Best Grow Light Bulbs Reviews — Brighter Than The Sun

Good lighting is a key component of home gardening. It can be a semi-pro set of bulbs controlled manually by you. Or a fully robotized system like Stack-n-Grow. No matter which one, though, I think that it’s your grow lightbulb choice that will determine the success of the whole weed operation.

Here’s what they do for you:

  • Mimicking sunlight. Without warm rays, bn cannabis can’t fully develop. Good metabolism requires good lighting. Otherwise, water and carbon dioxide won’t be converted into the building blocks of your magic bush. Shortage of light can lead to your plant losing the ‘dopeness’ or even falling sick and dying.
  • Saving a buck. Unlike cheap analogs, plant growth light provides cost-efficiency. It can generate 25-40% more light per one watt. That means when you pay the next electricity bill, you know exactly where the money goes.
  • Increasing THC. A good grow lamp has a broader light wavelength, so to speak. It includes UVC, which sits between 280 — 315nm. Cannabis experts claim it raises tetrahydrocannabinol levels. Which, in turn, boosts the value of your future product.

And don’t forget that cannabis growth has two phases:

Vegetative. Demands plenty of blue light with 400-500nm so the herb will have healthy stems, roots, and leaves.
Flowering. Red light 620-780nm comes into play to help the plant grow big, THC-saturated buds.

Top 5 Marijuana Grow Light Bulbs

So, without further ado, here’s my personal top marijuana grow light bulb selection. Let’s make this nutrient-rich heat!

1. Esbaybulbs Full Spectrum E26 LED Grow Light Bulb: Epic Photosynthesis

Esbaybulbs Full Spectrum E26 LED Grow Light Bulb

Esbaybulbs come in a package of 4. This indoor plant light has a remarkable ratio of Red, Blue, Warm White, and Daylight. Its spectrum spans all wavelengths from 380 to 730nm. This means you get a dosage of nutritious light to sustain both phases of the herb.

Another important aspect of Esbaybulbs is its energy saving. This lamp consumes about 6-8 Watts. But its estimated equivalent is 28 Watts. If we crunch some numbers, we’ll see that eventually, you’ll pay much less for electricity — 75% less, according to the company. So, this LED plant light can be characterized as an industry standard.

Now, let’s investigate its diode structure. The lamp has 15 red and 7 blue LEDs. In addition, there’s also 1 LED that adds ultraviolet/infrared tone to the whole balance. That means you have a high chance to cultivate every mainstream cannabis strain: from Kosher Kush to Golden Goat.

Esbaybulbs is quite a universal choice. It can be a surrogate sun if you live in an area where snow, rain, shorter daytime, and cold weather rule supreme.

At the same time, you don’t have to worry about your greenhouse or hydroponics turning into a crematory. Just be wise about selecting temperature, setting the correct distance between lamp and cannabis, etc.

Another sharp feature is the lamp’s body. It’s made from heat-sink aluminum. Add to it the clever turbine structure, which provides better cooling. And voila — the light bulb’s longevity increases a lot. Here’s the trick: the heat it emanates doesn’t melt the lamp’s anatomy. It simply vanishes before damaging its capsule.

All in all, I recommend Esbaybulbs as a universal and affordable grow bulb. It has a good red-&-blue ratio. It brings a portion of UV and IR. It’s hot enough to emulate the blazing sun of Cali, Uzbekistan, or Cambodia. Yet, it guarantees control finesse, easy positioning, and impressive longevity. So, photosynthesis will have a marathon run with these bulbs!

  • Red and blue ratio;
  • Good for places with cloudy climates;
  • Solid-body;
  • Extra cooling feature;
  • Reduced electricity consumption
  • May not be suitable for the most sensitive strains.

2. ABI 25W Deep Red 660nm LED Light Bulb Bloom: Redness Unlimited

ABI 25W Deep Red 660nm LED Light Bulb Bloom Booster for Flowering, Fruting, and Grow Spectrum Enhancement

Another LED zeppelin on our list, ABI 25W isn’t just an indoor plant lamp. It’s more of an enhancement device that should be applied during the flowering stage only. This bloom booster provides 600nm saturated red light.

So, what do we have here? The lamp delivers 1.53 micromoles per Joule. This is a solid photon efficiency. It will permeate your herbs with enough material for photosynthesis. No wonder this best light bulb for growing weed is also widely used in cosmetology and photomedicine.

With this in mind, you can be sure that Deep Red will aptly stimulate phytochrome pigment production. Which, in turn, is necessary for the plant to develop big and ‘juicy’ buds.

Upon further investigation, I discovered that this ruby lamp has some pleasant surprises. I’m talking about its peculiar know-how: a tiny ball-bearing fan. Which is somehow put inside the bulb. I’m not sure how it works (didn’t want to anatomize), but this micro-fan does bring some cooling. Which allows for extending the bulb’s life.

