Best Small Grow Tent: What Is a Good Tent Be Like?

There is a large variety of tents for growing plants, differing in price range, material quality, and size. Such a huge variability can satisfy any request of both a beginner grower and a professional.

Growing plants indoors is a fairly common practice among crop lovers or novice growers. Such a hobby can bring rich harvest at any time of the year, and natural conditions or climate change will not hinder the plant growth even in winter. In this case, one of the best tools to thrive in this business is growing boxes, tents, or grow rooms. Each one has positive and negative sides you need to take into account before doing a manual assembly of a box or purchasing it for plant needs.

Having more than one year of practice behind us, we can confidently advise beginners not to splurge on expensive boxes for plant growth, and take a closer look at all-in-one tents that are just a perfect compact substitute for spacy boxes. They do not require too much money, and you won’t experience installation problems. All you need to do is to add some LED light and ventilation to them to create an ideal environment for growing plants.

The Smallest Grow Tents for Home Use


If you want to pick up a convenient and compact 3×3 grow tent that fits in a small room and at the same time consistently provides the required number of crops, then here are several high-quality and reliable options that you may consider.

1. VIVOSUN 48″x24″x60″: Professional Grow Tent for Starters

VIVOSUN Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent with Observation Window and Floor Tray for Indoor Plant Growing

Like in most quality tents, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the quality of the materials. The Mylar inner coating, which will reflect light and subsequently increase the tent’s output efficiency, will be a pleasant surprise to you. VIVOSUN is made with mega durable materials; cold canvas creates a solid and intricate base of the tent. The frame of the tent is completely metal, which guarantees the rigidity of the installation and reduces the risks of the tent’s falling; it is only important not to exceed the boundary weight that it can withstand.

If you are annoyed by poor-quality Velcro or latches, because the light does not stay inside the tent, this version will satisfy you, because it has heavy-duty metal zippers. And you don’t have to constantly open them, because this tent also has an easily accessible window –you can look at it to control plant growth. VIVOSUN is known on the market for its quality and durability. Just make sure you buy a genuine product. A feature of this tent can be considered a diamond reflective structure. It is this design with mylar that helps to preserve and direct to plants more than 98% of the light from the lamps for super fast and active growth.

  • Easy to assemble and fix;
  • Unique reflective system to save 98% of light;
  • Double layer zippers.
  • Only works efficiently with Vivosun fans.

2. Small Indoor Grow Tent to Save Up Space: Apollo Horticulture 36”x20”x62”

Apollo Horticulture 36”x20”x62” Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing

It is the best small grow tent for growing greenery indoors, fully equipped with everything necessary for safe cultivation. The company guarantees the high quality of all materials. You will get a compact tent with filters, a tray, and a reflective tear. The 2×4 grow tent is equipped with constant illumination that provides a stable environment for active weed growth. The materials are durable and high-quality, so they will serve you for a very long time. Mylar lining, together with a removable tray, will create a waterproof and light-proof atmosphere, which will increase the efficiency of artificial light and equipment for plant growth.

Thanks to the complete insulation system, you can control the stable temperature and light intensity for the fastest plant growth. The 1x1m tent floor itself is very easy to assemble; just follow the step-by-step instructions that come with the kit. It’s ideal for beginners who are learning to grow greens, and it is a great option that becomes the basis for your indoor garden system.

Apollo Horticulture is a reliable and trusted brand that provides all kinds of tools and hydroponic equipment to facilitate your plant care and maximize the yield of your planting. Equipment from Apollo can be described as high-quality materials, robust assembly, and reliability. This tent with a metal frame will serve you more than one season, protecting and improving the care of plants. Thanks to the inner coating, your plants will receive concentrated light from your grow light bulbs.

  • Easy-to-assemble setup;
  • Stable and durable materials;
  • Mylar Hydroponic covering reflects 98% of light.
  • Above average price for a tent.

