Best 100 Watt LED Grow Light for Growing Cannabis

With the legalization of recreational cannabis use in states across the nation, many hobbyists have proceeded to grow the plant indoors. If you are only a starter in indoor cannabis growing, then you have a lot to learn regarding this plant.

Since you are growing marijuana indoors, you will need an artificial light that is bright enough to support the plant. I would advise you to go for 100 watt LED light products since they are highly efficient and feature increased output per watt. Also, they last for long and typically cost less to operate. Compared to HID lamps, LED lights make a more favorable choice.

However, with the market flooded with LED grow lights, you will need to go through a reliable 100 watt LED grow light bulb review on the internet. You must carefully investigate all the pros and cons of the available products to make sure you are not wasting any money on poor-quality items. The product you go for should be both affordable and covered by a reasonable warranty or money-back guarantee.

I would also advise you to go for a product that is manufactured by older and more reputable companies. Such brands usually invest a lot in their 100w LED grow light devices to ensure that their reputation is never ruined. In this guide, I will cover ten excellent 100 watt LED lights for growing cannabis.

10 Best 100 Watt LED Light for Growing Cannabis


The products listed in this guide are all manufactured by well-known companies, and every piece has been tried and tested for its quality. Here is the list of the best 100w LED grow lights:

1. LEOTER Grow Light – Comfortable Height Adjustable 80W Lamp

LEOTER Grow Light is designed to grow various plants, including marijuana, salad, algae, and other herbs. The feature of the model is to adjust the time of glow. You can set the timer for 3, 9, and 12 hours, after which the lamp will automatically turn off. It allows you to save energy when you do not need the light from the lamp. Besides the built-in timer, the LEOTER Grow Light has a wide range of power settings. The nine levels of dimming allow you to adjust the optimal brightness according to your cannabis plants’ needs.

Please note that 100 watt grow light model has four heads. It allows you to place the lamps on a large plant area and direct each of the four lamps to a specific bush. In this way, you save money because you don’t buy four lamps but only one. This model lamp meets all the requirements for growing plants without sunlight. The 36 red and 16 blue LEDs create the necessary UV light level for stable bush growth and leaf development without growth delays and diseases.

  • Four adjustable lamps;
  • 9 power modes;
  • Built-in timer.
  • It is fastened only to the table with a clamp.

2. BLOOM PLUS Grow Light – Best Full Spectrum Lamp

BLOOM PLUS Grow Light Lamp has a full range of luminescence, which ensures stable growth of marijuana even without access to sunlight. This lamp has 336 different Samsung diodes built into it. The manufacturer guarantees that no diode will burn out even after several years of active use. The guarantee for the lamp is three years.

This model is designed for ceiling mounting with a metal fishing line. Its height can be adjusted, and the fixing takes only a few minutes. The lamp consumes 90 watts of energy, which is economical for such a large area. The light from the lamp affects an area of 2×2 feet, which is one of the highest rates among the analogs.

  • Silent operation;
  • Large luminescence area;
  • Convenient hanging fixing.
  • High cost in comparison with other lamps.

3. YGROW 100W LED – The Most Cost-Effective Grow Light

YGROW is one of the most affordable and effective 100 watts grow lights. This power is enough to affect an area of 26×26 inches. Also, the manufacturer has bigger models, which allow you to cover a larger area of plants.

This model has the entire spectrum of light, including ultraviolet. This lamp positively affects plants’ growth, such as marijuana, flowers, citrus, greens, and more. Use this lamp in greenhouses and home gardens, where plants grow in the ground or hydroponics technology.

This 100W grow light has 196 bright LEDs with an unlimited lifespan. The manufacturer’s warranty is 1 year.

  • The ratio of power to the economy;
  • Full-spectrum of luminescence;
  • Suitable for all plant types.
  • Not found.

4. Juhefa Professional Full Spectrum Grow Light for Indoor Plants

This hanging lamp model is designed for ceiling mounting. It is convenient if you need to provide several pieces of light at once. In this case, use several such lamps for your indoor cannabis-growing. You can use this lamp for growing plants by hydroponics or in the ground. Ultraviolet light fully compensates for the lack of sunlight, even in dark areas.

The power of the lamp allows not only to illuminate your plants effectively but also to save on electricity. You will spend about $3 a month on electricity with this lamp for 12 hours a day. The aluminum housing is protected from overheating, so you can leave the lamp on even without supervision.

  • Convenient hanging fixing;
  • Adjustable height;
  • The case is protected from overheating;
  • Suitable for all plants, not only cannabis.
  • The power is only 25 Watts.