As a result, ABI 25W is a real centenarian. Its longevity, with active use considered, amounts to 50,000 hours. Which, if you convert it to days and months, is roughly 5 years! Half a decade of incessant exploitation at such a small price. Good deal, if you ask me.

Besides, its name seems to prove its worth when put into action. ABI does deliver the promised 25 Watt output during the work. I dislike advertising, but this burgundy-colored beast puts some of its rivals to shame.

Overall, I highly recommend this bulb for the flowering stage. It’s well-built. It will last for a long time. And it has a red wavelength big enough to fill the marijuana buds with life. Definitely one of the best light bulbs for growing weed. (Did I mention there’s a 3-year warranty?)

  • Affordable;
  • 25 Watt output;
  • Saturated red light;
  • High longevity;
  • Inbuilt micro-cooling system.
  • Serves only one purpose.

3. Canagrow 35W LED Grow Light Bulb: Full Spectrum Wonder

This led plant light can boast of nice architecture. It’s a ‘four-eyed’ lamp that has a solid spectrum ratio: 18 red LEDs, 4 blue LEDs, and 2 white LEDs. Needless to say how well it plays the role of the artificial sun. And its characteristics make it suitable for both Bloom and Fruit phases.

The first thing that I like about Canagrow is its four diode clusters. Looking like spider eyes, they evenly distribute the warm light over your vegetation. The 60-degree condenser only helps to secure this result.

This indoor plant light is enhanced with the High Power Bridgelux chip. That means it’s a cost-efficient device. Its lenses, when put together, can produce a 20 Watt output.

But thanks to the chip’s architecture, the electricity consumption is only 35 Watt. Compared to a non-LED regular lamp, you will need 75% less juice to spend. Looks like someone’s electricity bill will be thinner next month!

Canagrow can also boast of its sturdy construction. It’s lodged inside a solid aluminum case. It may be a soft metal, but it’s highly heat-resistant. And just like in the ABI 25W case, there’s a tiny cooling fan that banishes excessive heat. So, don’t worry about scorching your fingertips the next time you plan to change bulbs.

Canagrow is also a breeze when it comes to installation. It’s compatible with a standard E26 socket. In other words, you won’t need to buy a special lamp stand to put the bulb to work. I haven’t tried it personally, but I guess a regular gooseneck will do the job just fine. That’s how you can get a tabletop to grow light, by the way.

All in all, Canagrow 35W field tests show impressive results. This humble gumble is widely used for cultivating tropical plants at home. As well as growing such goodies as cherries, tarragon, chilies, etc. Cannabis is no exception. Canagrow can do a killer job for Sativa, Indica, and hybrid marijuana sorts.

  • Equal light dissipation;
  • 20 Watt output;
  • E26 socket compatibility;
  • Doesn’t waste electricity;
  • Impressive longevity.
  • Pricier than other models;
  • Can burn a plant at a poorly calculated distance.

4. MARS HYDRO TS 1000W Led Grow Light: A Professional Choice

MARS HYDRO TS 1000W Led Grow Light 3x3ft Sunlike Full Spectrum IR Grow Lamps for Indoor Plant Commercial LED Grow Hydroponic Growing Light

Our next item is a real monster. Mars Hydro isn’t some shy and humble desktop grow light. No, it’s a hanging panel with grow lamps suitable for a big commercial greenhouse. It provides sun-like full-spectrum light. So, if the sun all of a sudden fades away, you won’t need it to continue gardening the giggle herbs.

It does provide the closest substitute for sunlight. On the menu, we have 342 diodes emanating a beautiful spectrum with 660-665nm Redб IR/3200-4200Knm, etc. Basically, with it, you can cultivate any vegetation, especially sun-loving marijuana. The harvest quality will only benefit.

Although we have a staggering 300+ LEDs, Mars Hydro has been designed to economize electricity. Its consumption rate is just about 150 Watt, which is astonishing. Other similar panels typically demand at least twice as much.

But its cost-efficiency isn’t limited to electricity only. This sun lamp for plants has a smart architecture. Thanks to its form, you can achieve a 3×3 feet coverage without a single problem. And with its light dissipation, 90% of the growth-stimulating rays will be consumed by your precious plants.

However, Mars Hydro has no coolers. On the one hand, it makes your gardening audibly unobtrusive. On the other hand, a reliable cooling system means a longer life for the LED panel. However, its primary material is aluminum. And its architecture allows mitigating the ‘returning’ heat. So, I wouldn’t worry about the set turning into a frying pan.

But there’s more to enjoy. Mars Hydro has impressive automation. Its features allow tweaking the temperature manually via a special controller. It also helps you monitor the time and humidity levels in the greenhouse.

Besides, it’s not problematic to install at all. To get it running, you will need a standard 120/240/277VAC input. So, there’s no need to buy any extra gear to feed your sunlight monster with electricity.

