Anti mosquitoes bracelets | What are they and how do they work

In the market, we can find a long series of repellents and insecticides for mosquitoes. Depending on the type of mosquito, we must choose a more suitable product to kill it. The problem comes when we discover that the item we are using does not affect the mosquito … but if our health or to the environment!

In the market, we can find the so-called anti-mosquito to bracelets.

If still not you’ve tried, or do not know whether they are valid or not, in this article we will discuss in detail.

What are anti-mosquito bracelets and how they work?

These bracelets are designed to remove both common mosquitoes, how those are not so (for example, tiger mosquitoes), so also prevent bites thereof.

To run, internally they have solution products which, in theory, do not like mosquitoes, so you will flee when in contact. For example, we can find ways that combine geraniol essential oils varied rodeos also find citronella essential oil, based citronella, and lavender, etc. Through a special membrane, these bracelets provide continued protection.

More advanced models have an indication that allows us to visualize the exact moment that we need to replace.

Depending on the model, we may have to replace the liquid, add tablets, membrane switch, etc.

Curiously, you should know that some of these bracelets work by emitting sound frequencies. These typically can ward female’s gestation period (i.e., the biting mosquito).

How effective are anti-mosquito bracelets?

This question is difficult to answer because it would have to analyze a model by model. Natural repellents, how citronella or eucalyptus, work very well to repel mosquitoes, so it is expected that the bracelets that make up these compounds have the same effectiveness.

The use of these bracelets became very fashionable from 2009 (due to the epidemic of dengue to which the country faced at the time). Entities such as ANMAT concluded that these anti-mosquito bracelets are valid, but with a but: only protect the area that is close to your location. That is, if we put the wrist bracelet so only protect that arm, and perhaps the other, but not the leg area.

For maximum protection possible, these bracelets should be combined with other repellents that protect the body.

Advantages of using mosquito repellent bracelets

Respectful health

One of the main benefits of the mosquito bracelets is that not negatively affect health as do commercial repellents and some chemicals.

However, we must revise the formula that integrates bracelets, avoiding those with odd or questionable quality components.

Comfortable and easy to wear

They are how traditional bracelets, so they will not represent any discomfort when taking them from one side to another. Besides, they adapt perfectly to different parts of the body (such as the wrist or ankle).

Some models are available in different colors, so they also are easy to combine.


In addition to the above, they are economical. We may have some protection against mosquitoes, very little.

Any downside?

The only downside that you can put them in what we have already said that only protects the area close to its placement.

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