Cilantro and parsley: differences

It is quite common to confuse cilantro with parsley; maybe not for the expert eye, but for those who do not have much knowledge about the world of herbs. Both the cilantro how the parsley belongs to the family of Apiaceae (like other plants like fennel and celery), although the uses that can be given are very different.

If you want to know the difference between cilantro and parsley, our recommendation is to keep reading.

Features cilantro


Coriander is characterized by a sheet following a rounded shape, a green color (green differs in that tonality parsley cilantro is lighter).

The plant can reach a size of about 70 cm or so, its roots are shallow, and their fruits are presented in a cream color, with a ball. The fruits can be distinguished due to their citrus smell; because it is used over a large number of dishes.

As for the flowers, they have a color between white and pink that the expert can identify at first glance.

Uses cilantro

  • Leaf: The leaf coriander can be used to flavor dishes. Europe is commonly found in salads, in soups, in bouillon, even accompanying fish.
  • Nut: The nut, and ground, also has an essential role in the kitchen. And it is used as a practical shape seasoning or condiment sauces. A good example is a special curry (Indian cuisine) that is so present in many dishes today.

Features parsley

The parsley, meanwhile, has a pointed end leaves, with a triangular shape. Like the cilantro in Spain, it is given many uses.

As mentioned, one of the main cilantro and parsley differences is the color; The cilantro is much more intense and brilliant.

As for the size of the plant, it is rare to pass 25 cm, although it could happen.

How to sprout roots is similar to the carrot, making shaped tuber (in fact, these tubers can be used for cooking, giving a distinctive flavor to dishes).

Plants are entirely different from those of cilantro, and that these will have a white to green.

Parsley uses

  • Sheet: The sheet can be used for soups, salads, fish, meat, and food for endless.
  • Roots: The roots are used to make stews. It is for this reason that when we go to the market, it is prevalent to find parsley rootless, although we can find it.

Differences between the scent between cilantro and parsley

This is the most complicated part of the article, while many experts do not entirely agree. Perceptions of smell often entirely subjective: it may seem to you that the aromas are more or less similar, and then comes an expert and take a thousand shades.

We can conclude that most people agree that cilantro has smell much more intense than parsley.

In any case, the characteristics we have studied throughout the article, you know the main differences between cilantro and parsley, so you should not cost much apart.

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