Everything about the Mildew in growing cannabis

The marijuana plant requires particular care to be developed. If the temperature and humidity are not proper, it may not grow, that does not have excellent performance or directly die.

But in addition, there are also some fungi and certain bacteria that can be chaotic for the plant. In this case, we refer to Mildew in cannabis cultivation.

What is Mildew?


The Mildew is very harmful to the plant fungus; It is presented as a characteristic white powder that does not seem very important at first.

There are many species of downy Mildew, and fungus can evolve that depending on the characteristics of the environment. Some of the mushrooms can be very demanding, preferring some varieties of plants.

Those affecting cannabis varieties are Sphaerotheca macularius and Leveillula Taurica. The first affects both marijuana crops, how to strawberry or hops.

How can we recognize the Mildew in cannabis cultivation?

 The first symptom will be able to identify the presence of vesicular spots. Later they evolve, forming a white powder that appears to have been spread on the sheet.

It may also be the case that the fungus grows through the underside of the leaf of the plant, which will make it challenging to identify the problem.

Difference Between Mildew and oidium

Both are fungi that affect plants “Mary” and, because of their similarities, many people confuse them. The main difference is the location area.

Mildew is usually located on the lower leaf surface. At first, we will see patches of brown or black shades; later, they will evolve into a kind of gray mold that can become violet. Powdery Mildew, meanwhile, is located at the top. Of the plant.

The probability that cannabis is infected with downy Mildew is much higher when we are in a season of dry and hot (especially in spring or summer) year because in them a higher concentration of morning dew is formed. This causes the air to warm up before the plant, so it will be more willing to suffer the infection.

How can we combat Mildew in cannabis cultivation

Review of infected plants

There is a possibility that some of your plants have already been infected. To prevent spread is crucial to avoid drafts (because this powder is spores extending that way).

Avoid touching the plants unless necessary.

Avoid conditions that proliferate Mildew

Do the following:

  • Hygiene: Always wash your hands before and after treating your plants.
  • Clothing: Near the plant uses only clothes that go to employ in place.
  • Control tools: Do not use the same tools on the outside than inside, because they could be infected.
  • Prevents rainwater: Rainwater is not recommended to keep this kind of exotic culture.
  • Evacuation: Removes any other dead plant and earth changes.

Fights infection

Check regularly remove leaves and those with a suspicious look. You can isolate in a Ziploc bag and check for Mildew in cannabis cultivation.

The material affected must burn it; for security uses a fungicide in the plant to prevent any infection.

You’ll have to repeat the process several times to end the fumigation.

Follow these keys and avoid the Mildew in the cultivation of cannabis.

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