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So rosin is arguably the hottest topic in the cannabis industry right now. It’s on every news outlet, every blog, every forum, and everyone is talking about it. This article is for those of you who are new to the world of solventless extraction and are wondering what temperature to press your rosin at.

I have seen a lot of questions about rosin press temperature come up in chat groups and on social media sites. So, I decided to write this article to help clear up the confusion and provide you with some facts about pressing rosin.

This article will tell what temperature to press rosin at, but first, let’s discuss what rosin is.

What is Rosin?


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Rosin is the simplest form of concentrate, and it’s made without any solvents by using heat and pressure to extract the resin from the cannabis flower. It has a very high terpene content and only a small amount of cannabinoids. This means that rosin will have a strong smell and terpene profile.

Rosin is made by using a hair straightener or a heat press. The hair straightener is placed on the flower or hash, and then pressure is put on the flower or hash until liquid forms. This liquid is the rosin.

Rosin Tech Temperature – Suggested Temperatures

If you are pressing rosin for the first time ever, you should start out with a lower temperature range around 220-240°F. If you are using a hair straightener or a clothing iron, you should stick to the lower temperature range. If you are using a heat gun, I would recommend going a bit higher. In this case, the best temp for rosin is around 250-260°F.

As you get more familiar with pressing rosin, you can experiment with going up in temperature. I started at 220°F and worked my way up to 285°F. I used the same hair straightener that I used for my first pressing to make my last rosin now that I am more familiar with the process.

I started with a lower temp and worked my way up to see how the rosin would turn out. The lower temperature was definitely better to begin with, but after I started experimenting with higher temps, I found that I liked the way the rosin turned out when I pressed it at higher temps, but I still fall back on to using low temp rosin press as well.


Crushed gum rosin

If you still have questions I’ll try to answer them below.

What is the best rosin press temp and time?

The best temperature to press rosin with is between 185F and 230F. The time will vary on the strain, the pressure, the temperature, and the material. The longer you press the rosin, the more terpenes you will squeeze out of the flower.

What temperature do you press Kief in Rosin?

The ideal temperature is 160-180F (70-80C). If your goal is to make solventless hash oil you would press it at a lower temp, around 140-160F.

What is the effect of rosin press temp?

I have seen a lot of questions about how the temp will affect the yield of the rosin. The answer to this is yes, it will affect the yield of the rosin. The higher the temp, the more the rosin will separate. This is because more solvent will evaporate at higher temps.

The temp will also affect the color of the rosin. The lower rosin temp, the darker the color will be. This is because at higher temps, the rosin will have more yellow tones, and at lower temps, the rosin will have more brown tones.

The temperature will also affect the smell. The lower the temp, the less the rosin will smell.


Pressing your rosin at different temperatures will affect the quality of your final product. The higher the temperature, the more terpene rich the rosin, but the lower the yield. I have found that pressing at or around 280 degrees F produces the best product for me. This allows for a quality product with a good yield.
I do not recommend pressing rosin at temperatures below 250 degrees F. If you do press at 200 degrees F or less, be sure to use the plunger press method. If you have any questions or need any clarification, please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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