Spearmint and peppermint differences

Is there a difference between spearmint and Peppermint? The truth is that one can speak of the two as if it were the same floor, although there are some peculiarities that it is vital to know.

The mint is the name given to many plants belonging to the same family. In other words, Peppermint is a kind of mint.

What is Peppermint?

The Peppermint is characterized as fresh, having a fantastic smell and by its scientific name Mentha spicata. It is the most common type of mint that can be found throughout the world. It’s easy to plant and can fit virtually anywhere.

It is given many uses: it can be used to flavor food, for flavoring, as well as having some new properties for our health. In addition to its medicinal properties, it is also part of some remedies for weight loss (taking to an infusion or tea).

What is Mentha piperita?

The piperine Mentha is another plant with which it is confused at first. And it is that the two plants are very similar, although there are differences in the shape of the plant, the leaves, and the smell.

Mint leaves have a dark green color, with a rough texture and somewhat coarser. Its branches are too thick even with a slightly red compared to branches of mint.

As for use in the kitchen should make it clear to us that the vast majority of prescriptions are we to ask Peppermint, while Peppermint is most commonly used in infusions (as in the famous mint tea ), even it shapes the Mojito. This does not mean that their use can not be exchanged; you can use Mentha piperita in the kitchen, for individual dishes.

Can we say the same? No, at least not precisely. But best of all is that we can use interchangeably. If we go to the market, it occurs at different sites and asks for spearmint and Peppermint. More than one will try to convince us that it is the same, though we already know that it is not.

Other types of mint that you should know

To further complicate the equation, you should know that there are different types of target, among which we include:

  • Pennyroyal: It is a plant used as a sedative and carminative. Undoubtedly the know for its high digestive power, ideal for helping us with the most copious meals. It also is adapted to many medicinal remedies.

Curiously, the pennyroyal can be used as a personal insect repellent. To prepare so, we’ll boil a couple of tablespoons of water. The smell is so strong that you see how it works.

  • Traditional Spearmint: Spearmint, the most common is that which is used both in the world of cooking, how in the world of medicine (because of its exciting antispasmodic and analgesic properties). This will be presented with a lancioladas, very easy to identify leaves. If you are congested or stuffy, all you have to do is boil some water with leaves. Vapors have an expectorant effect; you see how your decongestant.

In conclusion, Peppermint and spearmint belong to the same family and, despite the confusion, we are not talking about it. Mint name is full; the second is more specific, being a subtype.

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