3. iPower GLTENTXS3: Mini Grow Tent for Max Results

iPower GLTENTXS3 Hydroponic Water-Resistant Tent Tool Bag and Floor Tray Light and Indoor Plant Growing

The high-quality materials from which the iPower Grow tent is made help to grow your plants faster. Oxford fabric, which is used when sewing this tent, is very durable, does not tear and does not transmit light while being waterproof. Inside, it is covered with mylar, which will reflect light and increase the result and the number of crops from your plant. These durable zippers and double seams also prove the high quality of the tent. The tent is sewn very firmly and reliably to serve you for many years.

The metal base makes the tent very stable, withstanding more than 110 pounds of load. What is also convenient for growing is an observation window. You can observe the growth of plants and check their condition without potential harm. With the tent, you will receive a tool bag in which you can put all the necessary accessories. The tent is easy to assemble as you do not need many tools for installation. 32″x 32″x 63″– this is a fairly compact but roomy tent that will help you become a master in growing herbs.

  • Compact and comfy design;
  • High-quality reflective materials;
  • The all-metal base makes it more stable.
  • Clasps are too tight, you will need time getting used to it.

4. Tiny Hydroponic Grow Tent: OPULENT SYSTEMS 32″x32″x64″

OPULENT SYSTEMS 2-in-1 Grow Tent

The Opulent System is another high-quality brand. This model is a fairly compact version that will fit in your home. Recently you may often have stumbled upon poor-quality tents—luminous thin materials, unstable supports, or a poor ventilation hole. Therefore, it is worth trusting well-known brands, and the Opulent System is one of such reliable names that have received respect from people in the past few years.

This tent is very easy to assemble; the frame is quite durable. In it, you will be able to place at least four plants that will grow quickly. Everything from viewing windows to ventilation holes is decorated in the best possible way using light-proof and light-reflecting materials such as mylar. Moreover, this tent has the most affordable price among all competitors with the same quality. Indeed, for this price, you get a high-quality compact tent with strong support, a bag for storing tools, and a tube for ventilation.

  • Affordable option;
  • Compact size;
  • Easy to install.
  • The core is not full-metal.

5. GA Grow Tent 55x55x80: A Short Grow Tent to Fit Into Your Room

GA 2-in-1 Grow Tent Reflective Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent with Observation Window and Waterproof Floor Tray for Indoor Plant Growing

The GA Grow tent is sewn with high-quality 600D oxford fabric with reflective mylar inside, with the help of which the plants receive the maximum amount of light and grow faster. You will love the simplicity and structural strength of this grow tent! You will get double-stitched material that won’t wear out easily. Besides, the tent will have both a screen window and two-layer ventilation openings. The tent is easy to install, but if any problem occurs, you may contact the support team, because the company guarantees after-sales service. Pretty basic in design, this tent will be good for a beginner or for a small farm.

  • High-quality canvas materials 600D;
  • A perfect light blocking;
  • An adequate price.
  • Fragile zipper.

6. VIVOSUN 24″x24″x36″: The Smallest Grow Room for Personal Use

VIVOSUN 32"x32"x64" Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent with Observation Window and Floor Tray for Indoor Plant Growing

Another representative of VIVOSUN on this list is in no way inferior in characteristics to the previous options, just differs in size. This 2×2 grow tent is also made from high-strength material and has an internal coating made from high-quality mylar, which will reflect light from surfaces. The lined zipper does not transmit light and does not require additional valves. When buying VIVOSUN products, you can be sure that only high-quality materials will be used. At the same time, it will still be a fairly budget purchase, although it may be a bit pricier than other options. But in this case, the quality of the materials justifies your spending money.

This model has everything from a diamond reflective design and a viewing window to a large number of ventilation holes needed to provide the perfect environment for your plants. In the kit, you will also receive filtering tapes and a hanging bar to increase the number of plants inside the tent. You will also find a toolbox to make it easier for you to access the essential plant care accessories quickly. Additionally, this particular grow room is very easy to install and clean.

