Best Bud Trimming Scissors: Hot Picks and Reviews

Many growers don’t even know what bud trimming is for. If you have good light, you bend the plant and give it 30 days or more in order to increase its yield, and then it will have a very dense and powerful crown. However, no matter how you stretch the branches, it is impossible to illuminate the center and bottom of the crown well and evenly. Over time, the young shoots will appear, but they won’t get enough light to grow. That’s why you have to get the best bud trimming scissors for your greenery. You will need a trimming tray for your harvest.

Bud Trimming Scissors Reviews & Deals


Check out these weed pruning scissors deals and choose one that matches your needs.

1. Best Weed Trimming Scissors: VIVOSUN 1-Pack Gardening Hand Pruner

VIVOSUN 1-Pack Gardening Hand

Our chart is topped by the VIVOSUN Gardening pruner that is one of the most popular trimming scissors for cannabis. For experienced growers, there is no need to represent this tool. It fits the hand perfectly and comes with a long narrow tip for the best effect.

This VIVOSUN tool is designed for cutting bushes, flowers, and thin shoots. The manufacturer claims to give you reliable and strong stainless steel trimming scissors for plants, and that’s a true statement. The tool has Titanium coated and precision-sharpened blades. The reinforced coating of the blades is responsible for the anti-corrosion and long service life of the VIVOSUN tool.

The blades come in a convenient size for flexible usage. They are great for selective pruning plant leaves and flowers. The scissors are also suitable for wet trimming. If you want to disinfect the tool before the procedure or after trimming, don’t use alcohol-containing cleaners because they will damage the blades.

  • Compact size and weight;
  • Opening lock;
  • Precision-cut titanium blades.
  • Not suitable for working with thick branches.

2. Best Harvesting Marijuana Trimming Scissors: Professional Premium Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears

gonicc 8 Professional

The Gonicc shears are lightweight and ergonomic and easy to use. Designed specifically for cutting and trimming small shoots, the premium Titanium steel blades with the anti-stick coating will provide the best experience. Special stainless steel maximizes tool life and minimizes the wearing out.

These pruning shears are good for cutting in hard-to-reach areas. The small and flat blade is ideal for working with small plants and shrubs. Suitable for flowers and trees with shrubs. The manufacturer promises a high quality of sharpening and even, accurate cut of live plant shoots. The ergonomic polyamide handles with fiberglass soft grip provide a secure and comfortable grip without slipping during operation.

The shears have a special plastic clasp for safe storage and transportation of the instrument.

Buyers note the lightness of the tool and the quality of the cut. The only caveat is the large handles for big palms. It is not always convenient for a small hand.

  • Suitable for cutting thick branches;
  • The anti-stick coating on the blades also protects against scratches;
  • Perfect sharpening.
  • Can be a bit pricey.

3. Best Set of 2 Marijuana Trimming Tools: Happy Hydro Trimming Scissors 2 Pack

Happy Hydro - Trimming

These scissors are suitable for pruning branches, leaves, and flowers. The reinforced Titanium blades will become your best partners in giving the marijuana bush a careful manicuring. Besides pruning, they’re suitable for shaping your favorite plants. It is also used for root pruning, and especially to fit the roots of a bonsai to its pot. These scissors are widely used today by both amateurs and gardeners.

Convenient molded handle and steel spring give comfort during work and help to cut or trim effortlessly. The scissor blade is heat-treated to give it extra strength and durability. It is made entirely of stainless steel, and the heart of the instrument is a reliable ratchet mechanism.

The blades are straight and thin. Thanks to this, the grip of the branch is more precise and gives an even cut without biting. The handle of the tool is coated to protect the fingers and fit softly in your hand. According to the specifications, the pruner handles dry branches, fresh shoots, and stems. It can be used to decorate tree crowns and shape shrubs.

  • The most affordable price in the category;
  • Blades do not wear out for a long time;
  • Suitable for cutting thin branches and stems of flowers.
  • The blade blocker is not the most reliable one.

4. Get Two Trimming Scissors by Paying for Only One: Greenthumbpro Hydroponic 2Pack Microtip Straight Blade

Greenthumbpro Hydroponic

The best garden pruners for those who need simple and inexpensive tools. The scissors have two main purposes: bud trimming and pruning. The tool’s blades are long and sharpened on both sides. These curved trimming scissors will provide access to hard-to-reach shoots.

Actually, these scissors are perfect for all types of gardening, not just for marijuana trimming. However, the device is still quite dangerous because of the painfully long blades. This is not a minus, but if you have small kids, it is better to hide the item away.

No products found.

  • High-precision blade sharpening;
  • The convenient ergonomic shape of the handles;
  • Precise cut.
  • The small permissible diameter of the branch cut.

5. Fiskars Trimming Scissors for Plants: Fiskars Non-Stick Softgrip Micro-Tip Pruning Snip

Fiskars Non-stick Softgrip

The FISKARS Softgrip Pruning Scissors pack comes with high-quality coated steel blades. The handles are made of durable plastic; their comfortable shape also increases the pressure and does not allow the tool to slip out of your hands. The length and the weight of the scissors are a perfect combination for long-term work and cutting dry and live branches in a fast mode, which is facilitated by a ribbon spring.

A quality carbon steel model made in Finland will surely delight all gardening enthusiasts. Straight blades allow you to work in places where the grass is difficult to reach with a conventional pruner. Fiskars has taken care of the users and gives a product warranty for up to 5 years.

