Germinating seeds – Step by Step

If you’ve already decided and want to start your organic garden or orchard, one of the most important criteria that have to think is the seeds. For that, we use hybrid seeds or those of poor quality. The germination process can be a disaster. Although in the end, we achieve our goal, it may be the case that neither the plant nor the fruits are of high quality.

That is why, so you should bet on organic seeds (you can buy in nurseries, seed networks, specialized centers, and even in online stores).

To facilitate the process to the fullest, we have prepared some fascinating tips that will help you know how to germinate seeds.

How to germinate seeds? Step by Step


The method Napkin

A simple method is to use one grow toll paper or napkin. This, though the basic plan is perfect for beginners who want to start in the world of gardening.

-We started placing a napkin in a container. Above the seeds, we give out a distributed manner over the entire structure. Now you will place a wet towel on top. You‘ll wind these two napkins forming a small loop; training will stimulate seed germination.

This role brings them into the container, and the latter will close partially. But it is important not to close it entirely, but it remains at a constant temperature of 20-22 ° C.

We’ll have to monitor the status of germination at all times. How sure you know, each of the seeds requires different times and temperatures so they can germinate. Three days to step revises the seeds and draws those who have managed to grow.

Rewetted towels/napkins and reviewed daily to remove seeds that have managed to germinate.

  • -At the time in which the seeds have sprouted and will be eady to be planted.

How to germinate seeds? – Another method

If the above way does not convince you to finish, then you can try this.

Before sowing the seeds (about 24 hours before), the seeds are soaked in warm water. The container you choose should be opaque, be located in a dark place, and get a temperature between 20 – 22ºC.

When the time has elapsed, it proceeds to drain the seeds and sow them in seed and will, or the place in which we will grow.

  • Depending on the time of germination of each grain, the process could be completed in 2-15 days.

How seedlings germinating seeds/seedlings?

If we want to advance the soweth, we can assert these resources to achieve this. They are containers that can place the seeds to protect them from external agent’s ends outside. At the same time, you get optimal temperature until germination occurs and later proceed to transplantation. With a protected planting, how to get the saplings or seedlings, farming can be reached to advance up to 1 month (more or less); yes we can manage more staggered plantings, more evenly spread over time.

If we do so, we will have no other but to wait until the environmental conditions are appropriate to proceed with planting.

Here are some necessary, preferably a few seeds to germinate intended methods. If you are an advanced gardener, you might want to use others faster to grow seeds in many ways.

Use our tips to learn how to germinate seeds and see how you have no problem.

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