When to Plant Marijuana?

The importance of planting marijuana is that it provides you with the chance to grow your own marijuana plants. This is a great opportunity for you to grow the marijuana plants that you want. The only problem is that you might not know how to go about planting marijuana.

The planting of marijuana is an essential part of the growing process. The two most important considerations are the right time to plant and the right place to do it. Marijuana plants do not establish well in cold weather, so it is best to plant them as soon as the soil can be worked in the spring, usually around the last week of March.

Starting a Marijuana Seed


The first thing you need to do before you start growing marijuana seedlings is to pick the best strain for you. There are so many strains out there, and it is important that you choose one that is best for your needs. You can start cannabis seeds indoors or outdoors.

Hemp marijuana seeds heart form

You need to remember that those that are growing marijuana indoors will have the opportunity to grow larger plants when compared with those growing marijuana outdoors.

You can buy marijuana seedlings in the following places:

1. Marijuana seedling kits

This is a good choice if you are a beginner. You can buy marijuana seedling kits in any gardening store. It is very easy to grow marijuana seedlings with the use of marijuana seedling kits. The kits typically come with all the materials you need to start growing marijuana.

2. Marijuana seedlings from friends or family members

If you want to start growing marijuana seedlings, then the best thing to do is to ask your friends or family members if they have any in storage. If you are lucky, then the person might have one that he or she is not using. If you have a friend or a relative that is growing marijuana, then it is very likely that you can get the seedlings from him or her.

3. Buying marijuana seedlings from a marijuana grower

If you cannot get a marijuana seedling from a friend or family member, then you can try to get one from a marijuana grower. You need to be careful when buying marijuana seedlings from a marijuana grower.

4. You can start growing your own marijuana seedlings

This is the most expensive option. This is because you need to buy all the materials that you need. You need to remember that it is not easy to raise marijuana seedlings.

The Best Time to Plant Marijuana

The best time to plant marijuana is during the spring. Spring is the perfect season to plant marijuana because the sunlight is perfect. The sunlight is warm, but not too strong. This is a perfect temperature for marijuana to grow. During spring, the soil is still moist and cold, but it is fast for the roots of the marijuana to start growing in the soil. Planting marijuana during spring is the best time to plant marijuana.

It is best to wait and plant your seeds when you have a warm climate. If you have a 50-degree greenhouse and warm the soil, you can start early in February. If you live in a place that gets a lot of rain, the best time to grow weed is in March.

Planting Marijuana Seeds

The growth of a marijuana plant is divided into four stages:

  • Germination (3-10 days)
  • Seedling (2-3 weeks)
  • Vegetative (3-16 weeks)
  • Flowering (8-11 weeks)

The vegetative stage is the longest, while the flowering stage is the shortest. During the vegetative stage, marijuana plants require less light than during the flowering stage. The first two stages are completed when the number of internodes has doubled. During the flowering stage, the marijuana plants require more light than during the vegetative stage.

Marijuana Seed

The amount of light needed by marijuana plants during the different stages of growth is as follows:

  • Seedling stage: 18-24 hours/day
  • Vegetative stage: 12-24 hours/day
  • Flowering stage: 12-18 hours/day

Marijuana plants of all stages require the same amount of water. The amount of light and water will differ from strain to strain.


If you do it in the wrong time and in the wrong place, it can damage the quality, and you will not be able to get the best of it. The most important thing is to know where and when to plant it so that you will be able to get the best of it. When you plant it at the right time, it will grow very well, it will not have any problems, it will not be affected by any type of pests and diseases, and it will flower very fast and for a longer period of time.

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