6 best methods for outdoor anti mosquitos

When summer approaches, not only be us who will want to enjoy the excellent weather and the best conditions, if not some insects threaten to accompany all season: how mosquitoes (especially if we have a terrace or garden).

Is there any way to completely get rid of mosquitoes? If the remedies outside anti mosquitos that we have prepared below.

The best outdoor anti mosquitos you should try

anti mosquitos plants

It is probably the most effective remedy and less polluting. Some plants will help us finish them, such as:

  • Melissa: Melissa ( Melissa officinalis ) is a plant that, among other properties, is highly valued for being able to repel mosquitoes. This is because of its distinctive citrus aroma.
  • Basil: The alba casa ( Ocimum Basilicum Minimum ), is a straightforward plant to be found in virtually any facility. Its characteristic odor is also used to kill mosquitoes.
  • Geranium: Geranium ( Pelargonium graveolens ) is a plant that presents us with a strong smell of lemon, combined with citronella. One of its main ingredients is citronella oil. This plant is also straightforward to find, and at the same time, does not require much care.
  • Citronella: It is a natural plant in India, Malaysia, and Ceylon. In addition to its excellent medicinal properties, used to gastronomic level, also it has some exciting features anti mosquitos you should know.


More and more people decide which to use mosquito repellent candles. Each may be composed of different substances, but the most common is citronella (if acting in the same way that it would serve the same plant).

We can frequently find in a whole host of restaurants, giving an intimate and exceptional touch. But at the same time help to keep mosquitoes at bay.


The torches are usually within the same previous classification, although different. They comprise paraffin oil citronella to illuminate and out the dreaded mosquitoes.

This resource is rather intended for commercial use since we rarely have torches in our gardens.

anti mosquitos bracelets

The mosquito bracelets offer us some protection in the area in which we place. Depending on its composition, it will be more or less effective.

Repellents for cutaneous use

It’s a pretty compelling solution that will protect us against mosquitoes. They are products that must be applied directly to your skin. We can find this kind of repellent in many formats (such as rollon in wipes, spray), and the composition is usually citronella with some derivatives.

However, it is not a product that is recommended for all people: for example, some can cause rashes and varied problems in young children.

Recommendation: If you are going to decant for cutaneous use repellents, you should choose those that have been composed of natural substances. It is possible that these are not too powerful, but not be so aggressive.

Other options

In addition to plants and products that we have mentioned, other, more powerful products can help us end once and for all with mosquitoes. Usually very persistent insecticides, which are either applied as mosquito spray, powder, gel, or in different formats.

How happens when using any of these repellents, we must be cautious with your application (we previously read the conditions of use, and risks before opting for purchase).

With these tips, you’ll end up outside with the mosquitoes.

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