Best Carbon Filter for Grow Room 2023 – Reviews and Tips for Buyers

Growing plants in a tent or grow room is not an effortless task. You should set the particular temperature, light and moisture levels, the air circulation, and so on. But this type of gardening leads to various smells that can be felt from your grow room. If you want to remain private about your hobby and do not cause any inconveniences for your neighbors, you have to set up the best carbon filter for grow room. It will ensure the absence of any odors from your property. The well-picked product eliminates almost 90% of smells.

There are many options considering indoor gardening filters, and you might be lost in the selection of products. But you have to know what filter fits your needs. We’ve gathered our knowledge considering growing marijuana and other plants indoors, as well as expertise in installing greenhouses, tents, and other growing equipment to define the best selection of filters for your gardening. In this post, we will review some great filtering products, and share some information about choosing the right option as well as using it.

Find the Best Carbon Filter for Grow Room: Top Selections


Here you will find grow tent filter reviews and discover which items are good at doing their job. We have tested over 20 examples and came up with these 7 products that are worth your attention.

1. Best Carbon Scrubber for Grow Tent: VIVOSUN 6 Inch Air Carbon Filter

VIVOSUN 6 Inch Air Carbon Filter Odor Control with Australia Virgin Charcoal for Inline Fan

This is our top pick, so we can call VIVOSUN 6 Inch the best carbon filter for grow tent. Now let’s reveal some of its advantages. Australian content guarantees a high level of filtration, providing 100% clean air without any smell particles, chemicals, or allergens. This is an effective method against odor, whether it is a grow tent, or bathroom, kitchen, basement, etc. The system even works against the pet or smoke smells.

The filter construction is versatile and can be used for both inline or outline fans. Reversible filter flange prolongs the time of work. Moreover, the package contains not only a changeable pre-filter but also belts for secure installation.
During our testing, we did not notice any problems with this filter. However, we should tell that there were some customer complaints that this product did not perform well in connection with fans of other brands. So, if you plan to use this filter, make sure that the entire system is of the VIVOSUN brand.

  • Stainless steel ensures long working time;
  • One of the highest CFM rate;
  • Can be applied for both intake or exhaust filtering;
  • Reversible flange;
  • Pre-filter and belts for the filter are included.
  • It may not work well with fans of other brands.

2. Odor Control with iPower 4 Inch Carbon Air Filter

iPower 4 Inch Air Carbon Filter Indoor Plants Grow Tent Odor Control Scrubber with Australia Activated C for Inline Fan, Reversible Flange, Prefilter Included, Silver

iPower manufacturer provides this carbon filter for weed growing with the Australian Activated Carbon, which is known for its high absorbing properties. It helps eliminate the bad smell and chemicals, mildew mold, and other particles that can pollute the air and harm the plants. 2 inches of the carbon layer ensure this effect. For better filtering, two pre-filters made are included.

iPower filter has an in-built flange to fit any inline or laminar fans. The base of the filter is reversible, and you can flip it upside-down for longer work.

The filter base is made of durable aluminum, which also provides lightness to the construction. And mesh design ensures better cleaning properties. The manufacturer claims it has 53% open area to increase airflow.


  • The integrated flange fits most airflow types;
  • Quality aluminum;
  • The reversible construction of the base ensures long-term work;
  • Easy installation.
  • There might be problems with the incorrect size of the filter.

3. Australian Virgin Charcoal in AC – Best Air Scrubber for Grow Room

AC Infinity Air Carbon Filter with Premium Australian Virgin Charcoal

AC Infinity offers its product for purifying the air in grow tents and rooms, as well as in living and working areas like smoking places, kitchens, or warehouses. The construction consists of pre-filter cloth, heavy-duty stainless steel flanges, and aluminum meshing. It can fit both inline and intake types of airflow. Product design is aimed at trapping the smell and chemicals, preventing their spreading in the grow room or outdoors.

Durable materials are expected to add to the life of the filter and its elements. Pre-filter is removable and washable, so you can minimize the charcoal residue and prolong the filtering effect. Steel flanges provide secure ducting, and their reverse construction enhances the lifespan. Aluminum mesh covers the filter without interrupting the airflow.

The main characteristic of this carbon air filter grows room system is that it contains an Australian charcoal bed, a high-premium absorber. The carbon layer is 2.4-inch thick, and along with 55% of mesh open, it ensures a high level of absorption.

Among the drawbacks, we have noticed that some customers complain that the filter does not serve the promised time, even though it is maintained properly. The lifespan can depend not only on the quality of the product but also on the level of moisture and air pollution.

  • Australian premium charcoal is applied;
  • Durable and light materials;
  • Suits for both intake and exhaust airflow configurations;
  • Washable pre-filter is included;
  • Pre-filter cleaning cloth.
  • The filtering effect may not last the expected time.