  • High-quality steel;
  • 5-year warranty;
  • Stylish design.
  • Short cutting length.

Buyer’s Guide and FAQ

Fiskars Non-stick

After you’ve learned about the hottest marijuana trimming tools deals, you have to know how to choose the best cannabis trimming scissors and use them properly.

What to look for when choosing trimming scissors?

Marijuana trimming scissors are essential tools when pruning marijuana plants, but they can also come at hand for other gardening things. The requirements for the cutting tool are different in each case, but you can easily find a multipurpose tool. In order to cut the cucumbers, you do not need to apply as much effort as when removing a thick branch. Therefore, a powerful option of trimming scissors for plants will be a good choice.

All trimming shears can be divided according to the principle of operation into bypass and persistent. The first type works the same way as garden shears and, in fact, differs little from them. The weed trimming scissors can be used to cut a clean cut by pressing the item several times. As soon as the blade reaches the shoot or branch, the spring will automatically adjust for the cut. This is the type of ratchet pruner.

It’s great if the model has a special retainer that will keep the blades closed when the tool is not in use.
It is better to choose a professional model of weed pruning scissors. Its costs, of course, are much more expensive than of household ones, but the costs are justified by the quality of work and ease of use.

Different types of trimmers

Let’s start with the design of the most common pruner blades. They are usually divided into bypass and persistent. The bypass pruner cuts only with the upper blade; the lower one works as support. Since all the compression force falls on one cutting edge, it is easier to cut with such a pruner, especially thick branches. For tough, dry wood, this is the best choice. The persistent pruner is more like scissors. It has two sharp blades that are responsible for providing a neat cut with low compression damage.

Pay attention to the material of the cutting blade. Those blades that crash and become dull quickly will not satisfy you at all. For a budget pruner, you can choose a high-carbon steel option. They are inexpensive, stainless, and as a rule, do not heat well, while carbon is quite hard and durable. The main thing is not to forget about cleaning and lubrication. The Teflon coating is very useful, as well. But it might wear off over time.

For pruning shears of the “classic” type, pay attention to the spring and its fastening: ordinary spiral ones, located openly, can fly out of their places, pinch the skin of the palm or gloves between their turns. Torsion springs that protrude far into the space between the handles are not the best choice. Band springs are better in this regard. If the spring is well closed by the handles, then it will be safer to use and less contaminated: a high-quality pruner cannot even find a spring at first glance.

Different methods of trimming

There are many types of marijuana pruning, but the most popular methods are:

  • Pruning the lower leaves of the hemp;
  • FIM pruning, i.e., trimming the tops of the hemp.

Under natural conditions, the supply of nutrients to the lower leaves is weaker, since the main part is directed to inflorescence and shoots. As a result, the lower leaves wither, dry up, and fall off. So, it is okay to cut them off.

FIM pruning is a method of training a plant, which consists of cutting off its top so that 10-30% of its part remains intact. This leads to the formation of 3-8 new branches at the cut site.

How to trim marijuana?

Happy Hydro

If you are a medical marijuana horticulturist beginner, there are some things you need to know about marijuana trimming.

Step 1: Preparation

Before you start trimming your plant, you need to create a nice, comfortable place for the process. Trimming can take much longer than you might think.

Step 2: Cutting of branches

Start by removing large branches. This will allow you to clear up as much space as possible before more detailed trimming. If this is your first time pruning the plant, you may be terrified of damaging your crop. This is a normal feeling, so take your time.

Look for branches that grow in the middle of the bush. They’re hidden from the sun, so they won’t grow up strong because they don’t get enough light, and that’s why you have to cut them.

After you have finished with the branches, cut the buds from the bottom of the plant and the shadow side of the branches. Even if the buds grow on the main branches, but do not receive light, they will not be able to develop properly.

Bush pruning should be done not at one time, but intermittently, due to the shock of the plant. After pruning, you will notice that the bush begins to grow actively, but this will only happen after it recovers from the shock.

Step 3: Removing the fan leaves and sugar leaves

Cut off any small leaves that stick out from the buds. They are commonly referred to as “sugar leaves” and often do not need to be removed, but it’s recommended by the experienced horticulturists. Next to the small leaves, there are large ones that are called fan leaves, and they also need to be removed.

Step 4: Hanging of the branches (until buds dry)

The branches must be hung with a cut-up. It is recommended for the stems to be the same length for even drying. A grow box with protection against bright light is best suited for this.

When is the best time to trim marijuana?

Divide the process into several thoughtful steps. This will reduce stress on the plant. Cut off only the top of the young cannabis when the plant has entered the growing season and sufficient foliage has formed on its trunk. The cannabis top is the most potent part of the plant. You do not need to cut it, because, after a while, it is there that high-quality cannabis cones are formed. It is better to cut off unnecessary leaves of cannabis in the daytime than in the evening because it will take the whole day to perceive the sun`s energy and recover.

Best Bud Trimming Scissors Reviews Conclusion

The Internet is full of cannabis trimmer reviews, and to find a proper option sometimes seems like an unsolvable task. I hope that by using this article you will find what you need and learn a little more about pruning and trimming of the plant. If you are an experienced horticulturist, you’ll quickly figure out which option of marijuana trimming tools is best for you.

For rookies, I recommend giving the VIVOSUN scissors a try. The manufacturer has claimed a long service life and the best blades quality. If you still have questions about these best scissors, you can leave them in the comments section below.

Actually, I do have some questions for you. Which sort of cannabis are you growing? Are you a newbie in this business? Share the answers in the comments box!

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