To sum up, I think it’s the best full spectrum led light bulb set there is. At least among those, you can buy on Amazon. It has almost a natural sunlight spectrum. It greatly cuts your electricity bill. And your marijuana farm won’t be buzzing like a beehive. Even though fanless, Mars Hydro deserves a whole fan club.

  • Full light spectrum;
  • Electricity economy;
  • Noiseless;
  • Smart aluminum architecture;
  • Effective light distribution and coverage.
  • Pretty pricey.

5. Ankace Full Spectrum Grow Lamp: Sunlight on your Table

Ankace Full Spectrum Grow Lamp

This brand offers intriguing types of grow lights for indoor plants. One of them is Ankace Full Spectrum Grow Lamp. So, why exactly is it special? How will your mini-weed garden benefit from it?

Well, for starters, Ankace delivers the full spectrum of light. That means, your weed strain will get all the nutrients and energy to grow big and luscious. This yellow lighting, almost organic, will ‘trick’ the plant into thinking that it grows in its natural habitat — somewhere in Chuy Valley near Tan-Shan.

We have a natural range of wavelengths here. From 380nm to 800nm. And, as you know, this spectrum is quite beneficial. Thanks to it, a plant can start photosynthesis and metabolism at a higher pace. Which again, contributes to the overall quality of your harvest.

But what I really love about this Aknace model is its compactness and mobility. You can place the cluster of these lamps anywhere you please and easily transport them whenever you want. Plus, the flexible goosenecks let you correct angle and distance according to the specifics of a given strain.

There’s also an in-built heat sink. Don’t worry, your ears won’t be poisoned by the murmur of the fans. Instead, the lamp redistributes heat and makes it vanish into the atmosphere. There’s also a temperature control unit that prevents overheating.

So, in my opinion, it’s the best light for plants if you want to go pro, but need to stick to a budget. It has fully replaceable light bulbs that provide a decent surrogate for sunlight. The setup is easy to relocate. And the bendable necks allow experimenting with angles and coverage. Plus it’s silent and not much of an eye-sore.


1. Can plant grow inside the house under the light?

Indubitably they can. People manage to grow a rich variety of plants at home: Brussel sprouts, aloe, sweetheart plants, and many others. Marijuana is no exception. Weed adepts grow such strains indoors as Northern Lights, Green Crack, Gorilla Bomb, AK47, and so on.

2. What kind of LED lights grow plants?

The ones mentioned in our guide! Just make sure you choose the correct light bulbs for the correct phases. Universal sets should have a good balance of red, blue, and white. Some weed gardeners choose fluorescent lights, but I’d recommend sticking to the diodes. Because they save electricity, provide enough energy, and stimulate healthier growth.

3. How far should LED grow lights be from plants?

Generally, it’s recommended to keep 16 inches minimum and 4 feet max distance from the top of your herb. And never bring the LED bulb closer than 14 inches. Although LEDs are way safer than other types of lighting, they too can irreversibly damage your weed and cause white bleaching. So, always check the distance, as the plant grows taller.

4. How many watts of led light per plant do I need?

We’ll need to do some math to answer that. First, estimate how big your home plantation will be. Then calculate that per one square foot, you will need a 50 Watt minimum. Let’s do it together:

I have a 4ft long and 3ft wide cannabis plantation. That means the overall square is 4×3=12ft. Then I multiply 12 feet by 50. Which gives me 600 Watt.

This is exactly the amount of light energy I need to feed my precious cannabis so it grows delicious buds richly stuffed with THC.

I Like Big Buds and I Cannot Lie

Hopefully, this guide was of help. Let’s revise what you should pay attention to when selecting a good plant light bulb:

  • Light spectrum. The closer it is to the natural sunlight, the better. There should be a solid balance of red, blue, infrared, and ultraviolet light. Especially check the wavelengths to see if the lamp is ‘nutritious’ enough.
  • Wattage. The Watt output is necessary for calculating how many grow bulb units you will need in your greenhouse. So, the bigger it is, the more space you’ll save.
  • Cost-efficiency. Mind that a good lamp for indoor gardening should not be too greedy about electricity consumption. With our models, you can save up to 75% on your next electricity bill.
  • Longevity. A sturdy aluminum frame is a must. Not only will it serve you longer, but also prevent the lighting setup from overheating. And your hands from getting scorched.
  • Cooling. If a bulb has an inner mini-fan — that’s wondrous. In other cases, check if the architecture allows heat dissipation.

These are the focal points of picking a great grow bulb. So, I recommend sticking to LED, as it helps save money, and time and grow a marvelous harvest.

Do you have any experience with cultivating cannabis? I’ll be glad to help you with regular reviews on my blog. Let me know which grow lights you prefer and how they affected your cannabis game in the long run and give a green thumb up!

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