  •  Easy to install and maintain;
  • High-quality durable materials;
  • Reflective zippers to avoid any light leak.
  • A little bit pricier than other options.

Buyer’s Guide to Make Your Purchase Really Worth It

Before buying a tent, be sure to read small grow tent reviews, and if it’s still tricky to select, take time to dive into some characteristics and a basic idea of planting a plant at home. You need to be aware of some qualities of grow tents before buying them. Below are some of them.


Grow tents are specially designed for growing plants at home, so they’re initially made with all the necessary holes. The inner surface is covered with reflective material, and the zippers are well-sealed so that light and air do not leak out. As a rule, all holes of standardized diameters are tightened in similar places. In general, everything is thought out, so you shouldn’t adjust or buy additional tools risking them being unfitting.


When folded, even the largest tent fits easily into the trunk of a car. It is easy to send it by mail or put in a closet on demand.

Simplicity and usability

The tent is very easy to assemble even without instructions, but just in case, it is always included. Many tents are equipped with additional straps for light and ventilation, hooks for wires, or extra struts, but even without them, everything is extremely convenient. In even mid-priced models, sidewalls can be opened.

Controlled microclimate

The tent’s limited space is much easier in terms of humidity, temperature, and cleanliness control. It is usually provided with good ventilation.

Eliminating unwanted odors

The blowing fan and the charcoal filter in the grow tent solve the most pressing issue of growers by almost 100%. So be sure to buy additional tools to create the perfect conditions for your plants.

Risks of buying a low-quality tent

  • It wears out quickly

With prolonged use of zippers on doors, Velcro or plastic corners of the frame may become unusable. The manufacturer always seeks to save money, so be careful when choosing your tent. In the pursuit of low prices, you still have to sacrifice something.

  • Poor insulation

In comparison to growing boxes, tents hardly isolate noise. However, it all depends on the scale of production. A small tent with an area of ​​1x1m can be equipped with almost silent equipment. With increasing size, ventilation power also increases, which creates the most significant noise. If you plan to grow hydroponically, keep in mind that even the simplest air pump is buzzing.


How to set up small grow tent?

For amateur indoor cultivation, you should focus on choosing a good tent. It will allow you to start the process quickly without reinventing the wheel. You get a fully equipped and thoughtful design, while the number of brands, models, and sizes will somehow allow you to vary the budget and pick the most suitable option for your place and needs. It can easily be bought with delivery right under the door (or by mail), you will also be prompted with everything you need to start plant growing right away.

The tent can be easily assembled or disassembled, even without instructions. Most of them have additional belts and pockets, as well as equipment for installing additional lighting and ventilation tools that can improve the life of even the most capricious cultures.

You will not need to think about a complex installation, because tents do not require additional tools. Just pick the place or corner where you want your tent to be installed beforehand and select the size according to the available spare space.

What accessories are included in the grow tent?

What to pay attention to while selecting a tent for your needs? Grow tents from the inside are always covered with reflective material, mirrors, or white fabric. The design must be easy to assemble and disassemble, equipped with the necessary holes for ventilation and wires. Depending on the model and manufacturer, there are such features as transparent windows for observation without interfering with the microclimate of the rails, SCRoG grids in the kit, wall braces, or completely removable walls. There are also modular systems that allow you to increase the area of ​​the greenhouse according to your needs and requirements.

How much light does the grow tent pass?

Lighting should be your main concern. On the one hand, you need a powerful lamp full phyto spectrum, which will give enough light energy and provide large yields. On the other hand, the more powerful the illumination, the higher the temperature, so the ventilation becomes a problem for many growers, especially when there is a desire to go unnoticed.

