Foliar feed | What it is and how it is used

The “Foliar fertilizer” is a type of fertilizer that is applied to the plants or foliage, but not on earth. The theory tells us that this is the type of fertilizer that was used at the dawn of the times to feed the plants when nutrients are transmitted through the air.

The “opposite” foliar fertilizer is edaphic (compost or root); This one does apply directly on the ground, with the aim of nutrients ends up in the hearts.

What exactly is foliar fertilizer, and how is it used?


Foliar fertilizer is another method we have to nourish the plant. The idea is that the nutrients are absorbed through the layers of the plant until finally reaching the cytoplasm.

Important: Use foliar fertilizer does not mean we do not have to use edaphic fertilizer (if we do not, often the plant will die).

The main objective of foliar fertilizer is to obtain plants micronutrients needed for their development: for example, copper, zinc, iron, manganese, boron, or calcium.

There are several types of foliar fertilizer, as described below.

Know the types of foliar fertilizer

These may be divided into two groups:

a) those which are composed of mineral salts.

  1. b) Those whose composition is based on natural or synthetic components (chelates).

foliar fertilizer comprising mineral salts

The formula consists of chlorides + nitrate + sulfate. They will be used when identifying the plant has some symptoms of stress, when the environmental conditions are not healthy, or they are affected by pests.

Each of these substances has its purpose, and it is imperative not to abuse this type of foliar fertilizer and is that too much could damage the foliage.

Foliar fertilizer chelated

Moreover, foliar fertilizer is known for being easy to absorb. That is why for what is considered an excellent resource to prevent rain or irrigation water it can get to disperse. Usually, they include an individual nutrient, ethylenediamine tetracyclic, which allows the nutrient to be used as a basis for payment volatilize.

How should you apply foliar fertilizer?

If you are thinking of using foliar fertilizer for a specific crop, you must know this series of tips:

  • Plant type: Before you start, and even buy a product, it is crucial to remember that fertilizer is the most appropriate, and to do this we must recognize that type of plant will fertilize, in addition to their particular needs.
  • Application sheets: If we apply on the leaves, avoid rainy days, or those cloudy days. Application to strong sunlight is not recommended as part of the product could evaporate before it enters the plant.
  • Fast Results: How is rapid absorption, nutrients not take much to bequeath to the sap, so you do not have to wait too long to see the results.
  • Combined with fertilizer for the roots: As already mentioned, the foliar fertilizer is designed to accompany the bonus that gets at the source. It is advisable to replace the traditional manure for foliar fertilizer, but it should complement each other.

Remember: The foliar fertilizer is used to provide micronutrients to plants and crops.

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