Slurry from nettles | How it is done and how it is used

The slurry of nettles is a solution to gardening that very few people know. But many people want to know about it and learn the most.

Therefore, we have decided to make this post so you can inform the most about it.

What is the slurry of nettles?


The slurry of nettles is a home remedy that has many applications in gardening. Although nettle is considered a weed, it is an attractive plant.

This plant has excellent healing properties and unique properties for the kitchen.

What can you use the manure of nettles?

The slurry of nettles used for almost anything can be used as repellent whiteflies, spider mites, or to combat fungi.

The case is that it is an excellent home remedy.

What does the slurry of nettles?

You might think that the slurry of nettles is a lousy plant because many people consider marijuana. But they do not know is that the mud of nettles provides or offers nitrogen, iron, calcium, phosphorus, and silicon.

Therefore, it is an entirely natural fertilizer. This slurry of nettles and the amount of nitrogen that has, we can say that is necessary for your plants in the growth stage. Also, when using the liquid manure of nettles, you will notice that your plants will have a greener color and be much healthier.

What are the benefits of liquid manure of nettles?

We have named various benefits purín of nettles and although we have named many, yet are not all. The other benefits you can have with the slurry of nettles are:

  • Much set the root.
  • Improves soil structure.
  • Absorbs nutrients such as iron and nitrogen.
  • It improves the known process of photosynthesis.
  • You get more vigor.
  • Accelerates the activity of each of the microorganisms.
  • Nobody supports nettle, so it is an excellent repellent.
  • It is against bacteria.
  • Prevents wilting.

How does the slurry of nettles?

To make the slurry of nettles a reasonably simple method. The materials you should use are:

  • chlorine-free water (rain) If you can not get rainwater, you could use tap water and let stand about four days to have all the chlorine out.
  • Slurry.
  • Pruning shears.

After you have all materials will begin by placing a bucket with water and liters you want to prepare the slurry. Then you’ll have to find the shears to place the nettles into pieces. Then, for every liter of water that you have put into the bucket, you have to place approximately 100 grams of nettles. Therefore, if you put ten liters of water, you have to be placed next to that 1 kilo of nettles (gloves have to place them not to involve your hands).

Finally, after placing all ingredients in the bowl, have to mix and let stand for ten days, but every day have to stir the mixture two or three times. Over the ten days, you have to separate water nettles and discard them.

To separate the water will be turned into slurry Ortigas. Note that if you want to let the manure is more concentrated, you can leave just a few days resting, but that will have a maximum of 40 days, there can not happen.

Finally, having your purín nettles can water your plants directly with him and see how they evolve.

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