light intensity; hence you will need safety gear.

7. Roledro LED Grow Lights, 300W UFO LED Grow Light

Roledro 300W uses 5W LED chips with 60 Specs, which is suitable for optimal coverage. It is best used during the budding stage as well as for seedlings. This is because of the red and blue light, which directly improves the PAR.
The brands’ units’ high voltage, making it efficient in that one light is enough for a seed to fruit growth stage. The unit has a good cooling effect and a relatively quiet fan for better heat dissipation. It is not big, making it very efficient for beginners with small cannabis growing areas.

Roledro can be easily adjusted to the desired height and can be suitable for plant growth if more units are used. The manufacturers offer a 3-year warranty with 30 days open chance of returning the unit.

  • The device is suitable for saving energy.
  • It has a high voltage making it efficient for all plant stages.
  • It uses 5w LED chips for optimal coverage.
  • It can be easily adjusted in your desired height.
  • It lacks the daisy chain to connect to multiple units.

Enjoy the Best 300 Watts Grow Lights for Your Cannabis Plantation

In my analysis, I have hand-picked the best 300W LED grow lights. They will help in the growth of your plants. Having considered the prices to the most upgraded units will aid in narrowing down your purchase.

The units with the 12-band LED grow lights are highly priced compared to the 5w LED. For beginners, it is advised to start with the units with the low spectrum and upgrade according to your preferences. An indoor plant grower should also consider the size of the tent while deciding on the LED grow lights.

If you follow through with this 300watt led grow bulb review, you will be well informed to find the most preferred grow lights to use, the spectrum outage, and the light intensity. This will ensure you get strong and healthy plants from the LED grow lights.

Are you still unsure of the LED grow lights suitable for your indoor plants from this 300 watt led grow light bulb review? Do you have any questions regarding the LED grow lights? Below is a suggestion box where you can reach us and get help. You can also leave a comment below and let us know if the article was helpful.

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