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The rose of Jericho is a type of fern, having great success among lovers of flowers. It is one of the best-known ferns, characterized by its massive presence, in addition to minimal care we have to take with her.

Popular belief says that this plant can absorb negative energies and make them positive. Moreover, in the cosmetic industry, it is used to create creams that have the power to rejuvenate the skin, in addition to treating some ailments.

In this article, we will discuss how to take care of a pot, although care is no different from growing it in the garden, for example.

Jerico Rose Ritual: Care to cultivate potted rose of Jericho


The  Rose of Jericho ritual to be followed to take care of the plant is not complicated, but we must follow the steps to the letter.


If you do not want to have future problems to be spreading, it is best to plant each specimen in a pot and strive to give the best conditions of temperature and humidity (discussed below).

Weather and temperature

The rose of Jericho is very vigorous so that it can grow almost anywhere. No matter what you give direct sunlight (in fact, it is recommended to receive it for about 8 hours a day). For that, we will not be able to control both. The best we can do is grow in the shade.

The temperatures should be above 16 degrees Celsius; If you lower this value is more than likely that the plant fails to survive. Nor it will be fine if the temperature gets too high.


The plant does not need to be watered very often; every three days will be okay. You’ll have to check soil moisture and watering only if it is dry.

If the area where you live is scorching, then we must take care to spray the leaves regularly.

The plant can be planted in pots both in terraria and elsewhere, as long as the conditions of temperature and humidity are those mentioned.


The Rose of Jericho is a plant that does not usually have problems with pests and various animals. Its flavor is not as attractive to insects like other plants … but this does not mean that we should control it.

The main predators of it are aphids, spider mites, and whiteflies. If the presence thereof is detected, we must act quickly to prevent them from reproducing; if they do, they end up draining the plant, and this will not develop. Usually with a pesticide should be more than enough.


Some people think that the Rose of Jericho is difficult to propagate, but it is not. What is true is that there will follow a series of steps in detail; in case you do not follow them, then come the problems.

The best time to dare to spread is in spring; the reason is that the conditions of temperature and moisture are the most recommended in this period.

Before doing so, it will have to analyze the appearance of the mother plant; in case you do not present any disease or pest, then we can start: divide the plant into two or more plants, based on the present size.

As already mentioned, be sure to plant each plant in different pots so they can develop smoothly.

These tips will be easy to plant the Rose of Jericho pot.

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