How to Grow Tomatoes – Tips, Techniques and Tying

Are you looking for a technique for growing tomatoes? Then you’re in the right place, let’s start by understanding how to make the right structure for growing tomatoes and what ties or strings can be used for. In this article on the cultivation of the garden, we will take as our main reference the tomato plant and all the techniques for optimal cultivation.

Needed for the structure and cultivation of tomatoes

  • ties or strings;
  • wooden poles or bamboo canes.

The construction of the structure for tomatoes requires upstream that the same tomato plants have been planted in the correct manner respecting the distance of at least 25 or 30 centimeters from each other.

To facilitate the growth of the tomato upwards we would use special stems to tie in support of the plants.

  1. At this point we move on to the supports, if there is more congenial you can find the classic bamboo canes or plastic poles that are rigid but at the same time light. It is preferable to use reeds with a length of more than 1.5 meters, as one part of them will have to penetrate the ground and the other will be used to connect the plant to the whole structure that we will have arranged in rows.
  2. Leave a couple of centimeters between the cane and the tomato plant to allow proper growth and we use a string or strap to support the plant through the bamboo cane. Initially when the plants are small they will be fine even just a couple of ligatures, but as the tomato seedling grows in height, repeat the operation using other ties to ensure the correct support of the plant through the ties.
  3. Repeat the operation for each tomato plant and on all rows. Now you must strengthen the entire structure by crossing the canes and then place the third cane horizontally. Here, too, to make the structure more stable, you will have to use ties or strings for each weave that you will compose, taking care to join at least two rows of tomatoes with a single structure.

Tomato tying is very important as is the structure. The support of the tomato plants must be made in such a way that the plant is accompanied in its upward growth. This will prevent the tomatoes from coming into contact with the ground and risk molding and ruining the crop.

Are you looking for biodegradable ties or strings? Well, let’s see what they are and what they are for. The ties consist of a small plate made with an animated wire of biodegradable paper (able to decompose and ensure a good ecological maintenance of our planet).


Usually they are used in the garden to bind plants such as tomatoes in full respect of the environment. The biodegradability of the ties allows their full use in organic farming, especially because the paper strip once moistened allows the wire to decompose within six months!


There are different types of ties, those that we recommend are the stofix ties, are useful in both normal and organic agriculture, also the quality/price ratio is very convenient.

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