5. Advanced Platinum Series P300 – Best Light for Growing Cannabis in Indoor Conditions

This type of light has a high output and is preferable to other kinds of LEDs. On average, the output of the LEDs is about 2 to 3 times more than that of other LED types. You can use this product at any stage of the growth of your cannabis plant. Depending on the growing stage, you can turn the switch on the product and get the essential amount of light. For example, if your plants are in the earliest stage, you can turn on the veg set. As it grows, you should turn on both settings.

To make sure your cannabis grows properly, you also have to check out that the light is placed in the right position. Younger plants can be supplied with the light at a height between 36 inches and 40 inches. This height can be brought down about 25 inches when the plants start to grow. As they begin to flower, you will be able to lower the LEDs to about 17 inches.

You should turn both switches on only at the flowering phase of the plants` growth. Besides cannabis, you can use this product to take care of other varieties of plants.

These lights don’t use fans to maintain low temperatures. Instead, the quieter heat sinks are applied. This makes the product advantageous for people with kids or those who simply like silence in their homes. To give you some peace of mind, the manufacturer offers a warranty of 5 years on this product. If you don’t like the product in the first 90 days, you can send it back for a full refund, and this makes your purchase safe further.

On average, this light runs for 100,000 hours. In my opinion, it is the best product for people who want to grow various plants indoors. You can use it for all plant varieties and in all their growth phases.

  • 100,000 hours of life;
  • 5-year warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee;
  • an increased output per watt;
  • silent in operation.
  • it illuminates a small area.

6. Outcrop Innovations – Long-Lasting 100 Watt LED Grow Light

This product is made with 150 individual LEDs, and they cover the red, blue, white, and IR light spectrum. This custom-tailored photosynthetically active radiation light spectrum is ideal for all stages of the plant’s growth.

The light is very bright, and you should not look at it directly. If you plan to work on your plants when the light is in use, you should consider buying sunglasses. Even with the bright light, the product does not consume a lot of energy.

With a lifespan of 20,000 hours, you will also end up spending less money on possible replacements. The manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty against defects, so you also do not need to worry about the repair costs. You should note that any damage resulting from misuse will not be covered by the warranty.

This 100w LED grow light does not get very hot when in operation, thanks to the robust aluminum housing. The light does not use any cooling fans, and this offers the advantage of silent operation. It can comfortably be used in indoor environments. You will not necessarily have to buy an adapter in order to use this product. It can work with a wide range of input voltage, from 85 to 265 volts.

From my point of view, this LED light is ideal for people who have limited budgets for their indoor gardening projects. After making your purchase, you can be sure that you will not need to spend more money on the lights until the plants grow. With it, your cannabis plants will grow healthy and in record time.

No products found.

  • it comes with a 3-year warranty;
  • long lifespan of 20,000 hours;
  • it has the full spectrum of light;
  • it stays cool when in work.
  • the light can damage your eyes when looked at directly.

7. Haus Bright LED Grow Light Bulbs – the Best Affordable 100w LED Grow Light

Haus Bright has grown to become a reputable brand in the field of LED grow bulbs. I find its 100w LED grow light very high in relation to the quality and appreciate the customer service even more. You can contact the specialists at any time of day or night, and they will assist you with any problem you may have. For this particular grow light, you will be able to benefit from their 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

This 100 watt LED grow light offers the full light spectrum, and it means you will be able to use it at all stages of growth of the cannabis plant. This translates into the fact you will not need to spend more money on different light bulbs for the different stages of the growing procedure.

Although the bulb produces bright light, it will not burn when you touch it. The manufacturer uses highly advanced LED technology and housing to control the heat output of the product. Since it is safe to touch the item, you will be able to position it perfectly.

The 100w LED grow light under review is ideal for people who need to save money on their power bills. It is also ideal for those who live with children, pets, or incapacitated people. Such individuals will not risk any burns when they touch the bulb. The only problem I have noticed in this product is the fact that it does not provide a great amount of light. That being said, the item is cheap enough for you to afford multiple bulbs.

  • it offers the full light spectrum;
  • it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee;
  • it has minimal heat output;
  • affordable.
  • it doesn’t give as much light as one may expect.

8. Mrhua UFO LED Grow Light – the Most Reliable 100 Watt LED Lights for Growing Cannabis

Mrhua has been producing grow lights for more than 10 years. The company aims at manufacturing environmentally friendly and user-adjustable products, and these qualities can be observed in the model Mrhua 150W.

The key feature of this 100 watt LED grow light is the brightness of the luminance produced. A single light will be sufficient for growing your plants, and that can help to lower your overall expenditures. The product also offers the full light spectrum, and this means you can use it throughout the whole process of the plant`s growth. Since the light is quite bright, you should avoid looking directly into it.