4. Reversible Flanges in G HYDRO 6 Inch Air Carbon Filter

G HYDRO 6 Inch Air Carbon Filter with Australia Virgin Activated Charcoal Prefilter Included Odor Control Scrubber for Grow Tent Indoor Plants Inline Fan

It is an affordable 6 Inch Air Carbon Filter from G HYDRO that has a decent customer satisfaction level. It has a stylish black design and parameters 6×18 inches. The package also has the pre-filter that stops the larger particles, protecting the inner elements, and ensuring even better protection and purifying. The main component of this scrubber is Australian virgin activated charcoal. With a rate of 425 CFM, this item promises to ensure better ventilation and filtering performance.

This system is mostly used in indoor gardening, filtering the outcoming air, but it is also suitable for cleaning the air in the living areas, working zones, or social areas. The filter fights with the odors of organic or chemical nature.

You can prolong the time of service for this filter thanks to its reversible flange. The versatile construction allows using the system for both intake and exhaust filtration. The filter belt serves for easier installation and fastening.

But according to some customer feedback, the filter can get clogged earlier than expected as compared to other brands.

  • Reversible flange for longer working time;
  • Stylish black design;
  • Pre-filter added for better protection;
  • Australian activated charcoal;
  • Effective against various indoor smells.
  • In some cases, it requires replacement in a few months.

5. Activated Charcoal in Hydro Crunch Carbon Air Filter

Hydro Crunch ND940002701 Carbon Charcoal Air Filter with Flange 894 CFM Exhaust

Charcoal Air Filter by Hydro Crunch is claimed to remove bad smells and clean the air with natural solutions. Activated carbon in its construction absorbs the organic or chemical odor and particles, whether from plants, pets, or human activity. Pre-filter enhances filtering properties.

The carbon filter system is made of heavy steel, which is galvanized for rust and weather resistance. The construction allows installing filters horizontally or vertically. The fan is not included in the package.

However, despite all the positive features, we cannot hide the fact that there are numerous complaints about the short lifespan. The brand guarantees up to 18 months of decent performance under normal conditions. But some customers claim the filter works appropriately for only 1-2 months.

  • 99.5% effectiveness guarantee;
  • Durable rust-resistant materials;
  • Integrated flange;
  • Affordable.
  • Lifespan is shorter than guarantee says;
  • Fan not included.

6. “Anti Air Bypass” System in Phresh HGC701015 Carbon Filter

Phresh HGC701015 Carbon Filter For The Cleanest Air Around 8" x 24" - 750 CFM Silver

Phresh HGC701015 is a machine packed filter with virgin carbon that is claimed to provide the optimum density for cleaning the air. Aluminum coating mesh with 51% open space and coned base ensures better airflow. At the same time, the construction is light and compact. This product also features a unique “Anti Air Bypass” system, which ensures pulling the air through the filter without any residue.

This filter line is presented in a wide selection of sizes to find the most suitable one for your tent. Pre-filter prolongs the time of work of the filter, but it requires washing at least every 6 months, depending on the level of air pollution. Maintain the conditions with no more than 35C and 75% humidity if you want the filter to work longer. Otherwise, the lifespan will be cut.

We have found some complaints that Phresh HGC701015 is not as effective against strong smells as expected (or you need to replace it more often). Considering this drawback, the cost of this carbon filter grow tent system might be higher compared to products with similar characteristics.

  • Machine-packed design;
  • Certified activated carbon;
  • Large capacity;
  • The cone-shaped base for better airflow.
  • Can be a bit overpriced for some buyers;
  • Might be less effective against strong odors.

7. Air Carbon Filter System for Inline Duct Fans from TerraBloom

TerraBloom Air Carbon Filter, Activated Charcoal Scrubber for Inline Duct Fans Up to 550 CFM

TerraBloom is known for using only Western Australian charcoal. A 1.8-inch carbon bed ensures a decent level of filtration. The company claims that filters’ construction is easy to install. You just need to attach it to the proper fan.

Aluminum makes the system light but durable. These filters are suitable for inline fans up to 400 CFM. But, in some cases, this is also one of the drawbacks, as the system is not versatile. The kit has two detachable pre-filters for better protection. It is the optimal number of pre-filters, as you always have a spare one, while you need to wash the used part.

The filters by TerraBloom are developed for applying in grow rooms and tents, but they can also be used to erase bad smells in other buildings and closed areas like kitchen, workshops, commercial areas, etc.

This is one of the cheapest options on the market, considering the charcoal thickness. Also, the manufacturer offers a 90-day warranty, so in the case of filter misperformance, you will be able to get a replacement or a refund.

  • Light aluminum design;
  • Easy installation process;
  • Two pre-filters in the kit;
  • Thick carbon lining;
  • Affordable.
  • You need ducting for attaching the fan;
  • Suitable only for inline fans.

