Regenerating the lawn: when and how to do it?

Although it has always been bright and regular, it may happen that at some point the lawn starts to show ugly yellow spots. What to do? Before abandoning the cause and devoting yourself to creating a brand-new lawn, you can act by trying to recover what’s already there. How to do that?

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Regenerating the lawn: what does it mean?


Know that regenerating the lawn could save the life of your green mantle, so you should not underestimate its importance. This is a process that should be done once or twice a year, mainly as a preventive measure.

What can cause aesthetic damage to the grass outside the house is due to the frequent passage of people and animals, or the appearance of weeds that cause fungal diseases of the grass.

Regenerating the lawn: when?

The best time to regenerate your lawn is in spring and in some cases also in autumn, i.e. in the months between February and March or after summer, between September and October. In geographical areas where the climate is not very cold, it can also be done in December. It is not recommended if the climate is cold to avoid that the low temperature and therefore water and frost damage more the lawn during this delicate process of regeneration of the lawn.

When should I regenerate my lawn?

The first thing to do is to shave the lawn very low, so that they can highlight areas where there is no green lawn, and where you can even see the ground. Use a suitable lawnmower to achieve the desired length of lawn.

After mowing the grass, you need to analyze that part called felt, that is, the compound created by assembling leaves, roots and other similar residues. This can appear thin or quite thick:

In the first case, it helps the soil to have good ventilation, permeability and normal regeneration; in the second hypothesis, if that is to say the felt is remarkably thick, this must be eliminated because it suffocates the seedlings of the grass, thus hindering their natural growth and development. Its elimination will thus allow to restore a regular aeration of the soil, to make it breathe better, allowing a good watering of the same, giving an adequate permeability of water to the roots, reaching a correct depth in the soil.

Composting, fertilization, sowing

Fertilization of the soil can be carried out unhindered, as can fertilization itself. This operation is easily carried out with the appropriate gardening tools that will help to eradicate the composition of moss that hinders the good health of the soil and therefore of the lawn.

After the operation described above, new seedlings will be sown in the empty areas of the turf. When such conditions occur, the regeneration of the lawn is a procedure that must be carried out periodically each year; in some cases it is also recommended twice in the same year to improve the aeration of the soil and therefore the quality of the soil itself.

Remember to cover the seeding well with good soil and sand rich in all the nutrients essential for the good growth of the new plants, also ensuring further development of those already existing. Help yourself with the special tool, i.e. the rake to spread the soil well. The latter is already prepared in specialized centers, or you can compose it yourself by purchasing separately all the necessary elements: the soil and sand and also the fertilizer essential for a good regeneration of the lawn.

Regenerating the lawn: how much does it cost?

With regard to the costs of regenerating the lawn, these are very variable, as many cases will have to be taken into account. Prices vary according to the size of the lawn, the type of plants to be used, the type and quantity of fertilizer to be used and, of course, the cost of mowing the lawn.

In addition, it must be considered whether the regeneration of the lawn will be entrusted to a specialist company or DIY. In the case of a specialized company, prices, room from €1.30 to €2.50 per square meter; the DIY instead suffers a considerable difference.

The higher cost is given by the planting of new seedlings, with variable prices of several tens of euros per square meter. Another expense is given by the fertilizer, preferably the one used for root growth. On the lawn mowing of the previous instead, the costs will be amortized if you already have a lawn mower logical choice since it will be used in the future.

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