Light is one of the most important criteria affecting the growth of your plants. It affects all the parameters from the brightness of the light to its distance from the plants, and the placement in the tent. That is why you need to ensure that the tent covering is made from light-reflecting materials so that plants receive up to 98% of the light. Thus, the light will be evenly distributed over all plants, and they will not be lanky and will grow more like dense shrubs, which is your ultimate goal.

In many growing tents, you need to install LED panels to cope with high temperatures and save energy, but the yield in such systems will be lower. If possible, purchase a box or tent equipped with a DNAT lamp of low power, for example, 250W.

What newbie growers must know to avoid typical mistakes?

There are some things without which even the most expensive tent won’t help you to grow rich bushes. That is why it is crucial to make proper research before buying a tent. Even the best tent won’t help you If you don’t organize the best conditions of light and air for your plants. Here are some things to keep in mind to avoid common mistakes and be fully aware of what you’ll get with your purchase.

How to detect a tent of high quality?

Tents are made of special materials, which usually have an effective light-reflective coating, are robust, and not easy to wear out. Also, the construction must be easy to assemble and clean. They are initially created with holes and sleeves with which you can add more ventilators, engineering communications, wiring, or air-conditioning.

Another important difference that puts tents aside is the presence of a waterproof bottom, thanks to which moisture will never spill out of the structure, which can cause significant inconvenience to the grower and spoil the flooring in the room. A tent has a universal design that is great for growing various crops. It can be ordinary cultivation in the soil, hydroponics, or aeroponics. When using them, everything depends on the preferences of the grower, and not on the capabilities of the design itself.

How many plants in a small grow tent can be fitted?

It completely depends on the size of your tent, as well as whether there are levels in it for planting. On average, you can set up two plants in a tent measuring 24″x24″, the tiniest version of the tent. In those that are presented in this review, you can grow 3-4 plants. A micro grow tent is also very convenient for vegetative breeding of new small plants.

What size of fan to choose for a small grow tent?

Greenhouses use large ventilation systems. For indoor cultivation, it is best to follow greenhouse ventilation principles. Healthy plants and a rich harvest require good air quality.

Specialists and experienced growers recommend constantly updating all the air in the room. A good option would be an exhaust fan that renews the air every 5-10 minutes. Such a valve ensures the stability of the room atmosphere. Using a supply fan, you provide the plants with a comfortable climate.

When you grow plants in a tent, it is worth providing a sufficient amount of air, because the tent does not give access to the external wind. To create an ideal environment for plant growth, it is worth giving them constant fresh air. That is why you need to acquire air blowers that will provide an influx of fresh air and protect plants from mold. For a medium-sized, compact 4×4 grow tent, basic 4-inch filters are sufficient to remove odors. But the ability of the fan depends on the power of the lamp. Therefore, it is worth considering the capacity of a fan in proportion to the light.

What size of LED light do you need for a small grow tent?

Any plants for their active growth need maximum lighting. That is why it is worthwhile to seriously approach the calculation of the required amount of light for your area size. You need to understand that the base lamp that is suitable for growing plants should be at least 32 watts per square foot of cultivation area, but ideally, these figures should be between 50-80 watts. Therefore, for the tent to work at its full potential and give the maximum yield, you should take care of both high-quality light and high-quality ventilation.

Avoiding Typical Mistakes When Growing Plants Is Easy

Every grower knows that any plant can be grown only in favorable climatic conditions. To create the required microclimate, it’s necessary to organize an enclosed space in which the system of ventilation and lighting of plants will be located. Only this way, the factor of negative environmental impact is minimized, which allows growing a strong and healthy plant that can flourish.

Without a previous drawing, in what characteristics and materials are needed, it isn’t easy to become a master in growing immediately. Therefore, if you are a beginner and feel that you need to understand all the conventions of growing plants, be sure to set aside an extra week to study the field. It will help you avoid stupid amateur mistakes and wasting money on unnecessary or ineffective things. If you already have experience in growing plants, what errors have you already made and how did you fix them? What was your first growing tent? Share your experience in the comments section below!

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