What to Look in Filter before the Purchase

Even the best carbon scrubber from the technical point of view can be wrong and useless if you buy it without defining the essential features for your farming needs. That is why you should consider the following characteristics of the suitable carbon filter:

  • Pre-filter. This is the part of the equipment that is usually included in the package. Pre-filter is placed outside the filter to protect its inner parts from dust and other small particles. So it is better to choose the product with this feature.
  • Carbon layer thickness. The more carbon in your filter, the better its absorbing properties will be. When choosing the item, check this characteristic and make sure there is enough carbon to filter the smell from your grow room. But this aspect will affect the price as well.
  • Portability. If the noise level is an issue for you, then look for smaller filters that create less vibration and are quieter. Moreover, these models are better at absorbing and cleaning the air. And thanks to their compact sizes, you can move them around the room, finding the right position without any problems.
  • Durability. Do not try to save money trying to buy the ridiculously cheap filters. Otherwise, you will end up with a low-quality product that breaks fast or does not provide its direct function. It is better to look for high-quality, proven brands that will last longer and provide substantial air filtering performance.
  • Grow room size. To pick the right filter, you should know the size of the room or tent where you grow plants and buy the product that will clean the air in the required volume.
  • Fan size. Depending on the size of the room and how many plants you grow in it, you need to choose the right fan to ensure the decent air exchange and moisture withdrawal. Usually, manufacturers specify the air volume the particular fan is suitable for.

Principle of Carbon Air Filter Work

You’ve probably already got the fact that carbon exhaust filters are used for reducing smells and controlling moisture levels in indoor grow rooms. However, along with the smell, they filter out allergens, pathogens, and other particles, which produce odors and reactions. Indoor air moves to the filter, and the carbon in it stops the contaminating objects, releasing clean air. This circulation ensures fresh air inside as well as odorless exhaust.

The filter’s work depends on the quality of the product, the layer of carbon, and the system’s decent maintenance. It is important to change filters from time to time. Also, it is essential to choose the filter that fits the room size and the number of plants inside. As long as you calculated the requirements accurately and installed the right system, you can expect fresh air without any smell.

The Inner Carbon Filter Construction

Inside the carbon air filter, there is a special layer of charcoal that was processed in a particular way. It was under the high temperature and steam in conditions without oxygen. Thanks to this procedure, the charcoal acquires absorbing properties. It has micropores that soak up any microscopic particles.

The purifying results depend on the amount of charcoal in the carbon filter, its quality, the process of activation, airflow patterns, and the moisture level. The more carbon in the filter, the better and longer the filtration process will be. The absorbing ability is counted by defining the unit of carbon per gram, so the more charcoal, the higher the filter’s absorbing capacity.

Reasons to Use Filter Carbon Filter Grow Tent Systems

  • In case you doubt whether you need this system, here are some benefits of using one in your growing tent:
  • Carbon filters clean the air eliminating the smell resulting from your indoor farming activity.
  • They not only clean the outcoming air but also help in controlling the smell level inside the room.
  • Filters are easy to maintain, and they can serve for a long time, considering the number of plants and the room size. Just change a carbon filter fan once in a while.
  • Systems are easy to install, and most of them are portable, so you can adjust the position if needed.
  • They are harmless for your plants, unlike some other methods of smell and air control.
  • If you consider professional indoor gardening, you should purchase and install this system inside the tent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to install a carbon filter?

Here are the most common carbon filter setup methods:

You can attach the filter to one side of the tent and the fan to another side. Check the filter taking the air from the inside room. All the system remains inside.

You can install all the system outside, attaching it to the tent`s exterior and connecting it with the exhaust port.
Separate installation can be the following: the filter is fastened to the exhaust port, while the fan is placed on the outside. Or you can use the same but reversed principle, leaving the filter outside and setting the fan inside.

Where to put carbon filters in the grow room?

There are many options. You can hang it on the ceiling on some hooks or straps. You can install the system outside the grow tent, connecting it with the exhaust port. Or you can set the part of the filter inside, while another one will be outside, as described in the previous answer.

What size carbon filter do I need for my grow room?

The filter size depends on the room size. You can calculate this property out of the room or tent volume. Define the volume first using the formula Length*Width*Height=Room Volume. Using it, we can calculate that for a tent with dimensions 4x4x6.5 feet you will need a system with 104 CFM, so the 4-inch filter can be enough.


If you are a beginner in growing marijuana indoors, you should consult with experts about what equipment will be the best for your tent. Define the main characteristics of the required product and study professional carbon filters for grow room reviews to make the right choice. Otherwise, you can simply waste your money and time on the poor or wrong product. So, the purpose of our article is to help our readers in this aspect.

Do you have an indoor grow room or tent? What filtering and conditioning systems do you use if any? What products do you like, and which ones have shown them bad? Share your experience in the comments!

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