Organic fertilizers | Use efficiency and how to use them

Fertilizers are a crucial product for farmers since many require that the soil has the nutrients needed for growth.

Lately, there have been different organic fertilizers that promise to be the best for your soil. But many people do not know anything about this topic. Therefore, we have decided to make this post so you can have as much information as possible.

What are organic fertilizers?


The organic fertilizers are made of animal and vegetable foods, ie, occur that the organic matter in an assimilable to the same soil without leaving any polluting manure.

What are organic fertilizers?

The organic fertilizers are used to improve the soil with the excellent work of the farmer. Ecological fertilizer has minerals or nutrients that help the earth to grow.

Remember that when organic matter is in an advanced state allows nutrient retention and better physical properties on the ground.

Advantages of organic fertilizers

Organic fertilizers provide significant benefits for your floor. They are between them:

  • Improve the conditions of the soil.
  • Improve plants.
  • Protect erosion.
  • Inputs of nutrients.
  • Benefits for the environment.
  • Benefits for wildlife.

What are the ecological fertilizers currently on the market?

There are different types on the market organic fertilizers. Among them, they are:

  • Compost: Compost is the plant’s organic matter that produces a natural organic fertilizer.
  • Eco-green manures: These, as the name implies, are green organic fertilizers obtained from cereals and legumes.
  • Animal manure: Ecological fertilizer known as animal manure is manure from different animals like compound: cow, horse, pig, and others.
  • Purines: Purines are only composed of liquid excrement.
  • Vermicompost: The vermicompost is one of the best known organic fertilizers. It consists of worms, as its name implies.
  • Eco-Biofertilizantes: This is an organic fertilizer which is composed of bacteria, amino acids, and nitrogenous plant.
  • Bird droppings: The green compost made from bird droppings or guano.
  • Ecological organic fertilizer animal remains: This is a relatively rare but beneficial fertilizer. This fertilizer is composed of a blood meal, fish meal, cornmeal, and meat meal.
  • Desalinated algae, this green manure as its name suggests is composed of algae and is one of the best organic fertilizers.

As you can see, there are many organic fertilizers on the market today. Therefore, you have a variety of products you can choose to feed your soil and grow in a very active and healthy way.

What is the difference between ecological fertilizer and standard fertilizer?

The most notable difference between organic fertilizer and a healthy compost is quite simple: The regular or full payment has material nitrogen extracted from the soil or plants to improve their nutrition by adding phosphorus, calcium and other minerals.

However, organic fertilizers are produced through natural materials.

Why is ecological fertilizer better than average credit?

It is said that organic fertilizer is better than regular fertilizer. But even people do not understand why.

Compost eco is much better because it leaves no residue in the soil contaminants. Instead, conventional fertilizers create imbalances inland or soil, causing much damage to the atmosphere. Moreover, it always tends to apply much regular fertilizer, regardless of which can not be absorbed by plants as it should be.

Finally, we hope that with all this information gathered, you can start purchasing organic fertilizer for your soil to have better soil for your plants.

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