The Mrhua light is meant to be used for hydroponics and indoor plants. You can use it to grow all sorts of plants, including cannabis, potatoes, lettuce, and algae. Although it produces a lot of heat, you will not burn your plants when using the item. This is because it has a built-in aluminum heat sink. This construction also implies you will not get burned when you touch the light.

The hanging height of the light will differ depending on the growing stage of your plants. If you are growing cannabis from seedlings, you should hang the product at a height of 36 inches to 40 inches. In the vegetative stage, you can lower it to 24 inches, and at the flowering stage, you should set it at around 16 inches.

To my mind, this is the most reliable 100 watt LED grow light. All you need to do is to adjust the height of the light as the plant grows. With this product, you will also be lower your overall carbon footprint.

  • environmentally-friendly;
  • extremely bright;
  • it has aluminum heat-sinks;
  • it can be used for many different types of plants.
  • the fan is quite noisy.

9. CANAGROW COB – Best 100 Watt LED Light for Both Indoor and Outdoor Plants

Canagrow is one of the leading manufacturers of 100 watts LED light products. The brand makes many different types of grow lights, including UFO, R and B, and full-spectrum types. This particular product is of the full-spectrum kind.

The item has an ultra-thin design, and it is can g maintain temperatures of less than 65 degrees Celcius when in operation. It is worth noting that the model does not have a fan or driver. This way, you will not have to deal with any noise, and that makes it ideal for use in indoor environments. On the other hand, the lack of a fan means the whole housing works as a heat sink. That can make the light quite hot, and it can easily result in skin burns when one touches the light.

If you want to grow your cannabis plants outdoors, you can comfortably use this product since it is waterproof and dustproof simultaneously. On rainy or snowy days, the light will be able to resist the conditions easily. This construction gives the product a wide range of applications.

I would recommend this 100 watt LED grow light to people who need lights for both indoor and outdoor plants. With it, you will not need to make multiple purchases. One problem I have observed in this product is that it lacks a switch. It will automatically turn on when you plug the light into a socket.

  • ultra-thin design;
  • full-spectrum;
  • waterproof;
  • dustproof.
  • without an on/off switch.

10. CF Grow LED Grow Light Full Spectrum – the Best 100 Watt LED Lights for Growing Cannabis Overall

If you are interested in a grow light that offers a high performance-to-cost ratio, you should consider buying this product. The light is made with modern flip-chip technology, so you can expect it to have large current resistance. This technology also makes it unnecessary for you to weld it with gold threads. Its high temperature will help your plants grow rapidly and stay healthy.

The light is developed by a team of engineers who have more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing 100 watts LED light products. It means the product is of extremely high quality. You can use it in all stages of the cannabis growing process. Besides cannabis, you will be able to use this item for almost all types of plants. In case you are interested, it is commonly used to grow vegetables, algae, herbal plants, and flowers.

The high voltage and temperature offer clear advantages to your plants, but you should be careful not to get injured when handling the lights. When the model is in operation, you should never touch the light. Also, don’t look directly at the light as it is quite bright.

Commonly, the 100w LED grow light products are covered by glass, which is both waterproof and dustproof. This construction allows you to use it even in outdoor environments, regardless of the weather. You can also choose to use it as an aquarium light as it will work quite well.

Besides the excellent performance of the product, you should also consider the customer service of the manufacturer. CF Grow has one of the best and most reliable customer support teams. You can contact them at any time in case you have an issue with these lights. You can take advantage of their 30-day refund policy and the 2-year warranty.

In my opinion, this product is the best light for growing cannabis. I love the fact that it is very bright, lightweight, and waterproof. These features make it ideal for growing cannabis in an indoor water tank.

  • very bright;
  • lightweight;
  • developed by highly experienced engineers;
  • it uses intelligent cooling technology.
  • it gets too hot when in operation.

The Final Word

Finding a 100 watt LED grow light is not a simple process, especially with a lot of products available for purchase on the market. Hopefully, this 100 watts LED grow light bulb review has helped to narrow your options. If you have just started indoor cannabis growing, you should consider taking small steps in the field to minimize your risks. Try to experiment with one of the ten lights above to see how well they work.

Overall, the best product you can currently find for this purpose is the CF Grow LED Light Bulb. It is made by one of the best manufacturers of LED grow lights, and with its 24/7 customer service, you should be able to resolve any issues quickly. The producer also has a lengthy warranty and a money-back guarantee that can help to lower your potential losses in a significant way.
Now, do you have any tips to share regarding the selection of LED grow lights? If you do, please leave them in the comment section below as well as your questions regarding the subject.

And I’ll add that to accommodate 100 watts LED light products, you will need a small grow tent.

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