Eliminate Cockroaches Permanently

There’s an unwelcome “guest” you’re trying to get rid of from your home and garden. Result? In most cases, this “guest” is scarce because he can always find an escape route, a hiding place, a solution to escape your attacks.

I’m talking about the cockroach, the enemy of the house. It happens suddenly, in a moment and you realize that in the corner there is a low profile that runs along the skirting board. You recognized it: it’s him. The cockroach. You try to eliminate the first one with clumsy ways but you realize that it is useless.

First, because crushing a cockroach is not the most decent thing to do, and then because it represents only the tip of the iceberg: maybe that cockroach is not alone, maybe there is an army of cockroaches behind the wall just waiting for you to turn off the lights.

So how do we get rid of the cockroaches permanently? Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world. The removal of the cockroaches from the four walls of the house is a possible undertaking. You just have to follow some common sense rules and maybe use a specific product. Let’s start with the first ones:

Food and Crumbs

What do cockroaches eat? Your leftovers, the ones you don’t throw in the trash bucket and leave unintentionally on the floor. The first step to having a home free from cockroaches: working on cleaning floors and furniture.

Avoid leaving food leftovers around, always clean the table and the floor after eating and, above all, pay more attention when eating near your computer or television. Spreading crumbs in every corner of the house is not a good idea.

Discover Burrows and Cracks

Making life difficult for cockroaches means stopping every escape route or den. In this way you will obstruct the movements and you will be able to prevent moving freely from the outside to the inside. Uncovering the dens of cockroaches can also be useful for chemical interventions.

Okay, the cockroaches go up the drains and you can’t plug them. A simple and economical solution: pour some bleach, in this way they will have a difficult life. Cockroaches, in fact, hate bleach (a bit like all living beings who come into contact with this liquid). Attention, the bleach must be handled with care.

Order in and out

Another tip for the good management of the house: cockroaches love stacks of objects because they are perfect for the dens: an orderly house is a house that lends itself less to the presence of cockroaches. Export this rule also to the outskirts of the house (garage, cellar) and keep order in the garden.

Use the Gel

Let’s be clear: these tips are useful to prevent the arrival of cockroaches, but when they have entered the house is useless to clean and remove crumbs: you have to eradicate the problem from the root. Remember the operation of searching for dens? Perfect, now it will come in handy because you don’t just have to plug them: you have to reclaim them.

How? With a product designed for this purpose such as Bayer’s Solfac Gel. How does this liquid work? Just insert a few drops in the shelters of the cockroaches and wait: the gel will act as bait and will exterminate unwelcome guests.

The treatment lasts up to three months and with a syringe you can reclaim about 200 square meters. So you have all the material you need to restore order to your home. And what are the dosages?

  • 1-2 drops of product per square metre: light infestations.
  • 3 drops of product per square metre: high infestations.

Another reason to choose Solfac Gel: it does not contaminate the environment. Once the product has been used, you can stay in the rooms without any problems. Forget the nightmare of cockroaches, use the right products to free your home from unwelcome guests.

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