How to fight the Mildew on the rosebush?

The Mildew in rose ( Peronospora) is one of the most common diseases which can occur in the plant and one of the most harmful. Also, it attacks other garden plants from the garden.

How to identify Mildew in a rose bush?


It is important to note that the modus operandi of the fungus is different from several plants; For example, the Mildew on potatoes affects differently than the rose.

The first symptom is the presence of a yellow and brownish along with the whole leaf spots; later, the Mildew in rose evolve producing these spots in the area of the lower surface, becoming a kind of mold-gray. The yellow spots will focus on the area of the tip or edges.

This causes the leaves to dehydrate and dry to spend 4-5 days.

In the stems, fruits or flowers we can also find some we unmistakable symptoms; most common to see brown spots.

How to control downy Mildew on rosebush?


Before infection occurs, there will take some preventive measures. For some strange spots on the leaves that are observed, we must remove them as soon as possible. These can be stored in a sealed bag to keep them and see their behavior in a few days.

Symptoms must be treated with a systemic fungicide; However, to get some result must have been 1-2 days since the fungus has penetrated the rosebush. For this reason, it is so essential to control the plant go slowly if any signs of Mildew in the early stages is detected.

The most recommended fungicides are Fosetil-al and Metalaxiln.


Experts have concluded that the Mildew on rosebush is much more common in the days of high humidity, cloudy and little watching. Usually, there will be no danger when sunshine and the leaves are dry.

Spores to germinate can reach, it will be crucial that there is a temperature around 24 ° C, in addition to getting the plant is wet for a minimum of 10 hours.

If hot days occur, you have to water the plants harder to prevent drying.

One of the main problems is its excellent capacity Mildew proliferation; It can be transmitted rapidly among other roses, even among other plants. If a sheet has been infected is virtually impossible to cure, especially if the fungus is already advanced, so there will not be another to remove it.


If there has been Mildew in rosebush, it quickly prunes the affected area. No matter if they are only the leaves, the infection has spread to the stem, or to be a plant either withdraw completely. If not act in time, before we know it, we will have all the infected plantation, and yes, at this point we can not do anything.

The leaves stem or prune what should be burned or thrown away quickly. If you do not, themselves fungus spores can be spread from humming.

Preventive treatments

When weather conditions are a suitable environment for fungus to increase that there will be time to start specific preventive therapies. We will use select chemicals (although there are some natural remedies that we can continue).

Quite possibly not sufficient to start treatment only; And we are talking about very resistant fungi, so you have to start it several times to end the problem.

Curiously, in some countries Ladybug 22 points that feed on fungi live. If we see the garden, there may be some.

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